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  1. Saints just gonna run it right at the defense for 5 yards a pop now. Mix in play action and get a touchdown. Lol
  2. I mean don't get me wrong baker has been bad, really bad... but I can't fathom any qb looking good in this offense behind this line
  3. If we were to put a percentage on reasons, he'd be near the bottom. I don't get why so many don't understand how bad the play calling, designs and concepts actually are. Then on top of that the oline is God awful. The rookie lt has given up at least 4 sacks and like 10 pressures in 60 pass protection snaps.
  4. They should, that was his 4th or 5th sack in 2 1/2 games. Given up probably another 10-15 pressures and the Panthers have only dropped back to pass 60 times so far this season.
  5. He won't be fired til after the season is over, no matter how bad it gets. Is my current expectation.
  6. Anyone would be scared behind this God awful line. He's got 1.1 seconds to throw on average. Of course he's got happy feet. It's the same story as last year, bad line and bad qb play. Mahomes or Brady would look bad behind this line.
  7. He's got 1.1 seconds to throw, a line is supposed to give the qb 2.4 on average. The line is awful and the rookie is one of the worst pass blocking rookies I've ever seen. Lol
  8. Why yall blaming baker when the wr aren't getting open and or the line is at best a turnstile on pass downs. Lmfao
  9. No, that was the lt getting schooled and beat so bad to the inside that Mayfield was under pressure in less than a second. Happens almost everytime they do a straight drop back. Lmfao
  10. Hey look the rookie lt got schooled again on an obvious passing down.
  11. This makes me miss "it is what it is" Lmfao
  12. Hahaha ha Playoffs. Chuckles... fire him now, he's not making it to no freaking Playoffs.
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