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  1. Guess it's NFL 2K5 again this year.
  2. Riverboat Ron

    Ron Rivera Already On That BS

    The answer is on the roster.
  3. Greg Hardy vs Jerry Richardson mma fight incoming.
  4. Riverboat Ron

    The Norv difference

    How bad will everyone feel when Cam puts up 4500 yards passing with 40 TD's, realizing how much Shula held Cam back?
  5. Beal to me is the only guy worth risking a 3rd on, everyone else will go unpicked.
  6. Riverboat Ron

    Surprise Rookie Impact Potential

    Haynes with 35 sacks in the first 4 games.
  7. The answer is on the roster.
  8. Riverboat Ron

    Panthers release Zach Banner

    Guy had no positive qualities to play offensive line. (Too tall, too fat, bad hands, no strength, bad footwork, played soft).
  9. Riverboat Ron

    The secret Twitter story

  10. Riverboat Ron

    Cameron Newton

    When will you be releasing the nudes?
  11. Doesn't hurt we have a questionable secondary at best.
  12. Riverboat Ron

    Tepper approved

    Whole lotta time for him to develop a jeans and shaving leg fetish.
  13. Riverboat Ron

    Possible Huge Addition

    Seriously though, who hasn't put on a traditional Japanese headband and threatened an Asian trainer on Pearl Harbor's anniversary?