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    Said he watched the highlights on the following Tuesday in 2015 and really wished he was home with us. Said that game hurt really bad knowing he could have been a part of it. Said today was the "Seattle game I missed. I got my day, I got my Seattle." Happiness in Wilson, NC tonight.
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    You just won the award for being the biggest fuging moron of the huddle award. Good job. Your mom would be proud.
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    We did it. Thank you to everyone who voted. My wife wanted you all to know that she is incredibly grateful for your help and support.
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    He had as much to do with Fozzy's TD as anyone on the field. He is contributing plenty
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    I have to say, that was a great showing of Panthers fans at the game in New England today! Everywhere I looked I saw someone repping Carolina black and blue. Patriots fans were even talking about it in my section. Side note, gotta mention that Pats fans are a classy bunch. Shook hands with some of them after the game and congratulated us on a great game and close win. #keeppounding
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    Well the reception you got probably depends on which jersey you wore...Panthers or Patriots?
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    I'm sure most of you have heard that Cam is now our leader all time in wins, and Stew is now our all time rushing leader. A few other things. In our 3 and 1 start, we've won on West Coast, never easy to go across the country like that, and in New England. We have 2 road wins in first four games, and that's important, because yesterday started a 5 game stretch that includes 4 road games. Coming out of that with a 3-2 record would be nice. To win on the road in Detroit will be a big confidence booster. They are 3-1, went to the playoffs last year, and despite their opponents so far this year, should be taken seriously. But I have a much better feeling about this week than last week thinking about going to NE. Our division is the only one that doesn't have a team with a losing record. The only division in the NFL with no losing teams. Any division game can be a loss. New Orleans was a surprise, but with Brees, not a huge surprise. If we can beat the Lions and the Eagles, and hold our own in the division, we'll be in good shape. We still have the Dolphins and the Jets on the schedule, but we have to get wins in our division, and that will be tough. We are 3-1 without Olsen and Ryan....think about that. Not to mention our incredible list of other injured players. We get some of those guys back, the OL continues to gel, I'm feeling really good about the last half of the season. RR teams have always started slow, and ball out in Nov., Dec. and January.... Ron is 19 - 7 in those months. http://blackandbluereview.com/panthers-record-months-under-ron-rivera/ Early season wins are important, especially road wins in San Fran and New England. TLDR: We in a good spot right now, despite all the injuries and the mood after the loss last week. We have a very good chance to get to the playoffs.
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    Easy to keep the weight off of the foot when you're Third Leg Greg
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    Since he's a former Panther, figure this is relevant. Condolences to the Ealy family. Full article is here.
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    Thought it was tasteful honestly. Had nothing to do with our flag. So im good.
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    Talking about the game yesterday and Donovan said he can see Cam developing into a pocket passer... said everyone is selling Cam stock but are forgetting he’s coming off surgery.. said Carolina can be a dangerous team with our defense and a healthy Cam... oh, and he gave a shout out to Shula for calling a good game and beating Belichick in NE
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    I won't officially say Cam is back. But Cam did resemble his 2015 MVP self yesterday in one of the toughest environments in the NFL vs the GOAT. Panthers were without key players such as Ryan Kalil, Greg Olsen, Curtis Samuel, Daryl Worley, among a few other key contributors (Cash, Hall) and the Patriots were fully loaded with no key players out other than Burkhead which is a role player. The next men up stepped in and performed very well. Kudos to Funchess, Dickson, and Seymour yesterday. Breaking down the game the only thing i can say is, opposite of the media emphasizing more on how BAD the Patriots D is and not how well the Panthers played, i think this could be a great turning point and foreshadowing of the remaining season. CAM was CAM yesterday. Game Analysis: Panthers had 9 possessions to the Patriots 9. Panthers were 6/9 on 3rd downs!!!! Panthers totaled 444 yards to Patriots 373. Panthers gained 140 on the ground and held Patriots to 80. ***One of the more underlying stats most won't notice is the Panthers had 1 penalty for 33 yards (the BS PI on Adams) to the Patriots 7 for 55 yards, and 2 of those were on Gilmore for hands to the face that i believe both extended drives on big 3rd downs. Panthers had 2 T.Os to the Patriots 0. Cam completed 22/29 316 10.9 avg 3 TD and 1 INT for a super high 130.8 QB rating. THE BREAK DOWN: Drive 1: Result FG: Panthers marched down the field on the opening possession to come up 2 yards short on a Cam 3rd down scramble to lead to a Gano FG. Drive 2: Result INT: Panthers ran just 3 plays on this series that resulted in a INT from Cam on a poor double coverage throw. Butler didn't bit on the fake smoke screen, which Aikman proceeded to question Cam's decision making which was merited because any QB should have seen Butler bail on the screen and run with Byrd, should have been an easy dump off to Funchess in space. Drive 3: Result TD: Panthers get it rolling. Didn't have a single first down on this series. Cam went 4/4 on this series hitting Fozzy on a beautiful screen call from Shula (yes i did beautiful call) but with the criticism on CMC from people, if they saw this play CMC came in motion and every LB accounted for his presence which left Fozzy all alone for the screen to the opposite field of CMC. Drive 4: Result TD: Panthers converted two 3rd down and long (8 and 9 yards) with completions to Funchess and KB for 13 and 43 yards. Blown coverage left Funchess for the 10 yard TD pass in the endzone. Drive 5: Panthers opening second half rolling to have their drive stalled by a fumble by JStew in the redzone. Drive 6: Result TD: Panthers converted another 3 3rd down plays, Cam with 8 yard designed QB run on 3rd and 2, 3rd down converted with help of Gilmore trying to remove Funchess facemask during the game, and another designed Cam run up the middle for 13 yards on 3rd and 7. CAM being CAM. Drive 7: Result TD: Cam became only QB in history with his 50th rushing TD on 1st and goal from the 7. This put the Panthers up 30-16. Drive 8: Result Punt: Panthers pulled back the reigns a little bit on this drive to not give up the big play which resulted in Patriots running 10 plays for 4:18 resulting in a TD on 4th and goal. Almost a perfect defensive stand by our beloved Defense. Making the score 30-30 with around 3 minutes left in the game. Drive 9: Result gaming winning FG: Now, this is the type of drive that QB's will be remembered and praised for. Game-winning drives. Panthers take over tied 30-30 with 3:09 minutes to go in the game. A beautiful 10 play drive that was again helped out on 3rd and 7 when Cam was sacked and the world thinking they are about to see Brady have yet another game winning drive, for Gilmore to attempt to rip Funchess facemask off that allowed another first down. Panthers methodically drive into FG range that left Gano 4 seconds and 48 yards to win back the huddlers with a W in sight. This was one of Shula's better called offensive games in quite some time. I know the media will be focused on how atrocious the Patriots defense is, and they do have a point so far, but lets look at how productive Cam and the offense was. Over 300 passing and 140 on the ground. Cam and JStew averaged 4.9 and 5.5 a carry. Funchess first career multiple score games. Dickson stepped in for injured Olsen with 3 huge catches for 62 yards. Cam was finally back into rhythm completing 75% of his throws averaging 10.9 a catch. Cam ran 8 times for 44 yards and 1 TD and 3 of those runs resulted in 2 first downs and 1 TD. I won't say i am holding my breathe but if we can repeat this performance on Sunday versus a similar opponent in Detroit with a great offense and a much better defense. When we come away with a victory on Sunday i believe we can start putting the NFL on notice and fear in peoples eyes like 2015. but at this time, one game at a time and Monday's are always sweeter with a Panthers WIN! Keep Pounding.
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    I was told, " We got 'em", "That's why I came back", "We shut that mother fuger up", "Who's next?", "Let us just play", "I told you", "I can't be stopped" and "I love these guys" all in one phone conversation.
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    The rushing ypc looks bad, but they use him a bunch as a decoy. It's why he's been getting so many snaps, plus teams have actually been focusing on him and double teaming him.
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    Cam is a powerful black man and that turned me on
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    I remember this other sore loser saying, "you show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser" or something like that. Just sayin....there's a lot to be said for a coach or a player who gets that pissed off in a loss. You know their standards are a lot higher than those who are more comfortable with losing.
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    Nope nothing wrong with it
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    So.... looking at the gamebook late last night, I was struck by the fact that Panthers scored points in all 4 quarters of the game. Hadn't seen that too often in the Panthers last 20 or so games... so I decided to do a little research. It's not rocket science. Scoring points consistently leads to wins. But even so, I was surprised by what I found. *Games below is games in which Panthers scored points in all 4 quarters (includes defensive scores) Season Games* W-L 2017 1 1-0 2016 3 3-0 2015 9 9-0 2014 4 3-0-1 2013 8 8-0 2012 5 3-2 2011 6 5-1 Total 36 32-3-1 So since week 7 of 2012, Panthers have not lost a game in which they put points on the board in all 4 quarters. They did have the 1 tie in 2014. Thats 26-0-1 in games when they scored in all 4 quarters. Note how in 2016 we had the worst frequency of scoring in 4 quarters since Cam became our quarterback.... The drop off in wins when scoring in 4 quarters vs. scoring in only 3 quarters of a game is pretty startling: So in our last 106 games (including postseason), Panthers have won 90% when scoring in all 4 quarters, but only 54% when scoring in only 3 quarters** of the game. We are a rhythm offense. If Cam can get in a groove in the 1st quarter and keep it going, watch out!!! **[Just for clarification: When I say the Panthers scored in "only 3 quarters," it could be ANY 3 quarters of the game. It does NOT mean Panthers failed to score in the 4th quarter. I had someone misunderstand this on Twitter today.]
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    Funchess is showing marked growth this year, and not bad route running for a big 6'4" guy. He seems to be using that big frame to his advantage with regularity this season. Who knew that a 23 year old receiver would show growth in year three? fuging amazing! Yes, let that sarcasm soak into the lining of your dome. Funchess shows a lot of promise, and may actually be a matchup nightmare, especially with KB on the field. See what can be when he's actually targeted in the passing game!
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    So you started a new thread... To talk about something said in another thread?
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    How many times are they going to "randomly" drug test Cam? They tested him after the first game of the season and again today. Something fishy is going on. I've never heard of a player being drug tested so quickly after the first test. Thoughts?
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    I think the improvement in completion percentage has a lot to do with how we have been utilizing McCaffrey. A lot more short passes to running backs, with fewer downfield bombs. One of the reasons Cam has had the relatively low completion percentage in the past was due to our style of offense, heavy run and throw it deep. That is why I didn't worry much about Cam's completion percentage being low in the past. And I think we also have a more surehanded and veteran group of receivers now.
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    He played a smart game yesterday outside the INT. I liked how he pulled a aaron Rodgers and took a deep shot to funch when we caught them offsides that one play. For the first time since he has been here i actually caught myself saying how he was checking the ball down a lot. Nothing was there so he wasnt forcing things. Great job in all aspects.
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    lol it's his 7th year and dumbasses are still saying that? He's not going to develop into a pocket passer because he already is one wtf is that nonsense.
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    It took the Panthers 9 weeks to get 3 wins last year. Am I excited?
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    It was a show of personal pride for him, so I support him 100%. And, amazingly enough, he was able to do it without taking a dump on the flag that covered my high school friend's coffin as he returned home from the Persian Gulf after giving his life in service for his country. Maybe more players ought to follow Cam's very smart and intelligent example.
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    He’s our team leader in yards but ok
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    http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-gameday-prime/0ap3000000855110/Week-4-LT-s-Late-Takes I noticed in this video on NFL.com Ladanian Tomlinson says Cam Newton joins hall of Famers Ladanian Tomlinson, Marcus Allen, Walter Payton, and Paul Hornung as the only 5 players in NFL history to pass for at least 5 TDs and rush for 50 TDs. And just tack on the fact that Cam is a QB who has thrown for 141 TD and rushed for 50 . Cam Newton has accounted for 191 Touchdowns through 6.25 NFL seasons. Compiled some other stats listed below. Cam is basically on pace to finish in the top 20 in pretty much every major stats catagory and probably #1 all time in QB rush yards and TDs. * Keep in mind when I say in parentheses (on pace for) this is only assuming he plays for 7 more years . * - #1 in QB rushing TDs - #5 all time in QB rush yards (#7 John Elway 3407 , #6 Steve McNair 3590 , #5 Cam Newton 3656 , #4 Fran Tarkenton 3674 ,#3 Mike Vick 3954, #2 Steve Young 4239 , #1 Randall Cunningham 4928 ) (Current QBs with high rush yards : Russell Wilson 2827 , Aaron Rodgers 2595 ) - #90 all time passing yards (on pace for top 15 finish) 88 Roger Staubach+ 22,700 1969-1979 dal 89 Babe Parilli 22,681 1952-1969 5TM 90 Cam Newton 22,654 2011-2017 car 91 Michael Vick 22,464 2001-2015 4TM 92 Danny White 21,959 1976-1988 dal 93 Sammy Baugh+ 21,886 1937-1952 was - #90 all time passing TDs ( on pace for top 15 finish) 90 Lynn Dickey 141 1971-1985 2TM Cam Newton 141 2011-2017 car 92 Sid Luckman+ 137 1939-1950 chi 93 Neil Lomax 136 1981-1988 crd 94 Bobby Hebert 135 1985-1996 2TM Don Meredith 135 1960-1968 dal 96 Jeff Blake 134 1992-2005 7TM Russell Wilson 134 2012-2017 sea 98 Matt Schaub 133 2004-2017 4TM Michael Vick 133 2001-2015 4TM 100 Andrew Luck 132 2012-2016 clt - #89 in Passes Completed [on pace for top 15 finish] 86 Bart Starr+ 1,808 1956-1971 gnb 87 Michael Vick 1,807 2001-2015 4TM 88 Sam Bradford 1,800 2010-2017 3TM 89 Cam Newton 1,783 2011-2017 car 90 Danny White 1,761 1976-1988 dal 91 Trent Dilfer 1,759 1994-2007 5TM 92 Brian Griese 1,752 1998-2008 4TM 93 Lynn Dickey 1,747 1971-1985 2TM 94 Jake Delhomme 1,741 1999-2011 4TM 95 Charley Johnson 1,737 1961-1975 3TM 96 Gus Frerotte 1,699 1994-2008 7TM 97 Sammy Baugh+ 1,693 1937-1952 was 98 Roger Staubach+ 1,685 1969-1979 dal - #71 all time in total offense yards [On pace for top 10 finish] 64 Michael Vick 26,694 2001-2015 4TM 65 Ron Jaworski 26,223 1974-1989 4TM 66 Craig Morton 25,735 1965-1982 3TM 67 Ken Stabler+ 25,517 1970-1984 3TM 68 Bart Starr+ 25,493 1956-1971 gnb 69 Jeff George 25,218 1990-2001 5TM 70 Daunte Culpepper 25,109 1999-2009 4TM 71 Cam Newton 24,519 2011-2017 car 72 Otto Graham+ 24,466 1946-1955 cle 73 Joe Theismann 24,264 1974-1985 wa - #72 in all time rush TDs (Tied at 50 total) . [On pace to finish in top 10] 72 LeGarrette Blount 50 2010-2017 4TM Paul Hornung+ 50 1957-1966 gnb Joe Morris 50 1982-1991 2TM Cam Newton 50 2011-2017 car Wendell Tyler 50 1977-1986 2TM 77 James Brooks 49 1981-1992 4TM Rick Casares 49 1955-1966 3TM But according to alot of talking heads around the league last year and this year, Cam Newton is "declining" and is just "an average QB if you take away his running"
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    Let's just have one day of soaking in the good vibes, please. Just one day.
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    Looking forward to Patriots fans coming across this on google first thing this morning. http://www.carolinahuddle.com/2017/10/02/carolina-panthers-cam-newton-new-england-patriots/
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    I don’t think we should only talk about things when they’re wrong. I’m glad he found a way to express himself that others can’t pass off as disrespect.
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    Joe Person‏Verified account @josephperson 4m4 minutes ago More Panthers TE Greg Olsen out of the boot and progressing on schedule two weeks after foot surgery. "Doing good. Just keep on going." sounds good to me
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    Respect! Dude limped on the field, made a clutch 3rd down catch to keep the game winning drive alive, and then limped off. You gotta love that poo.
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    Woody Paige just said the Panthers are 39-1 when Cam runs at least 8 times. Definitely supports the narrative that our offense needs Cam to be a duel threat
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    3-1 record, 65.2% completion percentage, 972 yards of offense (882 passing, 90 rushing), and 7 touchdowns. Cam is only going to get better from here. If he plays like he did yesterday all year, this might be his best year yet.
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    We have got to get someone besides Colin Jones out there. The dude is a great special teams player but man he is out of his league otherwise..
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    Detroit should be 4-0. The refs screwed them bad in that loss to Atlanta
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    Ed Dickson had a pretty good day against the Pats and he definitely deserves some credit for his part in the win. Three catches for 62 yards is a respectable outing for any TE1 and his blocking was on point for the majority of the game. And on Fozzy's touchdown, Dickson was the second option and was equally open for the score. He's caught a lot of flack in recent times, but let's face it -- Greg Olsen is a mighty hard act to follow. But it sure is good we've got Ed Dickson on the team.
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    Dude I was legit just thinking this was our 2017 Seattle game. I think 2015 was a MUCH bigger "monkey off our back" but this was good too.
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    Panthers are undefeated when cam makes a stand against racial injustice.

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