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  1. Standing on the sidelines, not paying attention to the game, pass was thrown to the sideline. 4Corners just showing his ass. You'd think he'd be happy that UNC didn't lose today.
  2. I was gonna sacrifice a Rubbermaid tub, but I saw a guy on youtube use an empty 5 gallon bucket. We have those at work. Couldn't find a lid, so I checked the construction dumpster. Some lady had ordered lobsters, so I got 2 of those big styrofoam cooler like Omaha Steak uses. Free and disposable, and I have one for next year. Got some glycerine to thicken the fog.
  3. Gotta say, except for that one derp goal in the first game, dude has done work. Side note, much, MUCH better defensemen this year.
  4. All this crap is Houston "leaking information" to try to drum up interest. And nobody is interested.
  5. Just to play into the ignorance- Watson doesn't need an Oline? Because in Houston, he cried about Oline help and they mortgaged the future to get Tunsil. Now he wants out, and Houston is screwed.
  6. Diving mouth first on PFF's crotch is a sure sign you've lost all reasoning.
  7. If not catching the ball because you might get hit applies to everyone, there's gonna be a delay of game penalty on every snap.
  8. So Moton gives up more hurries than Erving or Paradis, but gets graded higher?
  9. Anybody on the State line. Or Emeka Emezie. Or Bam Knight.
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