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  1. Carr would have us in purgatory, he’s not a legit franchise QB. I would rather roll with Corral
  2. I’m not talking about strictly measurable I’m talking about the on field product.
  3. I think highly of Lamar but his price would sink us. Too much money, too much picks
  4. I mean Urban, Day and Tressell all notoriously run super QB friendly systems that have not translated into the pros. Outside of Conor Cook and Russell Wilson a OSU QB has won The Greise-Brees award in the last 13 years, and before that Pryor was making all big 10. What was the last time a OSU QBs struggled?
  5. It has worked out well for every OSU QB in college.
  6. Both played in gimmick offenses. I just read a stat Stroud threw it to his first read more than any QB in the nation
  7. The problem with the officiating in the game was that it all went one way. The chiefs held multiple times, it’s wasn’t called. Burrow got hit late and it wasn’t called, Chase got interfered with and it wasn’t called. Meanwhile the chiefs were getting everything
  8. I know Colts fans came to dread Reich but I think he’s a good coach.
  9. He’s improved a ton as a passer, I still don’t think he’s the type of QB that can carry a bad team
  10. Mahomes is insane and that last play was an Andy Reid special
  11. Injury didn’t ruin his career, he just wasn’t very good. And It seems like Lamar is at odds with the team. They haven’t said anything about him having a grade 3 mcl
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