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  1. Originally they wanted a first round pick.. so likely they got offered that from either SF or WFT.
  2. No it's not simple, but if he's indeed guilty I hope they get it in some way. Regardless I think his NFL career is probably done.
  3. I think he's likely guilty, but that girl from the SI story had a law firm hired already. She going to try to get money out of it, quite honestly I don't blame them. If all of these legitimately happened then he deserves serious jail time and the women he violated need to get paid and have some sort of closure from this.
  4. The 4.38 was laser timed, he got 4.34 hand timed.
  5. Had surgery and trying to make it back before seasons end. If he heals quickly, he could play the last week if Charlotte is still in the race.
  6. 3 lawsuits and 6 total cases against him as of now.
  7. I would, both were God awful last year from training camp on. Cam had three decent to good games at the start and manage the game near the end of the year but in the middle it was atrocious but Stidman was just as bad.
  8. NE also apparently have an offer out to Curtis Samuel as well. Bet they go after another WR besides for Samuel as well.
  9. Signing bonus counts towards the cap, all the rest is fake money unless he starts and performs. Then maybe they turn it into a real contract.
  10. Cap hit is 4.9m roughly, lot of the incentives are playing time and playoff based.
  11. Sanu, Dorsett, Gordon and Watson were all not on the 2020 roster but on 2019. Also Edelman played all 16 games and caught 100 passes. Pretty huge difference in WR/TE talent between the two years. Talent that caught 200 passes for 2000 yards the year before with Brady that weren't on the roster or didn't play a full season healthy.
  12. Been here since way before the crash, don't remember exactly when. Crazy it's been that damn long. Don't post much and quite a few that have stopped posting can be found on Twitter.
  13. Recent reports have the Dolphins brass focused on moving forward with Tua and not interested in Watson
  14. Nah both report to Rivera and Rivera reports to Snider. Rivera has total roster control.
  15. Draft pick goes to SF but Rivera wanted both and the only way to get Mayhew was to give him the GM role otherwise SF could've blocked it. So Mayhew gets GM and Hurney is Executive VP of football and player personal. Of course neither have roster control, that is 100% Rivera.
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