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  1. Extended Luvu and Brown. Trade or Franchise Tag Burns.
  2. When is Fitterer getting fired? This should have already happened. Tepper hasn't learned a damn thing.
  3. Double down. The heat he's taking over this is only adding fuel to the fire.
  4. I'm all out of positives and reasons to watch the impending implosion other than there's nothing else to do. It's FUBAR.
  5. Wilks plan was to hire Frank Reich as his OC. How has that worked out?
  6. I knew it was coming. Keep Pounding my friend.
  7. To be fair, I don't think anyone expected this. I sure as hell didn't. And I knew we were going to lose a lot of games. Just not the way they are losing games.
  8. What has anyone on the team shown? It's not just Young that's playing like ass.
  9. You have summed the situation up perfectly. You are not alone in feeling this way.
  10. I don't think we have a choice. It doesn't appear to be fixing itself anytime soon and bitching about it doesn't seem to help. It either gets better or it implodes from within. I'm watching either way because I love a good disaster movie.
  11. Giving up your best offensive weapons to trade for a qb was the mistake. If you're going to go all in for a rookie you better have plenty of help for him. The FO chose to keep an overrated defensive player that could have been a much better trade and let the rookie try to do it all. They do everything ass backwards.
  12. Tepper needs to kiss Kevin Colberts ass and do whatever he wants to get him in here asap. He should have done that as soon as Kevin was available.
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