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  1. Patrice O'Neal, the greatest comedian of all time and my hero. 
  2. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    So ted ginns ball wasn't a catch earlier this year but that was a catch? Wtf NFL. 
  3. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Wtf is a catch anymore I don't know
  4. My birthday was a month ago but she just drove up from AZ and brought my gift with her   Keep Pounding!!!! Go Panthers, please destroy the Cowgirls today!!
  5. The Cowboys DO NOT represent America...

    Not gonna lie, Jerry Jones is an old ass billionaire and while he's a kooky old cuss, he's a boss getting blowjobs and lap dances from 20 year olds.  Thats the America I want to live in, where money gets you sexual favors well into your 70's with wrinkled balls and Viagra Skittles. 
  6. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    I'm here. I've been drinking but should probably go to bed before my wife gets mad that I've ruined thanksgiving before it begins. 
  7. I think Kony is an awesome name and my parents dropped the ball by not hooking me up with a name like that.  Bummer. 
  8. Kobe better retire at the end of this season because as much as I hate the Lakers, it was sad to see him throw up multiple air balls tonight and score like 4 points in a 30+ point drubbing by a Warriors franchise he used to own with heartbreaking daggers at the end of the game.  He is a shell of himself and looks lost.  fug the Lakers. Go Warriors. 16-0. 
  9. The greg hardy vs michael oher matchup

    Hardy should have made a cameo in The Blind Side. That would have been tight. 
  10. You do a great job as usual @PhillyB, but man what a depressing trip down memory lane.  You could have just titled this thread "In this thread, PhillyB kicks you in the nuts" and it would have been just as appropriate. 
  11. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

      Yeah, because nothing screams manly man like blueberryicedcoffee.
  12. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    So Hardy doesn't even show up to practice during a normal week, but they think having just 3 days between games he's going to get up and haul ass to the facility to start going over Panthers defensive tape with the Dallas offensive coaches? Seems legit to me. 
  13. Just arrived in Dallas

    Divisional round playoff game at my house. Short trip from San Jose. You coming?
  14. This is my thinking. It would be the biggest super bowl of all time bar none. 
  15. At what point do we see the NFL do what they can to help two undefeated teams square off in the golden anniversary Super Bowl 50? I brought this up in another thread but it was already somewhat buried and I'm genuinely curious as to what the Huddle conspiracy theorists think? I know it's a commonly accepted idea around here that the referees hate the Panthers, which I personally think is BS, but if people really believe notice comes from up high in the offices on Park Avenue to lean towards certain teams winning, do you think with each passing week the NFL would do what they could to try and make a Patriots-Panthers super mega ultra bowl happen? That would guarantee an undefeated season for someone, would have a rematch from a prior SB, would have Tom Brady perhaps securing his spot as greatest QB ever, and Cam Newton perhaps cementing his spot as one of the best rising stars in the league.  Again, I don't necessarily buy that the NFL has pre-scripted narratives that they like to lean on, but for those that do, what do you think?