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  1. Defensive Player of the Year odds

    So what are Hardy's odds when he signs with Carolina in June and breaks the NFL sack record in 4 games next year?
  2. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    Hide yo girlfriend, hide yo wife he cumming!
  3. Ron Rivera's office

    Here's Gettleman's office.
  4. Devon Johnson got a $20,000 signing bonus

    http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ILjwqVm0_Fg This highlight video made my day.
  5. Antonio Cromartie wants to come to Carolina

    Cromartie's problems always begin with coming where he shouldn't.
  6. A few photos and observations from Saturday

    So basically Byrd is guaranteed as the next Steve Smith.
  7. Jeremy Cash moved to LB

  8. Enter Sandland

    Better know Beau.
  9. First year DG didn't draft a RB

    Hopefully we'll get a Chubb in 2017.
  10. Madden 17 Cover Release

    I'm so furious that I just popped a boner.
  11. 2nd Wave Free Agency Starts May 12th

    Hopefully we bring back Hardy and sign Shawn Oakman, we can nickname them the assault and battery.
  12. 6 WR/TE numbers left

    And he scores more touchdowns and accumulates more yards than Steve Smith this year.
  13. Now imagine two of these guys next to eachother...

    If I remember correctly I think Butler played a high percentage of LA Tech's snaps so the guy definitely has stamina. I also remember KK played NT at Purdue and played like 86% of snaps while overweight, team wanted him that heavy, and got the reputation of taking plays off. Get a fresh Butler who's still got room to grow stronger coming in rotation and you'll see some guards getting Rekt every week with a combo of KK, Star, Soliai and Butler. Then throw in Ealy's development and an inspired CJ and may God have mercy of our opponents souls.
  14. Also they were one of five teams, including us, that worked him out.