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  1. Good for him but kinda lame the Panthers 6th overall pick is getting snubbed for this
  2. His 2nd was legit good. First one is on no pro should ever miss. I was pumped for him and hope it’s a launching point for him
  3. Honest opinion, Gaines kinda sucks. He’s fast and that’s it. Can’t utilize it at all
  4. I want more details on this quote. Was McShay saying this because of Rhule? Or is there other meaning here?
  5. Willis couldn’t beat garbage assed ULM last year and we’re discussing him at #6? At 6 you’re trying to draft game changers and franchise level players. Players who can lead their team to wins over bottom tier teams
  6. This WAXN crap sucks for those of us who stream through other means. I hope I can watch on ESPN+
  7. Saw Ellis speculate Landon Collins. But either way, moving Chinn back to where he dominated is smart
  8. If they can find a better LB than Fuchs and maybe move into a CB role, then I think that would solidify the back. As it was mentioned, he got exposed as the game wore on. The team is not far off
  9. Now Tepper just needs to give a blank check to the big name Polish player to come play for CLTFC
  10. Rhule wants running the ball to be the identity to mask the lemon he traded for at QB
  11. Abdullah has been a pleasant pickup this year. I’d like him to come back
  12. “Dave…you’ve already got a rock star OC. You’re looking at him!”
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