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  1. Wants lt money even if he stays at rt, near top in the league money is what is being pushed. Think 5 years 85-90m with 45m guaranteed.
  2. On the draft preview from espn insider, they have the Panthers picking 3rd and one of the worst teams in the league next season with 3-4 wins. Lol
  3. Only way the pick works is if Darnold plays well at qb and gets a 2nd contract with Carolina.
  4. First place I heard it was on espn+ draft article from McShay. Think I've seen it one other place since then but no idea if they got it from ESPN or not.
  5. Darnold would most likely start the season as qb1. If he plays well, Fields would never see the field. Good problem to have going into next year's draft which is qb lite.
  6. It's also a pain to catch, runs in my family and I've had three but can't get it diagnosed even with my mom having lost her nursing license because she had them. Took the doctors 7 years to catch it and confirm the diagnosis. She luckily had one in the hospital during testing. Had to have brain surgery to fix them. Know some players who had a good career with epilepsy but depends on what's causing them and if Fields hasn't had extensive testing, might end badly.
  7. Originally they wanted a first round pick.. so likely they got offered that from either SF or WFT.
  8. No it's not simple, but if he's indeed guilty I hope they get it in some way. Regardless I think his NFL career is probably done.
  9. I think he's likely guilty, but that girl from the SI story had a law firm hired already. She going to try to get money out of it, quite honestly I don't blame them. If all of these legitimately happened then he deserves serious jail time and the women he violated need to get paid and have some sort of closure from this.
  10. The 4.38 was laser timed, he got 4.34 hand timed.
  11. Had surgery and trying to make it back before seasons end. If he heals quickly, he could play the last week if Charlotte is still in the race.
  12. 3 lawsuits and 6 total cases against him as of now.
  13. I would, both were God awful last year from training camp on. Cam had three decent to good games at the start and manage the game near the end of the year but in the middle it was atrocious but Stidman was just as bad.
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