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  1. Ridiculous article, almost every QB is having a career year in 2021 according to bleacherreport.
  2. Most of those Ohio State QBs weren’t even drafted, USC has legit bust like Sanchez Leinart and Darnold.
  3. I don’t even know Darnold to hate him lol. I just know he’s a bad QB and not the future. Ginn wasn't there Cam’s rookie year, Hixon and Lafell lol, your gonna snap something receiving that hard. A RB getting dump offs has nothing to do with the play call, it’s not Bell or Gase’s fault Darnold can’t read the field. Also weren’t people on this forum blaming Cam for Mccaffrey lack of production. Using wins now? Have you seen his record? its horrific. The only two games the jets win last year were vs a browns team with no WR due to COVID and rams team that Goff
  4. The coaches got fired cause they had a shitty QB, Rivera would have been fired early on if he started his career with Darnold, that’s just how things work. Flacco is washed up with no future there’s zero incentives to keep playing him, that doesn't take away from the fact he played better than Darnold. Most receiving backs gets there yards from dump offs and screens........ lol Funny thing you have to use one year in which the receivers you named weren’t even starting to find a panthers WR core better than the one Darnold had last year, that just goes to show how weak you
  5. I was exaggerating but I would take Crowder, Perriman and Mims over Funchess, Wright and Smith, I would take those 3 over the majority of the trios we have had over the last decade. So the whole Sam had no weapons doesn’t hold up when other QBs are have less weapons. Oh and nice job avoiding the Bell receiving back comment Except Bowles wasn't coaching him up he had an oc and QB coach for that. Again Fitzpatrick had career highs with Bowles, what’s the excuse there? The amount of jumping through hoops to make excuses for a bad QB is hilarious. I can use your argument fo
  6. That cause a young QB will always get more shots than a coach, a SB winning coach at that. Moore has 800 yards cause he’s better than any WR on the jets, no one is saying other wise. Moore also played with better QBs. We’ve already seen Anderson, Crowder, Perriman produce with better QBs.
  7. Bowles was better coach than Darnold was a QB, he can’t be all that bad he went 10-6 with Fitzpatrick. Go look up Moore started games in 2018 you can clearly see he wasn’t a day 1 starter, matter of fact they were making threads about it on this forum. Same goes for Samuel who was on really limited snaps until Allen became the QB. The thing is that Flacco is washed and the fact that a washed up vet with no future starting was better than Darnold is telling.
  8. Bell had over 600 receiving yards and 100 targets, how is he not a receiving back? Perriman only started 4 games in Tampa opposed to 12 in NY he had over 600 yards. Flacco literally beats Darnold in almost every stat per game you do know that right? the two wins Darnold got was cause the defense held the opposing team to 20 or under and forced multiple turnovers. Jets won those two games in spite of Darnold. Lol Olsen was literally on his last leg and Samuel and Moore were not starting until Cam got hurt. The three starters were Torrey Smith, Funchess and Wright. I would take
  9. Bell is a receiving back that correlates with the QB. Do you realize the jets offense played better with a washed up Flacco? Perriman, Mims and Crowder would have been the best WR core Cam has ever had. That is not a terrible trio like the narrative you and every apologist is trying to paint. People like to crap on Teddy but he at least knew how to use Robby.
  10. Anderson was good in NY before Darnold arrived, Crowder was coming off a career year, Mims showed a lot of potential when Flacco played. Darnold was holding those guys back for the most part. If Flacco played all of last season the jets offense would have been much better.
  11. They are really pushing the Darnold victim storyline lol. The jets actually had some decent weapons in Bell, Crowder, Robby, Mims. All which got worse with Darnold.
  12. Reminds me of the way they talked about Ian Thomas
  13. He’s a good receivers surprised he lasted that long.
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