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  2. It pointed to that a long time ago.
  3. even worse, top 3 corners out actually.
  4. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    LMAO, wow our D looks like D.
  5. So, they said the refs held us up and called the delay bc we subbed late. Shula strikes again.
  6. At this point, what do we have to lose? Put Moten in at LT
  7. Samuel needs lot of touches.
  8. Looks like last year all over again with out defense.
  9. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    This franchise needs a reboot. New GM, new coaches, new owner.
  10. Davis needs benched dude looks old and lost, absolutely pathetic
  11. ...shula...thats how its done
  12. Lol was pep being held...
  13. They about to get blowed out at home to an 0-2 division rival. SOFT
  14. hmm, on coahing with late subs...hmm
  15. Lol this elite defense looking amazing ....
  16. Oh just wait, they'll wait till after the game to make threads about how we don't know what we're talking about and to let Shula have some time, even though this is a historically bad defense with it's top corner out
  17. Saints - we have the worst pass defense in the NFL Panthers - Lets run it every play Why is this team so stubborn
  18. Saint show Shula how to run a screen
  19. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    You can't really say that yet. All they've called is screens, runs, a couple quick passes, and some cute poo. Not a single play has gone downfield. That's Shula for ya. That being said, a wr screen in 3rd and 6? Wow.
  20. The play calling is bad, kind of a given. Putting them at 1st and 15 instead of 1st and 10, that is like impossible for Shula.
  21. New England is going to embarrass us next week.
  22. More like an idiotic OC but yeah keep claiming it's the LT's fault
  23. With this terrible offense Shula should get fired midseason. He will have KB hurt excuse now though.
  24. Kinda gives it away what we're going to do with Samuel in the passing game when we literally haven't thrown him the ball beyond the LOS yet.
  25. Because the opening drive is scripted out a week ahead of time. When he has to call plays in the moment, he folds.
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