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  1. True, but 5 out of their 7 wins came with Alex Smith as the starter.
  2. Yesterday I heard Tony Kornheiser say that, with a QB tandem of Allen & Heinicke in 2021, WFT would be a playoff team.
  3. Has Heinicke ever made it through an entire game?
  4. What were the Panthers supposed to do? Lie down on the field, and let Dwayne Haskins score? Like he was some Make-A-Wish kid?
  5. It was Tepper. When he started talking about not being "weighed down by a $36 million-a-year mistake'', the writing was on the wall for Cam.
  6. Switched from Spectrum to AT&T TV in the Spring, because our internet was always going down. Just realized I'm probably not getting Hornets games.
  7. Which is why this makes even less sense. With the pandemic, it's gonna be limited capacity, regardless.
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