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  1. 1. Neither 2. Mike McGlinchey 3. Some as usual
  2. Is it me or has CMC bulked up?

    At least he put on 30 lbs of muscle rather than the KB cultivating mass program of 70lbs of fat.
  3. Does Anthony Miller know something we don't?

    I also remember a while back Steve Smith ranked Miller as one of his favorite WR's in the draft and he reminded Smith of himself.
  4. I agree, probably a CB and S within our first 4 picks.
  5. 1st) DJ Moore WR / Maryland 2nd) Mike Hughes CB / UCF 3rd) Frank Ragnow C / Arkansas 3rd) Rashaad Penny RB / San Diego St.
  6. A) Rich White man B) All other choices invalid
  7. Sale price could be nearing 2.6 target

    We must seize the means of production!
  8. With the 1st overall pick the Cleveland Browns select... John Holmes.
  9. Norv Turner at Memphis pro day

    He's just there for the ribs.
  10. This dude is on spot with his reviews, loved his series last year.
  11. The Norv Factor

    Your #24 overall pick.
  12. Why not just change all the rules to: The $ NFL $ Office $ will $ decide $ who $ wins $ because $ big $ market $ teams $ make $ more $ money $$$$$$$$$!