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  1. Why the hell isn't he the Panthers OC right now at minimum?
  2. The one thing we don't need is another teams rejected QB. How about we try drafting our own and pawning off our rejects on someone else for a change?
  3. Seriously though, if it does indeed happen it will be after Baker has a multiple pick game. That's rhules MO.
  4. Every team can play the "if" card. They can say that if we scored a TD on just half our redzone possessions instead of field goals we would be better. If that were to happen where would this team be? You can also say that "if" we had a better coach, qb, gm ,owner yada yada we would be unstoppable.
  5. Does it have to be at a game? If not then my answer is every time I show my ass in public.
  6. Maybe he shrunk? Whatever it is it's starting to look like that season was an anomaly.
  7. It's no longer might be he is. The way he's played he's playing like a number 2 wr.
  8. The defense won the game. We are in trouble if we get into a shootout.
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