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  1. What a bunch of idiots. Just why..
  2. The roster is pretty bad, got to give them time to churn the roster and rebuild it: especially after Reich
  3. Ehhhhh... Not surprised since he's been on the interviews for the head coach from the start.
  4. Not what I meant, was saying that unless the oline is replaced there isn't a point to playing BY unless you're running power run with play action. He's going to get hit and beat up again for a second straight season otherwise.
  5. Remember last year and the qb being sacked a lot and the oline looking terrible? Every single player on the oline and most of the depth is power run, play action type of line. If you wanted to switch from that, you'd have to replace nearly everyone currently on roster playing oline. The other option is letting Young get destroyed again for another season. :shrugs: it's depressing. Lol
  6. ESPN posted them going into last week's games. It's part of the line play win rate article. He had 7 sacks on 168 pass rush opportunities going into week 18. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/38356170/2023-nfl-pass-rush-run-stop-blocking-win-rate-rankings-top-players-teams
  7. He was 6th in pass rush win rate and had 8 sacks on one of the lowest pass rush opportunities amounts. I'm confused about this topic, it's like no one here understands line play at all. He 8 sacks on 180ish pass rush opportunities. The players above him in sacks are in the 270-300+ pass rush opportunities range.
  8. 6th in pass rush win rate this season. His stats look bad because teams didn't throw much because of the teams limited offensive production. He had his highest run defense grade this season and was average at it. [67-68 grade] Coverage numbers were really good as well. Pass rush statistically speaking He was one of the best in the NFL this season but only had 170 pass rush opportunities. (Meaning using advanced stats) Going off that and Compared to everyone not named Parsons, the average pass rush opportunities was over 300.
  9. He had the same issues at Alabama but it didn't matter as much because the team was generally the more talented group of players.
  10. I've never thought he had the foot speed to be a LT.
  11. New coach will want to move on from him after next season. He's got next year and next year only to prove himself.
  12. He was still horrible for half a season and they protected the hell out of him during the half he was good.
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