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  1. I take it that's been a while. I would have screenshot it as well. Goodonya mate!
  2. He may be a head case but he's smarter than the fools that gave it to him.
  3. By the way, are you watching the east west shrine bowl game?
  4. It's probably an alternative account for someone who gets banned repeatedly.
  5. I'll be damned if I know. But they have way too much emotional investment in the matter.
  6. Pick his guy or you are the dumbs. Or something like that is my guess. I didn't watch it either.
  7. You can read anything into what he says. That's the way he wants it.
  8. He's throwing every available option out there to not paint himself in a corner. He's not only keeping the fans guessing but every other team as well. This is a chess match man.
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