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  1. Atlanta has literally all breaks go their way
  2. Good fugin job Keek. You've been horrible
  3. Bradberry has been horrible..
  4. Kuechly has been HORRIBLE today. Get your head in the game!
  5. Even their kicker is better than ours
  6. LOL. So giving up 3 (soon to be 4) TD's in a row is fine? They've arguably been worse than the offense
  7. Defense needs to create a TO here. If they give up the 4th td drive in a row that is simply inexcusable
  8. Our defense is getting exposed for the 3rd time out of 3
  9. The defense is looking like the overrated unit that they are... We should've capitalised on the opportunities that we had, but instead we of 14 pts we have 3. Good fuging job guys
  10. Funch and Olsen on the sidelines on the same play. I wonder if it's a run??