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  1. Shaqil915

    Riddle me this...

    That's offensive man... Captain Little Person
  2. Shaqil915

    I Think We Will See More of DJ Moore

    Hopefully with Tepper at the helm, Ron doesn't get a chance to be comfy again.
  3. PFF is so stupid, if this DJ Moore guy was actually any good, our coaches would surely be giving him play time.
  4. Member when we picked up a DT 1st round of a draft to provide depth and he couldn’t even manage to do that. I member.
  5. Fire RR or relegate him to d coordinator if he is willing. Install Thomas Davis as player-coach
  6. It’s almost as if the defense stopped giving a fug because the realization their HC is a mangina disguised as a hard nosed, tough guy, set in.
  7. Think that’s more likely it... I think the best part about the Moore TD yesterday is that it had more then just fans questioning his decision making.
  8. Shaqil915

    Can someone please explain...

    You mean the season where our coach was a completely different person and let our players do their thing?
  9. Shaqil915

    Can someone please explain...

    Excellent point, you've changed my mind. Super bowls are overrated anyways.
  10. Shaqil915

    Can someone please explain...

    That's not the point. Like I said, it's not about the loss. We're gonna stay contenders with prime Luke and Cam as long as they stay healthy. What I have an issue with is our HC being part of the problem, not the solution.
  11. Shaqil915

    Can someone please explain...

    He was running routes. Cam was even shown on the sidelines after talking to CMC about why he wasn't out there. What's the reason for CMC being our redzone back? Yep cuz Funchess and Smith are separation savants. Gee if only we had a defensive minded head coach... ...and that's the tragedy here. Yea, the guy in charge of the depth chart should probably re evaluate his spot.
  12. Shaqil915

    Can someone please explain...

    lol Just meant the team in general. Future HoF players leading on both sides of the ball. Gassing one out by relying too heavily on the defense, not taking full advantage of the other because he plays not to lose.
  13. Shaqil915

    Can someone please explain...

    I just want to know how many times Cam and Co. have to bail this guy out before everyone realizes, ""Hey, I think we might be better then just being happy to make the playoffs every year" This man is driving a Ferrari thinking its a Prius.
  14. Shaqil915

    We're good.

    I don't think our players are at all. If anything, I think they desperately want revenge for the 2015 season. Can't say the same for the coaching staff.