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  2. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    brought to you by the same people outraged by a tan suit
  3. I really think madden is good this year lol...they finally improved the oline dline and defense as a whole.
  4. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    Liangelo and the young men have been said thank you, but he’s stuck on LeVar. He’s mad LeVar won’t kiss his ass, and will throw LiAngelo under the bus to get at his father. Voted a baby and manchild into the White House lol. Voted this man in the office, but will be on the main board talking about they want the panther players and organization to be classy. Or, will stick up their noses when a player has done something in the pass and want the panthers not to even look their way. The man took a shot at Don King, and he was team Trump lol.
  5. Damn, didn't even know about that stipulation. I guess it's just that uncommon for a "name" vet to get cut after the trade deadline.
  6. I have no idea what you just said.
  7. Ovr isnt everything especially for his position...he has 96str, which im sure is one of the highest but he could use a better block shed, awr, and prc rating I feel.
  8. 21st & Prime

    didn't he trash cam for finishing his degree an offseason or two ago too i know people in sports media will often take on a certain exaggerated persona to provoke reactions/get attention but i don't think he's faking it
  9. Blasphemy! They are the King of Beers though!
  10. New Dilly Dilly commercial

    the first time i saw that commercial it was so obvious that they were trying to make it a thing
  11. Jeremy WTF?

    I'm a product of trying to live the progressive dream/lie and being hit with reality
  12. You are a piece of poo, stop race baiting people

    this might be the first time i've seen somebody on that side of the political spectrum treat a law enforcement account of something with skepticism
  13. 21st & Prime

    Heath Evans is a tool. Definitely hates the Panthers
  14. Right now it's Marty Hurney. Ridiculous, is it not?
  15. New Dilly Dilly commercial

    Bud Light's ad and marketing team doesn't get paid enough. They're the best out there.
  16. Agreed. If he ends up being another Moose, I'd be ecstatic!
  17. Jeremy WTF?

    how are you a real person
  18. Predators, perverts and pedophiles over party.
  19. New Dilly Dilly commercial

    Dilly freaking Dilly*!! *Bud light is trash but they sure as poo know how to hire an ad agency.
  20. I knew they'd run this into the ground
  21. Since this forum seems enamored with dilly dilly.
  22. I've seen that shitshow for false accusations run its course. It's damn destructive and no less a violation for those falsely accused. Were I to dismiss this reality, I'd be every bit the fool as the people that assume that all rape victims are whores. If you've slammed the door shut on something being challenged, then you've opened up a world of opportunists seeking to exploit that
  23. I love Twitter

    I saw it as a Falcons Super Bowl joke - not a joke about Matt Ryan and his wife's pregnancy.
  24. Yeah it does. /s It also means he's leading in yards per target too. How no one noticed that baffles me.
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