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  2. So, who is at fault

    Not exactly true...close on part one but total crap on part two...per usual
  3. a bloo bloo

    How did DG reach in that draft? Bradberry is a solid starter as a late second rounder. Great value there. Worley would be a solid backup CB and for a third rounder that's good value. Sanchez wound up being a bad pick but he was a 5th rounder, nothing is a "reach" in those rounds. Butler wound up being a bad pick so far, but that's partially due to lack of opportunity with Star and KK here, and that may change if Star walks now. But regardless of that he was not a reach at all--other teams wanted him at that back end of the first round and that's where he was expected to go all along. Not the best draft 2 years in but that's still too early to evaluate fully and good draft or not, it wasn't reaching to replace Norman whatsoever.
  4. Chase Blackburn is our guy.
  5. And 80% of the players selected after that selling insurance two years later.
  6. Am I missing something. McGaughey was fired, so...
  7. If they trade Kemba..

    This entire situation comes from the fact that Cho has been allowed to ruin this franchise. It is either trade Kemba or ride out 4 years of bad contracts.
  8. Chelsea Manning Confirms US Senate Run

    im not a manning supporter though? and idk why you would "laugh in my face" when you're the one crying for some "reach across the aisle" bullshit. sounds like she's trying to appeal to people like you? im only itt because useless liberals offered critiques of manning that they keep to themselves whenever it's their preferred useless liberal candidate. democratic politicians exist to grab nyt and wapo headlines. chuck schumer offered trump more than trump wanted in exchange for daca just so he could shout "SIR! SIR! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!" on the senate floor if the deal fell through. based on the criticisms of manning itt and the general unwillingness to level those same criticisms at democratic politicians, im left believing that the criticisms of manning aren't being made in good faith. i believe there is something else about manning that's causing liberals to suddenly change how they evaluate their party. i believe it's because she put her life on the line and put troop war crimes in the news instead of selling out the poor and vulnerable like a good democrat.
  9. a bloo bloo

    Cam and the offense put us in position to win the game despite the defense literally trying to take Newton's head off through 4 quarters. In Mile High. How you can spin that to blame the offense is beyond me. But do you I guess.
  10. If they trade Kemba..

    They're too stupid to do any of this. The ticket office had better count up the number of online ticket brokers they have, because they'll comprise the whole STH base from now on.
  11. Playstation vue

    Had it for probably 2 years now. No panthers games are blacked out. What does happen and is annoying is some NFL Thursday night games could be blacked out because any streaming cable service is not allowed the rights to games that twitter or yahoo paid for. You can cancel and restart any time. I normally drop it after the football season ends because it’s the only live tv I really care about aside from Game Of Thrones.
  12. a bloo bloo

    Gano's miss was killer and he's far from absolved from blame, however both the defense and offense deserve blame as well. Offense started out hot, and as usual with Shula offenses struggled the rest of the way. Defense dominated early and then let Trevor f*cking Siemien making his first start pick them apart in the second half to come back from down 10 or 14 (I forget which, but it was two scores). Pretty silly to blame one player for a loss unless it's a Jake Delhomme vs Cardinals meltdown.
  13. There is a lot of talk about the secondary. And yes it is certainly concerning to a degree. But the bigger discussion should be about our pass rush. We've tried the hog mollies DT stockpiling thing, and so far it's resulted in the division passing us by. We need real pass rush help in the form of an elite DE, that could alleviate some of the secondary issues.
  14. The Eagles now have an omen

    Lol - they have greased the utility poles around the city in case the Eagles win (or lose for that matter) to deter people from climbing them. https://www.google.com/amp/s/247sports.com/nfl/philadelphia-eagles/Bolt/NFC-Championship-Eagles-Philadelphia-city-crews-preparing-for-Eagles-fan-celebrations-114005077/Amp
  15. a bloo bloo

    Thank Graham Gano for that. Whom DG made one of the highest paid kickers in the NFL.
  16. a bloo bloo

    I really wonder if we had won that game and not played the Broncos week 1 and lost to them if 2016 would've gone so poorly. Everything else (the roster) stays the same, except we win in 2015 and open up the season at home. Honestly I feel like we would've been at least 10-6 and made the playoffs. That loss and the season opener loss (and the league letting Cam get murdered all game) killed the heart of our team and set the tone for that terrible season. If we had just won that god damn game we could've been talking beginning of dynasty. Now I have no clue if we'll even win one any time soon. The whole team just flopped, and we didn't have the luck that Atlanta had this year following their choke job.
  17. If they trade Kemba..

    The more time goes by I dont think they will trade Kemba. With that it will be a huge call on whether to resign him to a huge deal but I'd think they would start that process as well. On paper, the team does have talent and a possible high pick so maybe just stick with this team for now. Maybe get a new coach with fresh approach.
  18. a bloo bloo

    Then let your only legit speed threat walk 2 separate times in 3 years in favor of a jag only to watch it blow up in your face both times. Executive of the year!
  19. Our defense looks bad at times to us. But compared to the rest of the league, its actually pretty good. In reality, almost all defenses today look in consistent at times. Ours is not great, and certainly not dominant, but good enough to win if our offense gets better. Fwiw, our worst games from a points allowed standpoint were usually do to the the offense turning the ball over.
  20. Personnel issue. Been saying it all season. We had the 21st ranked unit last year and the 7th this year. Coaching and scheme has done its job because if you think Peppers at 37(just turned 38) and Mike Adams(36) are the cause for the jump you’re wrong and they are the only two additions over last years team that made an impact. we as a team are super strong in the middle with Star KK and Luke. And that makes up for a lot of weaknesses. But Davis was definitely showing his age this year and def lost a step or two. And honestly I really don’t care for anyone in our defensive backfield.
  21. So, who is at fault

    the problem isn't that america doesn't "take care of its own" because it lacks the resources. the problem is that america doesn't "take care of it's own" because of ruling class interests and centuries of white supremacy. to direct fear and anger at immigrants is to align with a right wing that doesn't give a poo about you either way. we shouldn't sell out our brothers and sisters in struggle just because they live on the other side of this shitty country's shitty borders imo.
  22. a bloo bloo

    Cut your best defensive player (in the secondary) and then spend an entire draft reaching trying to replace him. Sounds like a winning formula.
  23. Our secondary is our Achilles heel and unfortunately I don't think it's realistic to expect it to be fixed in one off-season.
  24. a bloo bloo

    I'm reminded of a saying about not resting on your laurels. Can't recall the source though. Anyone? Bueller?
  25. a bloo bloo

    inb4 Hurney's fault
  26. I mean yeah he's nothing special but at least we know he drafts better than Gettleman. At least we can count on a good 1st rounder.
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