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  1. Didn't blame Hampton for the run game. The online has been... subpar so far this year. Be in pass pro or run blocking
  2. Avg last week was 1.9 at half time. Ended up being 2.8. Tonight it's 2.2 ypc. It's bad and I'm a unc fan.
  3. Laughing face from Google or Samsung. It shows up for me on mobile
  4. I've no idea what's going on in this thread. Let's keep it to football though.
  5. Yea they ejected Holloway for targeting. Had to look it up on espn because I have no video or audio. Lol
  6. Are they saying they are reviewing for targeting? I can't tell my video is almost 100% black screen.
  7. Huzzie was a good pick up for the heels.
  8. There we go defense. That's what I'm talking about
  9. This isn't a great start for UNC. Gotta be able to smoke a mid Pitt team. Defense has got lock it down
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