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  1. Updates on the team sale

    Carolina Huddle bid coming in around the $3 billion mark.
  2. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    All other NFC teams get banned and the Panthers have to step in to play the Super Bowl.
  3. Anything less than the #1 offense, #1 defense, drafting at least 5 All-pros this next draft, and winning the Super Bowl 75-0 is unacceptable imo.
  4. CMC is fast.

    Just think of his stats if he didn't have an idiot offensive coordinator.
  5. Huddle bake sale and we can put down $3 billion easy.
  6. Going to be fuggin loud Sunday

    "Touchdown, what is that?" - Mike Shula (Jan 4th, 2018)
  7. Starting Over

    Shula takes that as a compliment.
  8. This Fanbase Is The Worst In The League

    If we crowdfund buying the team we can do a poll vote on the Huddle to make decisions. New coaches and GM every week with the Panthers logo at the 50. All black uniforms and all the old vets signed. Cheap beer and even cheaper women in jeans. Tear down Bank of America stadium and rebuild it hundreds of times.
  9. Jesus, they didn't even have to double Olsen and spy Cam, just let Cam throw or hand off to CAP and you're safe.
  10. Just a Thought.

    Gettleman was too much of a temptation in those nipple high jeans.
  11. Byrd to IR, and other Tuesday news

    Let the process play out, the answer is on the roster.
  12. Ron Rivera’s Extension

    25 years, $750 million... No bias.
  13. This is exciting, I might even smile...who am I kidding...I'm staying in stoic face.