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  1. I want one of those!!! Not only do i like football, caulk, I FISH also!!!

  2. If yer Irish and/or Catholic, maybe it's not such a strange thing :) Black helmet....eh. I don't like screwing with uniforms once they're set. Home and away, good enough. Maybe a 3rd if it's not too wild (my authentic jersey is blue). But too many uni combos is just pushing it...and clearly nothing more than a bigger grab at the fan's pockets. People that think all-black unis will intimidate the opponent crack me up.

  3. Aww thanks for the pic comment sweetie!

  4. Yes, and I like your Eye Candy album... that Becki chick is hot.

  5. Thanks for the add. Nice profile I must say.

  6. Man, this is too strange...we both like ND, BOS, and the Panthers....lol Take it you didn't like the black helmet?

  7. Thanks for the request! :)

  8. Thanks for the add, dude. Kick ass site btw!

  9. Thanks for the add, dude. Less than 12 hours until kickoff......this day is dragging!

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