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    But it does matter. This is like saying it is equal if you play a football game but for 3 quarters only one team is allowed to score and the other had their hands tied behind their back. The in the 4th saying "hey we untied your hands and you are allowed to score now so everything is equal now so this is a fair game"
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    I killed the poo out of that dude in Assassin's Creed II
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    that dork is gonna need a coffee-straw to drink through the mask
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    That's all well and good, but some Woman was ran down and killed at a rally in Charlottesville VA. So with this whole "chill gaiz fight the power, not each other" mantra.. I'm not buying it. There's scum in this world and not all of them wear suits and sit in the top room of some corporate building.
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    if you believe black people aren't at a tremendous disadvantage in our society due to the wholesale theft and transfer of wealth and institutional racism then your beliefs are, by definition, white supremacist. there is no argument to be made other than "white people are in some way, be it culturally or genetically, superior to black people" if your position does not allow racism and the continued impact of slavery and jim crow to explain poorer outcomes among black people in america
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    First of all slavery was officially abolished in the USA on December 6th, 1865 which was about 153 years ago but not long after we have Jim Crow Laws that last from the end of Reconstruction in 1877 to the 1950-60s when the civil rights movement bears fruit to introduce the Civil Rights Acts in 1964 then the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Between now the year 2017 and the passage of the civil rights act which prohibited racial discrimination in the labor force and voting rights act that speaks for itself it has been only 53 YEARS since African Americans have experienced anything like equality under the law. That is less than a generation of African Americans who have been able to harvest the fruits their forefathers caught for them. I don’t know if you know this but it can take several generations for families to improve their socio-economic class and you are trying to argue that African Americans are supposed to do it in less than half the time? This is even disregarding stuff that can’t be legislated such as racist/discriminatory ideology shared by a certain amount of the population. When you consider all these factors it is easy to see why African Americans feel hard done by. I’m not trying to say you or all white people are at fault but looking at the time span it is easy to see how challenging it is for a group of people who have been purposely kept at the bottom of the social ladder to uplift themselves. This isn’t just a race issue alone as poverty affects people of all walks of life no matter the color. But when you compare this to a white American(discounting immigrants such as Italians, Chinese, Japanese and Irish and etc. who also faced similar types of discrimination in the 1920s)it is easy to see where “white privilege” comes from....as a white American you are more likely to be born and raised by a family who has had generations to accumulate wealth to support future generations. Compare that to many African American families who never had the privilege to send their kids to college/universities heck what about just having a long generation of family members who didn’t have to drop out of Highschool to so they could support themselves or their families. If you aren’t catching on now add all the side affects of poverty such as crime and drug abuse that continue to weaken a families ability in moving up the socio-economic ladder. These issues should not be new to anyone and these aren’t anything new, it’s just that they have been politicized to death so meaningful change is hard to come by. Hence why it took close to a hundred years for stuff like the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act to be impliment after slavery was abolished. Imo the African American community has a lot to be hopeful for as laws and attitudes have changed that will only uplift the community but to say the job is done or to deny that certain groups have privileges over other is purely ignorant.
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    This whole line "men have fought and died so you could play a game for a living and complain" is such a simpleton, disingenuous, faux patriotic, Fox News talking point, whoever throws it out there is full of poo
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    these people are full of poo btw. they were fine with the dod paying the nfl to run propaganda because they don't oppose "the injection of politics into the nfl" they were fine with the national anthem, a uh pretty political thing that's not at all related to the sport, because they don't oppose "the injection of politics into the nfl" they just want their own personal safe space, free from black people speaking their minds or doing anything at all other than entertaining them.
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    i get that and our ~capitalist democracy~ pressures white people to be racist. but what im simply not here for is "im not racist but black people just want free stuff on the democrat plantation" i welcome the conversation that can take place once people stop hiding behind coded language and own their beliefs.
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    Like, you're not even ~trying~ to think critically
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    Some things never change. And I'm more concerned with the twylyghts and stirs of the world, who genuinely don't think they're espousing the same poo, than the chris999's who are at least comfortable shouting their racism from the rooftops.
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    Bring back fat dex #makedexfatagain
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