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  1. Of course they do. There are only a hand full of elite QB's in the NFL at any given time and it hasn't deviated from that in my 50+ years of watching. Waiting on one to fall in your lap before you try to build a complete team is not an option. You have to build a complete team to be a consistent competitor. If not you get the Panthers you have always had.
  2. This day was inevitable. The post Cam era actually started in 2016. Ron and Marty made sure of that. This staff will not ruin a superstar QB the way Ron did. The good thing for us is that they are building this team to where they don't have to rely on one to compete. Unlike Ron and Co.
  3. Probably, Fitt was the right guy to compliment Rhule all along. I am leary of the Patriots guy as their draft's are mostly ass but so have the Seahawks been lately so who knows.
  4. Out with the old, in with the new. Should have happened last season.
  5. Of course he has to earn the job, no one is saying otherwise. I think most of us are willing to give the kid a chance before we condemn him to the trash heap. The kid has all the odds against him to make it in the NFL, similar to a QB we once had here. According to our head coach the cost to get him has already be recouped so he cost the team only his salary and time. I would love nothing more for this kid to beat the odds and silence his doubters when he becomes an all-pro. Will he? Only time will tell. Just like for any QB taken in this draft. Including Sunshine.
  6. According to Rhule Sam is getting a Mulligan for his time with the Jets. He basically wants Sam to forget everything he learned with the Jets. It a new dawn, it's a new day and it feels good.
  7. You are trying to fix stupid. You can't fix stupid.
  8. Nah, we are rolling with the young bucks. Old and overrated is not how we roll.
  9. According to him Teddy is going to be a star someday. I guess we are just going to miss out on his sure fire can't miss probowl QB. Why on earth he's still here is beyond me.
  10. He doesn't have to be elite, he just has to not be bad ( or timid like Teddy) or turn the ball over a lot which puts in a position to not be able to recover. He just has to be good enough to help us win. That's the bar set for him. Anything better is a bonus.
  11. A better one would be for him to pull out some paper bags and hand them out to their fans, after he autographs them of course.
  12. Talk to me after game 1. The final roster will tell us who we have to go to war with. Game 1 should give us an idea of how many battles they will win.
  13. He's already great depth and hasn't played his first game for us yet.
  14. They will run the ball a lot this season you can count on that. They would take some pressure off Sam early to ease him into a rhythm. Or they could come out slinging it all over the damn place and blow us all away. I'm betting it's the former.
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