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  1. Peppers was elite. Thanks, come again. Bye bye now. Burns is either already elite, stats say so pass rushing wise or right on the cusp of it. Fits better as an edge in a 3-4 defense, finally has a dc that's going to be aggressive and out him in position as a rusher as well.
  2. He's much better at the run then given credit for. top 10 in forced fumbles and sacks the last 3 years. Top 5 in pressures and hurries last 3 seasons as well. He's also on the field a lot more than the other players in the top 10 edge players and has been asked to do more than most of the others.
  3. Question is do they win one or get swept.
  4. Was officiating this bad in games 1 and 2?
  5. Been sick and asleep for the other two games. LFGC!!!!
  6. Point guard and off guard that can shoot, sure.. but not with Melo on the team. Melo is gonna need a bigger guard next to him for defense, rim rolling big and 3 pt shooters to be successful win/loss wise. You don't draft scoot because he can't help with any of that. He simply doesn't fit and would have to come off the bench completely 100% til he's traded or if Melo leaves.
  7. I get the upside with scoot somewhat, but he avg 16ppg on 43% fg and 28% 3pt in the g league. I dont see how you draft that over Miller. Yea he's athletic and can drive but i dont see the finishing translating to the NBA based on his g league showcase and stats.
  8. NBA insiders are saying Charlotte will draft Miller over Henderson. Link
  9. Throw a party and make a bunch of sandwich and drink runs to the kitchen? Also it goes with out saying.... LFGC!!!!!
  10. Gotta take Miller. Even if they bring back miles, you've got a nice starting lineup. Lamelo, Rozier, Bridges, Miller, Williams Bring pj and Hayward off the bench and it immediately improves the team. Or bring Miller off the bench and start Hayward.
  11. Lot of scouts had Richardson #1, CJ #2 and Young #3. I'll also add that if Young was 6-2 or taller and weighed 230ish, that wouldn't be the case. He'd be a clear cut #1 most years with prototype size
  12. Not entirely sure to be honest.
  13. Favorite one is the ESPN over/under. Says Panthers will compete for worst record in the league and that Bryce is a downgrade at QB. Link
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