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  2. The Eagles now have an omen

    If they win there's no way they beat the Patriots. Tom Brady and Bellicheck are not gonna lose to Nick Foles.
  3. The Eagles now have an omen

    ??? Falcons aren't playing this weekend.
  4. The Eagles now have an omen

    Vikes are gonna thrash them bad
  5. Matt Miller is the worst This RB class is just as good and deep as last years, and I think Rosen is a better prospect than almost any QB in the last 5 drafts
  6. The Eagles now have an omen

    I'd rather spend time in those shithole countries than in Philly.
  7. Vrabel, new Titans HC

    I might end up being wrong but this seems like a horrible hire. It’s basically a lateral move from Munchak, they need a offensive minded coach
  8. If ever there was a draft to do it, this might be the one. That being said, no way. For a first, I want as sure of a thing as possible. With his history, he is anything but. One more slip-up, and he's toast (as well as draft capital spent). I might discuss a second, and definitely a third because they're a little more speculative anyway, especially if they throw in a 4th or 5th.
  9. Patriots have the number 5 defense this year and had the number 1 defense last year. Brady in the last 16 years has had more top 5 and 10 defenses than any QB in nfl history You were saying??
  10. Today
  11. Playstation vue

    i'm a fan. got to watch them all.
  12. The Eagles now have an omen

    Awesome clouds
  13. The Eagles now have an omen

    I'm pulling for the Eagles, by law I have too. This is just for the playoffs.
  14. The Eagles now have an omen

    Oohhh, I love some O men.
  15. can you imagine how many baby mamas brady would have, if he had Cam’s penis?
  16. cant wait to have Greg back at 100 percent health.
  17. The Eagles now have an omen

    If the Eagles lose tomorrow, then it was a sign that - like clouds - the Eagles simply faded away.
  18. So, who is at fault

  19. The Eagles now have an omen

    Philly wins
  20. Seattle renovating Key Arena

    It’s happening
  21. The Eagles now have an omen

    Same here. The cloud is kind of cool, but not jaws. Hes been a pretty big panther hater over the years. I would prefer the Vikes to win just so he can eat poo.
  22. If they trade Kemba..

    MJ will def keep Cliff and Cho after this season
  23. Textbook Choke Job

    Did if on purpose. Staying to the tank mode course now
  24. Huddle Prayers Needed

    Man that's horrible ,godspeed on her recovery

    I know Dave didnt hand out money. But the one time he did, he screw it big time. Probably a good thing he didnt do it more than once. We shouldve went after Barry Church, not Kalil!
  26. Is Ludwig a scumbag

    Absolutely not but maybe
  27. *must read* B/R Potential trade packages

    Id quit watching this team immediately. NYK do not have the draft pick we need.
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