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  1. Make people wear body cams 24/7, let's just go full Orwell!
  2. That Bills 3rd looking better and better

    Benjamin is cursed.
  3. Good thing we have a genius in Shula running our offense!
  4. So he wants a puppet?
  5. Why isn't he studying all 2 pages of Shula's playbook?
  6. How do you feel about this picture?

    Bucs DE's suck.
  7. I figured it out.

    To be fair we have the GOAT Bersin back.
  8. 100% behind Curtis Samuel

    Over or under 15 receptions, 250 yards receiving and 4 TD's on Sunday?
  9. Falcons- Over 9000! Panthers- Hurney Shula
  10. So only 4 WRs on the roster..

    Bring back Moose!
  11. The Fire Sale Theory

    Hurney: If I get rid of all the players Gettleman drafted then it'll be like I never got fired.
  12. Marty Speaks...

    I got dis.
  13. Eagles just got better.

    Maybe I remember incorrectly, but didn't Ajayi fall in the draft due to a degenerative knee? I loved him coming out of Boise State but doctors gave him 4 years before it'd start breaking down.
  14. Cam's Beef with the Local Media

    To be fair all he can do is produce at a high level and that solves a lot of the problems. Cam opens himself to criticism and the media feasts on controversy, it's like sharks with blood in the water. I certainly think Cam is held to a higher standard but put up MVP numbers and the deniers look like hacks.
  15. Look at what makes NE or NO successful offensively. Smart Offensive Coordinator, passing scheme with accurate pocket passing QB's that get decent protection. Us: Below average Offensive Coordinator, power run scheme, option QB with bum shoulder and poor blocking. It's like trying to put Deion Sanders at DT and calling him a scrub because he can't get sacks and gets mauled by 330 lbs. Linemen. McCaffrey is a superstar that would thrive in the right scheme but until we commit to either changing our scheme or personnel he'll never reach his potential.