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  1. Houston doesn't want the #8 pick. If we trade everything to move up to #3, What do we have left to trade Houston for Watson?
  2. Yahoo Sports: Texans don't want Teddy Bridgewater, complicating any potential Deshaun Watson trade
  3. Let's pretend for a second that common sense is at play here- We have to trade multiple picks and/or players to move up to number 3. Houston wants more than the #3 pick. But we already traded away our goods. Wat do?
  4. I do love the over-glorification, though. Read the article. Starting with the thread title- "Child injured by Britt Reid has permanent brain injuries" "Family says girl injured in Britt Reid crash has permanent brain injuries" "Tom Porto, the attorney speaking on behalf of 5-year-old Ariel Young’s family,-'She likely has permanent brain damage' " Which is it?
  5. Read these words. And again. I don't know why folks on here think that you can trade the future for one player.
  6. In reality, is Watson really that good? Are the Texans really that much worse a team than we are? If we trade away our best players and draft picks (which Houston did last year to appease Watson), we'll be in the same boat and Watson will be crying again next year.
  7. That OT goal was so pretty. You could almost hear the goalie saying "Ah, fuuu...".
  8. Seeing how stuff went down in Texas has led me to get a generator. No power in Sept. because of a storm is a nuisance, no power when it's below freezing could be deadly.
  9. This sounds like Houston trying to drive the price ( that nobody is willing to pay) up.
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