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  1. Yeah, unfortunately he’s still pretty inconsistent week to week. Was largely ineffective against Galaxy and got bullied off the ball a lot
  2. Big Pat seemed to really take the reins last night knowing it’s finally his spot
  3. Definitely wanna see more Petkovic. Agyemang is better off the bench imo. Our attack is missing way too many easy chances. Hope Abada isn’t out long. Can’t help but think the score would’ve been higher if he was playing
  4. I think 2.5 seasons of the Rhule experiment shook up Tepper to the point he felt he needed to direct Reich into whom to hire and then feel the need to sift through data and have conversations about play calling
  5. Byrne should be back soon. He was in England getting a green card to free up an international spot. Banks to be the truth. BOTH finishes were awesome. That was a bad call on Tuiloma on that first goal called back. I was at the game and didn’t really notice anything egregious from Tuiloma tbh. Both goals happened right in front of where I sitting And they were unlucky deflections off of our fullbacks
  6. lol Draw FC returns. Stoppage time equalizer given up. Abada looks legit just needs time with the squad
  7. Apparently UFL is using 4K cameras to determine first downs rather than the old chains we’re used to. Imagine that? Using technology
  8. Gilmore was here in 2021. I think that’s what he meant
  9. Saturday night was quite the clusterfug of a game but 3 points is 3 points
  10. You know the huddle standards. We need pro bowl level starters on the 2 deep at every position all on vet minimum salaries
  11. Atalanta? We talking about Italian soccer teams here?
  12. https://x.com/adamschefter/status/1769831963253231829?s=46&t=HoZu76JI7hpaEuF1TXeJDA LMAO $13M guaranteed
  13. $30M/yr for 10 sack seasons and shitty run defense, I’m laughing at the Giants
  14. The App Homer in me would like to see us pick up Isaiah Helms as a UDFA. If we’re running wide zone, he could be a good depth piece at G/C since that’s literally what App has run since they’ve been FBS
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