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  1. It's becoming more normal for the GM to handle staff now. A few teams have hired coordinators first and made the HC work with them. I'm 100% positive it was a requirement for the Panthers hiring panel to have coordinator input for any new HC.
  2. Mike Klis spoke with him last night and he hadn't agreed to anything with Miami at that time.
  3. Yea that's still the latest from last night, vic said he hadn't agreed or signed a deal yet. But Panthers didn't expect him to circle back and had moved onto other potential targets.
  4. I think I brought it up during the head coach search threads, but Tepper and the panel doing the hiring wanted to control Coordinator hiring. I was under the impression it was just for a young coach....but apparently it was full stop for anyone that got hired. Which is stupid and weird.
  5. Has any more information come out about thr Josina report and another one that said vic Hadn't signed his contract in Miami?
  6. I mean I don't know if rigged or not but both of the games today were horribly officiated. I mean just bad, like all time levels of bad.
  7. Reports that Fangio deal with the Dolphins isn't finalized but Panthers don't think he'll circle back to them. Whut
  8. Before reich was hired, I was saying that the Panthers wanted Stroud and were willing to go to #1 to get him. With Reich hired, this is much more likely.
  9. I've heard that Shaw was the favorite in Denver for a while. Also thought Houston would go with Gannon or Ryan's and Arizona would go Ryan's if Houston went With Gannon
  10. If this is who Reich had on his list at DC, then it's a done deal. Frank had already talked to everyone and they had already agreed to come to Charlotte with him.
  11. Yea but Benjamin lazy route running led to Cam messing his shoulder up. That gives him a special place in 1st round pick he'll imo.
  12. That's exactly what is happening in Indy. Front office is saying no, everyone is saying no. Jim Irsay has the final say and he wants Saturday.
  13. Yea that's what won him the job, he came into the second interview and went in depth and said this is who I've already interviewed and will come to charlotte with me.
  14. Was talking about this in the other thread. I think we might know the staff before end of next week.
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