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  2. Props to Rubio

    That was/is/will only be the first step. Both past and current leadership of the democratic party has openly stated that their goal is a ban on the private ownership of firearms.
  3. No. Gano's contract is fitting with his production at the position. Norwell's is not. Don't know why you can't see that. It's obvious, regardless of your spin or dislike of Gano.
  4. Things that trump says

    japan - so hates violent movies and video games umm...wait...
  5. That truly is too bad. I cannot think of anyone who deserves it less.
  6. The case for Billy Price....

    If we are also looking to address LT would we be better off drafting a LT in the 1st and a G/C type in the third? You might have a better chance of getting 2 good players doing that instead of G/C in first and LT in third. A lot of people are saying this year is heavy on quality interior linemen in the draft. In some ways this pick is going to be heavily influenced by the coaches. If they believe Moton has the potential to play LT and Larsen can play center then it would make sense to draft a guard prospect. If they have faith in Kalil and expect Moton to play guard then a center prospect makes sense. If we don't have faith in Kalil or Lasen but do have faith in Moton to play guard we need a LT and a center. I've thought for a while that ther eis a very good chance we end up going RB or guard/center type in the first. I'm not saying we should I just think there is a good chance that the board falls that way and it lines up with our need. Kirk might be redundant with Samuel, Sutton might be redundant with Funchess, and not sure if there will be a DE worthy of that spot. I wouldn't mind a safety but our coaches seem to like "experienced ones" and I'm not sure if the right one will be there at 24. Maybe CB will be in play? Either way RB, Guard, or Center seems like a very safe pick for where we are picking, especially since we might have a GM on a one year trial if new owners are coming in. If I was in Hurney's shoes I might want to play it safe and draft safe guys that could help quickly.
  7. Things that trump says

    They don’t play games or watch movies in Japan or New Zealand or any place else
  8. Props to Rubio

    Rubio says its too tooo hard...we have to ban EVERY semi-automatic rifle...its just so hard.. And we get 2 posters here using Rubio to slide down the slippery slope. If this issue was so real it would be funny as hell. We did this in 1994 - we can do it in 2018. ITs not hard Rubio and the echo chamber.
  9. Multiple Fatalities Reported at Florida School Shooting

    But he was a good guy with a gun
  10. Props to Rubio

    cya snowflake
  11. The team having a potential value of 2.8 billion means that whoever the majority owner is has to be able to write a check for 840 million without blinking. Any potential "bidding war" could send that number even higher. Having a guy who's worth 11 billion involved makes that more likely. Basically, Jordan has about as much of a shot as Diddy does. But since he's not interested anyway, doesn't matter.
  12. Props to Rubio

    Come on man. Stand up for yourself and stop using weak arguments. I own a gun and I support the second amendment. The fact we let the 1994 Assault Weapon ban expire is pathetic - we need to put the updated law back on the books. Tell me exactly what was wrong with the 1994 law - we know the body counts in mass shootings were less. That was a good thing,.
  13. The next Panthers owner must be a very very successful businessman, serious minded, no bullshit attitude, no gimmicks, no frigg'n side shows or distractions allowed, intolerant of stupidity and immaturity among the players and coaches, that will mind the business and leave football decisions to the GM and Coaches, and that has a passion for football and an obsession with being the best.
  14. Props to Rubio

    You are seriously challenged pal. Enjoy tinderboxing, I'll go back to cleaning and polishing my guns. Better use of time
  15. Well, this might make a difference. Rams appear more likely to tag LaMarcus Joyner than Sammy Watkins Probably still talking a lot of money here, but no draft pick compensation if indeed they don't tag him.
  16. @Saca312, Saca, Saca, this is just Rap talking general speculation. Thread titles like this say something about the thread starter... Come on, dude.
  17. First damn ring? This dude doesn’t even get FIRST DOWNS...do we need to show the graphic again to prove he’s not worth the money we’d have to pay him?? i get our current WR group is lacking big time...but so are our safeties, oline, corners, DE...Landry isn’t bad but looking at this from a financial stand point, it’s suicide....we need the spread around the cap room so we can fill these other wholes too...if we wanna spend big money, do it on the defense...that’s what gets us to a Super Bowl anyway...proof is in the pudding
  18. Props to Rubio

    Marco Rubio Jr: "Loopholes would make it still easy to get laser weapons we would have to ban all lasers to do this....its just so hard to legislate...why am I in congress again...'
  19. Of course this would break the bank but lawd Jesus do some of you forget how pitiful our WR core has been since Smith went to Baltimore. Don’t pretend like he isn’t better than anyone we have had on or roster of the same position in the last 4 years and that you wouldn’t take him in a heart beat if the deal was right.
  20. I would prefer to throw that much at Robinson or less for Watkins or Lee. Also I wouldn't have to trade for them if their respective teams don't tag them.
  21. Props to Rubio

    In 50 years when we have hand held laser weapons, they gonna be used for the defense of tyranny also? Or just murdering more kids...? Asking for a friend.
  22. The case for Billy Price....

    This class is loaded with great guards and centers
  23. I don't believe this will happen. Frankly, I hope they're not even considering it. That in itself would be kind of scary.
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