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  1. I don’t think he looked terrible, terrible was Baker in 22 with DJ and CmC where he got every other pass batted down. Or Darnold missing wide open receivers every game. For the most part I thought Bryce took advantage of what he was given, he didn’t go above in beyond like Cam did in some seasons but I’ve seen some bright spots.
  2. Bryce is gonna be fine. Anyone with half a brain knows last years was the worst situation for a rookie QB since David Carr. The fact that he didn’t throw 20+ ints is a miracle
  3. I have different opinion on what is a big time throw. Some of those CJ throws the receiver is running wide open, one of them he completely under throws.
  4. Are they doing away with every team getting a Thursday night game?
  5. I’m pretty sure we have one of the most expensive lines in the league.
  6. I can’t believe Troy Franklin hasn’t been drafted. I guess his lack of physicality is really turning teams off
  7. Just how much Miami has fallen, that’s the first Hurricane drafted.
  8. Excuse for what? I think most fans expect Bryce to take a big step this year, but we still have a bottom 10 roster in terms of talent.
  9. Idc about day 3 picks being traded, anything after the third round is a crapshoot. I wanted a WR but we did need a RB
  10. He scares me as a late bloomer, but we need all the help we can get. If he can develop his route running he could be a legit X receiver. I still want to double dip
  11. wtf did we trade? It better not be any pick in the first 3 rounds
  12. I’m all for double dipping at WR with our 2 first pick. Our offense needs to be the main priority this draft.
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