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  1. I’ve been listening to many draft experts and many think of it wasn’t for Trevor, Wilson would be the clear cut number 1 pick. He’s the closest prospect I’ve seen that resembles Aaron Rodgers.
  2. He reminds me of the stereotypical High school coach
  3. It was clear back in early December both Tepper and Rhule want a new QB
  4. The definition of empty stats QB Stafford is the type of QB that plays terrible against a playoff caliber team, then the following week against a bottom of the barrel team goes for for 350 yards and 4 TD. And how often does a QB switching teams in their 30s actually ends up working out? very rare
  5. I agree with OP Watson will cost too much. And Stafford is Matt Ryan with a stronger arm, a bunch of empty stats (Pad Statord). I would rather build around a rookie QB like Wilson or Lance
  6. Gates hasn’t made a pro bowl since 2011, he was constantly dealing with nagging injuries the later half of his career. Allen missed two season to torn acl. From 2011 to 2017 no team over that period had more players on IR. The chargers are cursed and the only player that was there the whole time was Rivers. There was one year where Rivers lost his number 1, 2 and 3 WR in the first four weeks of the season. And then you have to remember the chargers never had a home field advantage, there the only team were the opposing team fans would outnumber the home team const
  7. Who was Rivers best WR? Vincent Jackson? He would be Ben’s 4th best WR The pass blocking wise Ben had the edge. RB I guess you can give it to Rivers he had LT for 3 seasons. And coaching is not even close.
  8. Rivers was more consistent then Ben with an inferiors supporting cast. Rivers was only behind Peyton when it came to on field duties, he was basically the OV in SD for a large chunk
  9. Not buying the Sunday ticket if we don’t draft a QB in the first
  10. Rivers>>>>>>Ben and Eli The Chargers are a terribly ran franchise and would have been the Browns west of it wasn’t for Rivers all those years
  11. Lol if you think Brees was the catalyst of the saints all those seasons. Theirs a reason they are 10-2 when Brees misses game and have a losing record when Payton got suspended.
  12. He’s better redzone option than Brees at this point
  13. Who says I’m not? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand football. Again go read my original post, idc about their grades, who is graded higher than who, I have film saying Moore is just as good as Adams you have no film saying the opposite. Like I said you and me can go clip for clip instead using grades which is a more sensible way of determine who is better. Also it’s not about grading better it’s the fact that Brown played better than Adams, no if, ands or buts about it. The film doesn’t lie
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