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  1. Can they play oline? P. S. See if one can play qb also.
  2. Whoever it is I hope they have competition behind them. But they won't.
  3. I would say they are in the thick of things already. Where I'm from it's called deep sh#t.
  4. My money is on WFT. Unless Fitt and Rhule keep handing out contracts when they shouldn't. Rhule has a hand in 4 under 2 different GM's so there's a pattern forming.
  5. I'm going to laugh my ass off when the Panthers pass on a qb in the draft once again.
  6. Normally I would agree but we've seen the backups and, well...
  7. Let's hope our oline can block the run better than they do the pass. It will be an ugly game either way. The offense is FUBAR without CMC.
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