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  1. Like that better...thanks man. 9/11 really ruined any chance for a normal birthday but I ain't bitching about it....I think about everyone who died that day and feel fortunate that I don't personally know anyone who was directly affected.

  2. Happy Birthday! I guess you didn't want a thread for a day like today, so I just thought I would do this. :)

  3. Only way to be, eh! :)

  4. Grew up in the Philly burbs...only Philly team I've ever liked is the Flyers. I'm a Sox fan accidentally. Like most kids who play little league, you tend to be a fan of the guy who's glove you have. My first glove was a Fred Lynn model. He became my favorite player (and still is)....so the Sox were my team. I also became a fan of all the teams he played for, usually getting a hat from his current team....but in my heart the Sox were first so they'll always be my first team.

  5. Why not Phillies fan? (or Bruins, vice-versa) Go Blue Jays!! :-D

  6. Dude an Irish fan and BoSox fan, you would be welcome in my house anyday.

  7. what, you too good to answer PMs now?

  8. Hi Jodi....hope you and Lee had a great Christmas!

  9. Merry Christmas!

  10. Merry Christmas! Hope you and the family are doing great!

  11. Merry Christmas to you and the whole GTFamily, Connie!

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