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  1. They looking for high level star power providing prospects for Necas. There’s 6 teams in the mix for him but no ones is meeting the asking price. Pesce has been gone, they tried to extend him last offseason and he declined because he wants more than 5x5AAV. turbo is 6m aav for 2-3 years. Jarvis is 7.75 aav and then chatfield at 3AAV. That leaves 10m in space and 6-7 roster spots. keep expectations down unless they hit on the Necas deal and can move KK with him.
  2. I posted it in the lead up to the draft on one of the threads. It’s one of the main reasons along with his arm and size that had him as my 3rd qb in the draft.
  3. He had a sack / being hit problem in college too, led the draft class with at fault sacks and at fault sack %.
  4. The Necas trade is going to be interesting because of how much the Canes want back in a trade for him.
  5. He’s asking for 10.5 AAV over 5-7 years. He’d be between 34-36 and making over 10m. There was no way once his asking price was out that he was staying. I mean shoot they don’t want to pay Necas 7.5 or Pesce over 5AAV. For Necas they are trying to get prospects for him and draft picks. Low AAV numbers. if you add Jarvis, Skjei and turbo. Team has 10m in cap space to fill 6-7 spots.
  6. Last season after the draft was mine. I didn’t like the Bryce pick, didn’t think he fit the system at all. He was my qb3 in the draft and the Panthers gave all that capital to get him. This would probably be second for me.
  7. Some of those issues are going to be fixed at least slightly by the scheme. Run first, run a lot and have Bryce operating off quick read progressions and off play action passing.
  8. Well if it doesn’t work, they tried to fix Bryce and have a good draft pick. After the mistake of taking him which came after the mistake of trading up to 1, it’s the only option they have left. They can’t trade him, he’s got no value. It’s be fixed or be cut basically at this point
  9. Even if he takes a slight discount, you’re still talking about 9-10AAV. I’m not sure they offer it tbh.
  10. Yeah because latest projections are for his contract to be 7x10.5AAV. Necas is projected at 7x7.5AAV. don’t think Carolina pays either that kind of money.
  11. On Guentzel, seen some say he would be in line for 10.5m AAV on the open market. So probably gone. as for the other, Canucks have been trying to get him since before the trade deadline and he was close to being sent to them then. Canes are wanting a top level prospect back plus for Necas.
  12. RBA doesn’t want to play him at center. Why Necas wants out to begin with
  13. He stepped down because he wanted to do something different but also make more money. good news is the team has a trade partner for Necas now.
  14. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t Tully, unless they already asked and he wanted more than Dundon was willing to pay.
  15. Edge is way worse. Wr room might be a small upgrade , but who’s getting them the ball? te is worse. lb is worse, safety could go either way. Interior line upgraded but still have a turnstile at LT. I think brooks is the teams best RB already but not sure how much he impacts this season. so huge subtractions from defense, slight upgrades at wr and an upgrade at IOL. Yea the team is bad, really bad.
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