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  1. IDGAF what they do honestly. If they trade away the farm for Watson I sure hope it works out. I'm not sure how much longer my fanship can hold out if this blows up in their face. I'm about two more losing seasons away from giving up on football all together. They better get this right.
  2. FIRE HURNEY!!!!!!! Sorry, flashbacks. When you say torches and pitchforks I get tourette's.
  3. ...should be traded to WTF for their 1st. Marty work your magic and get your guy.
  4. There is no accounting for taste my friend. The concept was good but the execution failed. That's why it's called a Cheese steak sub everywhere else, so people aren't reminded of that abomination in Philly.
  5. Pretty much. It appears Tepper is giving Rhule a Mulligan on last seasons decisions. But now that he's hired him a GM that has to be better than Marty by default the training wheels are off.
  6. They can't even make their own cheese steak sandwich right. Cheese whiz, who the *** puts that sh*t on a sandwich.
  7. What's the downside to signing Dak if he's available? Might as well explore all options.
  8. We have needed safeties of some form or fashion ever since John Fox walked into the building. Hopefully Rhule puts a higher value on them.
  9. He just doesn't like Sunshine man. That's cool. I respect that. He's certainly a gamble even as talented as he is it's going to take more than just his abilities to prove he belongs in the league. I honestly watch very little college football and couldn't tell you anything about a single player in this draft. I've watched maybe two Clemson games only because that was what the local station chose to carry that particular Saturday. And honestly I wasn't really "watching" those games. I personally have no emotional stake in any player they draft. I enjoy watching these guys this
  10. It wasn't crazy went it went in bro. It was when she got her dragons back that sh*t got crazy. That's when I decided to cut her loose and head back north.
  11. My dumb ass managed to stumble upon two such women in my life. Yes, I married them both and they both ended the same horrible undignified way. It was worth every penny it cost me to get away from them. But it was a hell of a ride while it lasted.
  12. It has crossed my mind that with how hard they are going after a sure fire starting qb that the number pick would be on the table. But the cost would be mind boggling.
  13. The irony of the truth in that revelation and the current Panthers situation is not lost on me. But unlike my ex this leaves a sh*ty taste in my mouth.
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