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  2. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Dear Slim, you still ain't called or wrote, I hope you have a chance I ain't mad, I just think it's fuged up you don't answer fans If you didn't wanna talk to me outside your concert You didn't have to, but you coulda signed an autograph for Matthew That's my little brother man, he's only six years old We waited in the blistering cold for you, For four hours and you just said, "No." That's pretty shitty man, you're like his fugin' idol He wants to be just like you man, he likes you more than I do I ain't that mad though, I just don't like bein' lied to Remember when we met in Denver, you said if I'd write you you would write back See I'm just like you in a way I never knew my father neither He used to always cheat on my mom and beat her I can relate to what you're saying in your songs So when I have a shitty day, I drift away and put 'em on 'Cause I don't really got poo else so that poo helps when I'm depressed I even got a tattoo of your name across the chest Sometimes I even cut myself to see how much it bleeds It's like adrenaline, the pain is such a sudden rush for me See everything you say is real, and I respect you cause you tell it My girlfriend's jealous 'cause I talk about you 24/7 But she don't know you like I know you Slim, no one does She don't know what it was like for people like us growin' up, you gotta call me man I'll be the biggest fan you'll ever lose Sincerely yours, E CaT, P.S. we should be together too
  3. Predicting the Tag

    To all those thinking we can just draft a guard to replace him. The teams that want him have higher picks than us yet still want him. Remember that.
  4. Predicting the Tag

    While you're focusing on the financial implications of releasing Kalil, the much bigger issue with cutting him is in the locker room. And I don't mean what we would lose in leadership (which would be huge in itself). Cutting Kalil would cost the team a lot of goodwill with their veteran players, and would make them question their trust and loyalty to the team. Dumping a team leader and one of the guys with the biggest influence on the team after he announces his plans to retire after next season would not go over well at all. Most within that locker room believe Kalil has earned the right to go out on his terms. And when healthy, he is still our best center by a large margin. And since he finished the season relatively healthy, there's reason to think he should be fine for one more year...especially after having an offseason to get in shape and ready, which he didn't have last offseason. The thing is, it's easy for us fans to think about things in an impersonal way, but the organization has to consider how each move will affect the team on the field, but off as well. And this is not a Smitty, or even DeAngelo, situation. Kalil is well liked and highly respected by pretty much everyone. So him being cut, denying him his farewell tour, would be an extremely hard pill for most of the players to swallow.
  5. Protesters

    Nobody’s stopping you from going out there and protest, Dr Quest.
  6. Black Panther the movie

    Killmonger was that dude! Hate he had to die. Thought Black Panther should have made more of an attempt to explain how his father was wrong, and how he was going to right that wrong. That quote where he was referencing how some of the slaves jumped off the ship and died instead of being held in bondage was chilling. There were some parallels between what went on in this movie, and how elite/upper & middle class blacks sometimes treat those who are less fortunate. Often get to a level of success and we’re so caught up in maintaining where we’re at that we forget those who are less fortunate, and forget to go back for them and help guide them to success.
  7. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    i've seen half a dozen of these "i got beat up seeing black panther" things. must be the new /pol/ "its ok to be white" meme effort
  8. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    that really pissed the bitch off i never thought id get dumped now im jerking on my little thing just scrolling thru my pics of Trump you know i still respect women tho nah I don't even dodge her but if I get dumped again yo I'll go Elliot Rodger @GOOGLE JIM BOB COOTER we want royalties when you record this @E CaT PanTHer 2
  9. Predicting the Tag

    He'll get $2.8M if he's cut. He'll make an additional almost $6.9M if he's on the roster. His cap hit is the total of the two at $9.7M.
  10. You know, and if you don't I am telling you now...Marc James, for good reason, can kiss my ass for the rest of his life every day at 4:20 and Buckner is an intellectual midget and a petty, jealous individual that expects things to be handed to him. Neither need to return to Charlotte in any capacity for eternity.
  11. Predicting the Tag

    I am not sure how much of Ryan's final year is guaranteed but if it is the bulk, it is entirely possible that he doesn't care if they cut him at all.
  12. Ownership options so far

    Oh God, as a long time MMA fan, fug Dana White. lol
  13. The Justice Department officials also said during the briefing that they considered the whistleblower, who has been identified in media reports as William Campbell, too unreliable to use as a witness due to inconsistencies in his story https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2018/02/the-justice-department-has-apparently-debunked-the-gops-phony-uranium-one-scandal/
  14. I know he was always very well-prepared and could pick up tendencies with the best of them as a player. I haven't followed him that closely as a coach, but from distant observations it seems like developing young guys hasn't really been his strongest point. DE is obviously a need for Tampa, so it'd be interesting to see how he does if they end up hiring him & then grab a guy like Chubb in the draft.
  15. Predicting the Tag

    To not get cut. It's not out of the question that whoever the GM is approaches him and tells him he'd love to have him for one more year, but only if he's willing to take a pay cut. Everyone keeps talking about restructuring but it won't be a restructure. Restructuring is when teams convert salary to bonus to spread out the cap hit. Hurney used to do it quite often. It creates more cap space in the short term at the expense of decreasing flexibility by creating more dead money in the contract if the player is released. That isn't a possibility with Kalil since he's in the final year of his deal and has already said he's retiring so that would seem to rule out an extension.
  16. Protesters

    why aren't you protesting drunk drivers?
  17. Ownership options so far

    Which, honestly, is something I'm hoping for in an owner. I want them to put the football operations in the hands of a football person and let them run things. Not Dana White, though. Although I have to admit that could be interesting. (imagine Dana White on cutdown day)
  18. Protesters

    Exactly, many American citizens dying from drunk illegal alien drivers to, no outrage, no protest....weird huh?
  19. Ownership options so far

    I won't deny that they might change the general atmosphere but I think they are more likely to hand off the franchise to someone that is able to sell the product a little more effectively than to attempt to try and run the daily operations.
  20. Predicting the Tag

    It would be great if Kalil restructures but he also don't have a real reason to.
  21. Ownership options so far

    It's not so much the day to day stuff as it is that the UFC certainly has its fair share of bad boy types. They're also known for some pretty rowdy audiences, so I have a hard time imagining them telling people to sit down and stop disturbing others by being too loud.
  22. Predicting the Tag

    I think we if let Norwell walk then it will be a larger trend of us not making big free agency moves. Not that I would be against that.
  23. Ownership options so far

    I think you put too much stock into the Fertitta's day-to-day operations of that organization. They seemed to be largely hands off as long as the organization kept tracking towards success.
  24. Threw Peppers under the bus every chance he got. Worse than Marc with a khunt James did Cam.
  25. Protesters

    You mean 17 American citizens dying in a school. 13 of which were children?
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