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  1. Agreed. Like I said, I didn't like going for 2, but I get why they did it. There's a lot more pressure on Viniateri's last second FG if the Pats are down by three.
  2. I didn't like the call, but I understood it. Up until that td drive, we had 130 yards in total offense. And it was the 4th quarter. Bottom line, if we convert the first 2 pt conversion, we eventually have a 25-21 lead, and probably win the game. If we only converted the 2nd, we probably go to OT.
  3. Yeah, there was no way to know that game was going to become a shootout. I don't blame Fox for going for two ... I just think about how different the game would've been if we managed to convert one of them.
  4. I don't obsess over that Super Bowl. If the NFL network shows it, I watch .... turning it off right after Proehl's touchdown. We lost one of the greatest Super Bowls ever played. What can you do? On the other hand, I have never re-watched one second of Super Bowl 50. Too traumatic.
  5. If they had been Raleigh FC, I would've been spared the trouble of watching them.
  6. If you say so. We're a small market team, so we're always going to have to overpay. Better get used to that idea.
  7. No, I mean the message that it sends to the fanbase. Luck your way up in the lottery and draft a young kid with star potential, who wants to be in Charlotte. Then let him walk because you're too cheap to pay him.
  8. Letting him walk for nothing would be far more crippling to this franchise.
  9. 99% of being a Hornets fan is hindsight.
  10. I was on this forum the night Malik Monk dropped to us. Everyone was breaking out the party hats. We'll have to see how this plays out.
  11. I would've preferred Scoot, but Miller was a consensus top-3 guy. The hysterics are weird.
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