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  1. Mock Draft With An Interesting Observation

    Yeah, people need to realize that New England lost their first round pick this year because of deflategate. Only 31 picks this first round. Picking 31st is not disrespect in these mocks.
  2. Met one yesterday. He left at halftime.
  3. today's presser:

    To be fair, you would be tired in the huddle too if you were running go routes all day long at top speed.
  4. Conor Orr lost a bet?

    He praises our team quite a bit, aside from the assumption that our team will be picked apart by free agency in a few years. Even we lose half of our star players, Gettleman has shown the ability to find and cultivate new key players. I'm not worried.
  5. Official Panthers - Saints Gameday Thread

    If we manage to win this game, then I'm not sure how badly we would need to play to lose one.
  6. Latest Super Bowl Halftime Rumor

    Issue is that the NFL doesn't let bands actually play their instruments. It's all pre-recorded music, so a lot of rock bands and the like do not like playing the halftime show. That's why it took the Chili Peppers so long to even be featured for two songs. They refused to headline a show in which they wouldn't actually play music.
  7. The only weakness I've seen on our defense has been the big plays we give up when running backs cut back and our linebackers over pursue. Also, I'm afraid of speedy backs since they seem to give us more fits than power backs. But that isn't enough. It would really take a smart quarterback and outstanding o-line so that the QB could pick apart our zone, but I'm not convinced that any team has that combination. At this point, the Panthers are the only team that can beat the Panthers (and I mean that we will only lose if we don't play to our potential).
  8. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    I get it, Frank, you like weed. But honestly, can it not wait until your done in the league? Although, you're probably out of it now. Some guys simply cannot prioritize.
  9. GAME THREAD: Bucs vs Falcons

    How many TDs can Winston miss in one drive?
  10. Panthers taking Patriots game seriously

    I've always considered the third preseason game to be the only that mattered. First, it is the closest to a real game regarding the game planning and effort put forth by the first team, not to mention the first team playing most of the game.  Second, it is the last chance our first team has to develop momentum and confidence before the season starts. Winning and success is an attitude that only comes from experiencing it. If our offense has three straight games with a slow start, then you can count on that carrying over into the season. There won't be any momentum built up for any of the offensive starters, and we've all seen the difference in our team when confident with momentum versus on their heels and struggling.  This game is our first team's final chance to set the tone for the remainder of the season, and I believe that they will come out with the fire of a regular season game. I wouldn't be surprised to see Cam scramble a little either, to the worry of all others. Hears to a good game and a Panthers' victory!
  11. Better know a Prospect - Tyler Lockett

    That stop n' go in the highlight video. WHAT A ROUTE!   That's the kind of thing that translates well in the NFL. This could could certainly fit in well. He fills KR/PR and would provide an insane compliment to Philly and KB.   It will be interesting to see his combine numbers, I would love to know just how fast the kid is.
  12. The Huddle Gameday Live - Buffalo Bills Edition

    Looks like Mike McNeill is the man down.