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  1. I think it’s gonna take a few games for fans to get used to seeing Deano’s style compared to Latty daddy’s. I’ve heard it said it will be less reliant on the wing play and built up more through the middle. I’m just glad our fullbacks are playing are more conventional style with width and overlapping runs vs whatever the hell that inverted mess was
  2. Eh, there were some chances where the ball could’ve been passed to him but it wasn’t. Vargas got a little ball hoggy after he missed that PK when he should’ve given it up to someone else in the box
  3. Great way to start the season and the Deano era! Kinda would like to see him switch Vargas and Tavares b/c Vargas was far more effective and dangerous on the left. Need Copetti or Westy to take pens. Still felt that nervousness in the last 10 minutes though
  4. Just please no Arfield at RW tonight. That’s my only gripe about the preseason. Roll with Nimfa. Throw him into the fire and let’s see what we got.
  5. Some rando called into Kyle Bailey’s show and said the Panthers didn’t offer Burns $27m, but instead it was ~$20M with “unattainable” incentives to get him to $27m take that fwiw
  6. Non-exclusive tag him. Tell him the old offer is the absolute best he’ll get from Carolina and let him go find a team to sign him to better deal. If he does, let him go and get those 2 firsts
  7. BPA is a myth. Teams are gonna scout and rank players based on their needs, so even if they take “BPA” it’s still gonna be based on their needs
  8. I think if you asked Cam, he would agree, but part of what made Cam who he was on Sundays was going up against the defense in practice. TD and JNo talking poo to him and Cam pushing back, even getting into the fight with JNo. Who on our defense now is pushing Bruce like that? Talking poo to him? Probably no one and I imagine Bryce wouldn’t handle it as well as Cam, but it would make Bryce better in the long run if he got that kind of competitive edge to him
  9. Devil’s advocate, but what were we even accomplishing when we had DJ and CMC?
  10. I just don’t see Melo ever being a leader or taking accountability in any way, but I’m totally basing that on who his dbag pops is
  11. This was probably a move made by Tillis who is gonna bring in his own people since analytics will fall under him. But that article has to be total satire and very well done at that
  12. My only gripe with this is he’s already positing and pondering internal strife amongst the staff and players thinking the defensive players won’t listen to Canales bc they wanted Evero as HC. it’s one thing to ask the question, but the way he’s presenting his point it’s like he’s wanting it or expecting it
  13. Maybe Chinn doesn’t wanna gain 10-15 lbs to play LB. Anyone ever considered that?
  14. I couldn’t help but think Morgan’s “dawgs” comment wasn’t a calling out of Burns, Horn, etc. Guys always hurt or, in Burns’ own words, playing scared of being hurt. Morgan can easily point to TD as someone who never let thought of playing hurt or getting injured change how he played.
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