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  1. "Horrific injury". It was a concussion. He'll be back next week.
  2. Remember the old saying- "If 'ifs' and 'buts' were hookers and sluts, nobody would know what the internet was"
  3. Neal, Cross, Ekonwu. Bet NY wishes they had it to do over.
  4. McCall got a TFL, a sack, and a blocked fg in limited playing time.
  5. Let Marquan run the ball. There's nothing he can't do.
  6. Ever see those coaches who say things like "The problem starts with me" or "It starts at the top"?
  7. I think that dude needs to look up what RPO stands for.
  8. Panthers coaching staff- "Yellow is a pretty color. And so is blue. But polka dot is the best color."
  9. Gotta get them clicks somehow....
  10. Get a bottle of bourbon. Find a nice place to sit outside. Turn on Spotify.
  11. What QB would want to come here when you have a bunch of dickhead fans hoping we lose every game?
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