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  1. When we got Arnold, I watched an ARI game on NFL network. He isn't flashy. But on 3rd and 8, he runs out 10 yards and makes the catch. This is a good thing.
  2. ...and Vegas has to play COL, who could actually pass them. And NASH knows they have to win to make sure they get in. Playoffs have already started.
  3. They also said that Mac Jones would be the pick.
  4. Rewound it and watched...When Necas scored the empty netter, the goalie was literally just stepping off the ice.
  5. Man, you can see the wind going out of those sails...
  6. That's pretty much it. They don't realize that we have a QB. "If he does well, we're gonna look like idiots!" Every team in the NFL passed on Tom Brady 5 times. No team except the Raiders had a shot at Jamarcus Russell.
  7. Gettleman "I'd rather have a dime than two nickels" Fitterer " ALL YOUR PENNIES ARE BELONG TO ME!!!"
  8. Take Cox and let Chinn play safety/rover.
  9. Think back a couple of years ago- we traded a 2nd and 3rd for a 2nd that sits on the bench. This year?
  10. We have the 4th pick tomorrow. Best remaining players
  11. The way tonight has gone? No, too early.
  12. Trying to figure what we started with and what we finished with. We had a 2nd, 3rd, and 5th, turned that into a 2nd, 2 3rds, a 4th, and a 5th. And a 4th next year. I think.
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