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  2. Good grief you are so reactionary. For the umpteenth time- nobody is calling it a wasted pick. My post acknowledged the positive impact he has had and there are plenty of reasons to be cheerful about it. No true panther fan isn't happy about that. But look at what you're saying. We are to praise him for his passing numbers despite the fact that he is the most targeted rookie in the NFL filling a role that could be played by any number of players drafted later (remember this is a thread about draft position). But we are to ignore the fact that the primary role and reason that he was drafted to be an RB is something that he has been ineffective at. If you want to believe that hes gonna morph into Eric Dickerson in years to come I fear you have a long wait ahead. He is not a top 10 RB. Therefore on the basis of what he has done very well he shouldnt have been a top 10 pick.
  3. Not speaking of this thread necessarily, but you say this same stuff over and over. What exactly do you think the point of these and similar team boards are for? They are for discussion and debate which can not exist without differing or dissenting opinions. This is not an echo chamber for your feel-good positivity circle jerk, and you clamoring for people to "just be happy" over and over again is just as obnoxious as any ridiculous negative thread. You know what boards suck? Those that squash negative opinions and ban people for having them or for being fans of another team. You know why this place is so successful? Because it harbors an atmosphere that allows for nitpicky debate, no matter how frivolous, because thats what drives discussion. If I wanted nothing but a positive outlook I would just read the team website.
  4. Who is KDB? Very few would start for Chelsea.
  5. Does white privilege exist?

    Hopefully... I mean he was supposedly killed by law enforcement, with his hands up, while his mom watched. That'spretty strong evidence he was black.
  6. The Benching of Monk if very frustrating

    Finally. Give him some burn.
  7. Putting Corn on IR was a mistake.

    I know you can catch more flies with honey. But do you get more clicks with negativity? Or optimism? It seems to me at least, at this point in time, negativity is winning the day. I guess it's easier to get those all important hot takes with negativity. Probably because they take very little thought. And we are 7-3. At what point will success negate the negativity?
  8. The Benching of Monk if very frustrating

    Still no Monk even with Batum out. Smh, this franchise will never progress past a borderline playoff team. Draft a game changer, and bench him. I had........ HAD hope.
  9. This negativity campaign is way too obvious.
  10. That is fair, in a "I'll hedge my bet" kinda way. So if he doesn't produce, "In his prime", then we can call it a bad pick? So, what do we do until then?
  11. Oh, I get it. Folks who see the rushing yards, but don't factor in the meager rushing attempts, don't think he is a RB. Here's a thought. Why don't we wait until, you know, he gets more than a few carries a game, before we call him not a RB. Let's just ignore the impact he has had on this Offense. Instead, let's zero in on his lack of rushing yards. Seems fair. I am sure that if his carries, and yards go up. Folks will find another reason to call it a wasted pick.
  12. I never said I didn't like the pick. I'm glad we have him, I'm just not sure it was worth a top 10 pick. I never said I expected those number this season. I said those should be his numbers at his prime. Obviously he needs 200+ carries to have a reasonable chance at 1k yards. But again, if we don't give him 200 carries when he's in his prime, was he picked too high? I'm not sure how much room he has to grow. I hope quite a bit. But he's already polished in route running. He won't be getting faster on long speed. Maybe he can learn to use blockers better downfield. Without a doubt though, if he doesn't have 3 years with 1500 yards of offense, you would say he produced below expectations.
  13. I'm referring to what people here said not actually how good a player was. Kuechly win DROY because off his late season performance. It was after Thanksgiving when he and the defense tightened up considerably. Even after that the word was. "Yeah he's looking good but was it necessary with Season on roster?" This communuty has a dreadful history of short sighted emotion based player judgement that it should at least be able to acknowledge exists
  14. Dorsey would be horrible....I don’t even think Cam ever pays any attention to him at all on the sidelines
  15. Trouble is this is a chicken and egg argument. What comes first- opportunity or demonstration of capability? A bit like Funchess last year. Hes getting 2.something yards a carry. Fault O-line? Shula? Maybe. But whatever is to blame he doesnt look like an RB. This just happens to have been one of his biggest question marks coming out. Were his stats padded by the Stanford line? As Daks are padded by his. Point is, if you can acknowledge that his rush numbers are below expectations, he isnt a top 10 pick. The fact that he has been productive and improved us in many areas including 3rd down conversion doesnt make him an RB.
  16. You've got high hopes, you've got high hopes. High apple pie in the sky hopes.
  17. College Basketball General Discussion

    And another team bites the dust.. Oh and this team is getting tested and still winning.. That's a bad thing for the rest of college basketball.
  18. Today
  19. "IT'S ALL A FRAUD!!!"

    It doesnt matter...he's done...
  20. Time for some consistency.

    Saints are limping into I tough matchup on the road against the Rams this week.
  21. Expectations are great. As long as they are grounded in reality. Expect him to get 1,000 yards. Just not until he gets enough carries to, you know, actually get there. If he gets the carries, but not the yards. Then you can harp on the kid. He has hit his ceiling? After his 1st 10 games? But he is a good player. 10 TDs? That expectation may get met this year. 500 yards receiving? That is an every year expectation. As a floor. I do believe your expectations are being clouded by the fact you don't like the pick.
  22. Frankly, all anybody should care about with Shula and how he relates to the Panthers is his production. Nothing else matters as long as he isn't raping or murdering people.
  23. Putting Corn on IR was a mistake.

    Every week there are 7 guys that don't play. Why are folks not complaining about those other 6? Because 1 of them was a Kicker?
  24. Well yeah. He's a top 10 pick. Should we expect less? We aren't supposed to draft in the top 10 often, and when we do, we need to make the most of it. Are we supposed to be satisfied with 500 rushing yards a year from a top 10 RB draft pick? There are always expectations.
  25. "IT'S ALL A FRAUD!!!"

    ROFL bernie. Guy didnt even have a floor in his house in vermont.
  26. Does white privilege exist?

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