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  1. I go from a vet to a rookie with just on click. I don't like this.
  2. Sounds like a perfect excuse to raise taxes to pay for one.
  3. It's about matchups. It will vary from game to game depending on the tackles they are facing. These guys really do not have a designated side on defense. The offensive lines are going to have to catch up on this an adapt. I think Rhule is attempting to does this but it's a gamble trying to find versatile tackles. Going from tackle to guard is relatively easy for someone at that level but switching sides for a tackle takes reps and a lot of them. It's not as easy as it sounds.
  4. A few probably are. But they usually don't last long in the league. Just like in any profession that pays that much there are always a few that create undeserved criticism for the majority. Money does strange things to people as well.
  5. I'm skeptical as well my fellow Panthers fan. But at least it will be something to tune in for. I seriously doubt it will be worse than last season. If it is, well I guess we will see who the next contestant is in the off-season. I honestly don't care who's throwing the damn ball at this point.
  6. Find out what that bear is up to. If you have time see if the team looks better than last season.
  7. I don't like this. Moton is a very smart man and a hell of asset to this team. I would hate to lose him over a couple million extra guaranteed money in the contract. Must be that or the length of the contract they are dickering over. I'm on Morons side of this if you can't tell.
  8. Cement it is probably too much to ask from this group. But one of them should at least hold it down until one who will can be found, surely?
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