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  1. Last I heard us fans don't have a vote. If I did I would cast my vote in favor of your suggestion. But at this point it's all entertainment for me.
  2. Interesting. If he still has an arm he could at least put Sam on the bench. Should make it tolerable for those of you that get triggered at the site of Darnold.
  3. I would venture to guess that pretty much everyone thinks this as well, including his mother. But until someone is signed to unseat him he is the starter. I'm desperately hoping Corral can do that by game one.
  4. Brady will not last long if he is not good at commentating. He will not last as long as Brees did. I certainly will be watching the games on mute.
  5. Start the qb that can beat our defense in practice. If they can't perform against our first team defense then it doesn't matter which one you throw out there. Opposing defenses will eat them alive.
  6. Don't hate the guy at all. But Jake was better and still is.
  7. He's still butthurt because a no name Cajun that played for the Panthers was a better qb than him and he knows it.
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