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  1. Luke's new chunky soup commercial

  2. Calvin Pryor anyone?

    Loved him when he came out, that said he hasn't impressed since coming into the league. Would give him a shot if I was GM.
  3. Some trash talk from 49ers fans

    Still remember their display at the Greensboro Panthers rally a couple years ago, they can eat a dik.
  4. Them Jags cheerleaders

    Elbows too pointy, 5/7. Would not bang.
  5. Cam Newton predictions for tonight...

    I think he breaks a couple big runs, 7 carries for 80 yards, 4 rec for 50.
  6. Cam Newton predictions for tonight...

    75 yards passing 1 Passing TD to Olsen McCaffrey with 80 yards rushing and 50 yards receiving with 2 TD's.
  7. How you watch CMC highlights...

    Lots of lotion.
  8. Meanwhile, In New England...

    The whole plan was to get them to cut him so the Panthers pick him back up.
  9. Kuechly and Newton. Hurney pulls off mask and reveals he's been fat Alice the whole time.
  10. Hurney fired Mark Koncz

    This is like a fever dream.
  11. Panthers player position swap - who?

    Sione Fua to OG Nate Chandler to OT Byron Bell to Craft Beer vendor #7
  12. Our Next Owner

    We should start a Kickstarter or run a couple after school bake sales, we'll have enough to buy the team in no time.