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  1. Defensive rankings don’t matter when your team is that much superior. Notre Dame had a top 10 defense before facing Clemson and Alabama And that big 10 defenses are skewed cause their offenses are that bad. Ohio State average gap in schedule was over 200 points, by far the biggest.
  2. I was responding to the poster who said theirs nothing as athletes Lance does better than Fields. Field faced an extremely easy schedule. Biggest gap in talent among the QBs playing in FBS check for yourself. OSU has more 4 and 5 stars than the entire big 10 COMBINED. Theirs a reason every QB that plays there puts up monster numbers https://247sports.com/Season/2020-Football/CollegeTeamTalentComposite/?Conference=Big-Ten
  3. He had 42 TD the year before..... The film does, Field running ability isn’t as good as people are saying.
  4. Better arm, better athlete, better throwing motion, played in a conventional offense.
  5. I’m still holding out hope we draft him if he falls. The fact we’ve been in on every QB this offseason from Trubisky to Haskins makes me think Darnold was plan F and we still might draft a QB early.
  6. I want good film. I don’t care for empty stats like Matt Ryan
  7. Said Teddy was awesome last year lol. Also made this video I predict by this time next year he will make another video of another QB
  8. How are guys drafted in the 9th round considered bust? Out of all the guys you named the only guy that was called a bust was Young and maybe Plunkett.
  9. You know your making his point for him. Your naming guys who played when the majority of today’s players weren’t even alive. Most of the guys you named wouldn’t fit OP criteria. Unitas was like 9th round pick or something like that, Warner wasn’t even drafted. Your just naming names at this point.
  10. The only one is Steve Young the rest of the QBs everyone is naming were mid round picks or had success on their previous teams. So more than likely Darnold continues to suck
  11. You keep avoiding the subject, I wonder why lmao Again specifically 2. try again
  12. No it does a couple can mean 2 or 4. I said specifically 2, which you couldn’t find again where you a Clausen believer after year 1?
  13. Nah I want a legit franchise QB, no such thing as perfect. But the years of team wasting time on game managers like Delhomme are long gone. Just look at Goff and Jimmy G, I mean look at Teddy.
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