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  1. First thing I thought of, when I saw the thread title.
  2. As long as they still have Hayward and Rozier available, they're not gonna tank.
  3. Yeah, I don't get this line of thinking. Panthers have never been the best run team in the league, and they've played for a title twice. Hornets are screwed, though. NBA is not set up for places like Charlotte & Memphis.
  4. I could see Cam back with the Pats, depending on the price. He's not giving them another discount.
  5. For some comparison, here are Nashville's prices. Sideline is what I would've been interested in, but Charlotte's cost twice as much, plus a $700 PSL. Pass, unfortunately.
  6. Once I picked up a SiriusXM subscription, I pretty much stopped listening to local radio. (I'm paying for it, so I might as well use it). 5-10 minutes of Mac & T-Bone on my way to work, is enough for me. And maybe the same amount of Chris Russo on the way home. This place fills my Panther talk needs. The national guys will always be clueless about the Panthers, so I don't even pay attention to them.
  7. Wow, Bobby Rosinski still has a job? Guy has been around forever, and still can't draw listeners.
  8. Mac is the only one I listen to anymore, and that's only during NFL season.
  9. Watching Mahomes run for his life, I was definitely getting SB 50 flashbacks.
  10. Opening night, inaugural season. Lost to the Cavs by 40. Was also at the first pre-season game (Dallas).
  11. I thought the same thing after both of our SB losses.
  12. I understand why it's happening, but as a selfish tv viewer, I really dislike the current scheduling. I miss the Saturday mornings where I could turn on the tv at 10:00, and decide which of the 4 or 5 matches I wanted to watch.
  13. The good news is that, with NBC Peacock, I can watch all of the Fulham matches. That's also the bad news. Leeds should be a fun watch all season. They score a bunch, but concede a bunch.
  14. Watford promoted Saturday, Bournemouth likely earning promotion today. I figured the automatic spots would go down to the last day, but Norwich & 'Boro pretty much crapped the bed this weekend.
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