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  1. It’s a pretty clear foul in my mind. Contact is one thing, but a full on body check to get possession of the ball is another
  2. What happened to the tram and tactics we finished last season with? I’m so over this BS we’ve been running. Bronico needs to drop back to the CDM where he’s best at. Hell, play him and Jones there in a 4-2-3-1 and quit inverting Afful and neutering Vargas by making him play so deep
  3. 4 pages and no one posted this yet? Yeah, the “Teppers” love Bryce. More like Mrs. Tep already scheming her side piece
  4. The “some guy” catching the passes is his little brother who is a WR in the 2023 draft. He was throwing to him at the pro day as well
  5. My only switch going forward would be to drop Bronico to CDM and then start Swiderski in the 10. And once Guzman is healthy he should see the field over Tuiloma. He has not been good so far Maybe give Nuno a start at RW since the midfield is so crowded. If they’re insistent on getting Joz on the field, maybe try him at LB rather than Bronico. He at least has WB experience
  6. He’s in the XFL right now and has been lighting it up
  7. I bet Josh Gordon would be cheap and an incentive laden contract. I’m all for drafting a WR at 39
  8. So glad I went fly fishing yesterday. Standing in a freezing river for 8 hours was far more enjoyable than watching this game would’ve been apparently
  9. Seems about right. Hope he catches on somewhere and they help him not run so damn upright. Always thought that was a weakness of his
  10. I’m just curious how Cam Peoples (App State RB) does
  11. I’ll give Bronico some props. He payed pretty damn good at LB. Seemed more of a threat than Mora on the offensive side and actually equal or maybe a little better defensively. he’s just faster, which helps
  12. I found the stat that was shared in the broadcast interesting, where teams that had most possession in their game in week 1 lost all but 1 game. And would t you know it, we had 60% possession last night and lost by 2 goals. If Tepper is as much into analytics as he claims, I would show that to Lattanzio. Because we’ve held possession for the first 2 weeks and lost both games
  13. If I’m Tepper, I’m telling Lattanzio no more passing back to the keeper. We keep fuging our selves over with that poo
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