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  1. Yeah. I like Ned, but he was really just a good goalie. Nothing more.
  2. You expect a bunch of lesbians to concentrate when there's hot Swedish ass everywhere?
  3. I'm hoping he or his agent delivered an ultimatum and got booted. As I said earlier, Ned was a good goalie. Not a great goalie.
  4. All the mocks I saw had Gardiner or Bean. Glad we keep them.
  5. I went back and read some of the draft board threads. My cat licking his ass was just as accurate as all the "sources". We picked up Darnold's option. We arent't in the market. Cat's ass told me so.
  6. You mean like trading away future first rd picks to get him help, and then demanding a trade when he couldn't do any better? That's how Miami got all of Houston's draft picks, and they traded away their best WR for a mediocre RB. So if we trade away 3 1st rd picks, he will be demanding a trade before we get another one.
  7. What, exactly, has he done? And don't throw out stats, because Jameis had big numbers, too.
  8. Don't buy it. If we were in any way interested, we wouldn't have picked up Darnolds 5th year option.
  9. We've had mediocre goalies for so long that when we get a good one, we think he's a world-beater. Look at the Tampa games. Ned didn't lose those games, we just couldn't score against a great goalie.
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