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  1. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic Panthers - Jaguars - What Jaguar Fans Are Saying   

    I said it there, I'll say it here.   If they score first and keep it close.  They could win.   If we get ahead by 10-14 points. Game Over.  Our defense will cause them to make mistakes and this will get out of hand.  What I didn't say.   If this happens.  Carolina is going to Blow them out. 
    Go Panther
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  2. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic Panthers - Jaguars - What Jaguar Fans Are Saying   

    Along with his expert analysis I am totally convinced we are going to get manhandled.
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  3. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic Panthers - Jaguars - What Jaguar Fans Are Saying   

    This guy babbles like he knows what he is talking about and then uses pre-season stats to justify his conclusions and in the same sentence says their run stats are false in the PS.  Weak against the run. hahahaha.  Good luck with that
    The first week of regular season
    Carolina Panthers vs Jacksonville Jaguars
    Sunday, Sept 13th at 1pm EST
    (PreSeason stats 2015)
    Total Offense Ranking
    Jaguars 15th, 4th in Pass, 30th in the Run game
    Panthers 13th, 9th in Pass, 20th in the Run game
    Total Defense Ranking
    Jaguars 26th, 25th against the Pass, 9th against the Run
    Panthers 25th, 17th against the Pass, 30th against the Run
    Panthers Offensive players
    LWR Corey Brown
    RWR Ted Ginn
    TE Greg Olson *
    LT Oher - Blindside kid
    LG Norwell
    C Kalil
    RG Turner
    RT Remmers
    QB Cam Newton
    RB Stewart, Fozzy bear, Toddman*
    FB Mike Tolbert *
        The Jaguars have a better Run Defense than the PreSeason stats would show with the starters in, but the Panthers will come out with a balanced attack consisting mainly of passes towards the 2nd half as they will exploit the Jags DBs
    The Jaguars have a better Run game than the stats would appear, especially if Corey Grant is able to play and we will see how OC Greg Olson game plays for the Panthers Defense whom is weak against the run.  This will be important thing to watch because if the Jaguars cant run against the Panthers (a weaker Run D) and with the Jaguars wanting to Run more this season it can show the success this offense will have.
    I expect the Jaguars win by 20 points!
    Go back to your swimming pool and leave football to the professionals.
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  4. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic Final Panthers Cuts   

    Wegher performed as well or better in every week of preseason.  When Stewart got barely a yard a carry last week. Weghers bagged 3+ YPC   You play when you are told to play. 
    Maybe they didn't play him with the first to keep him hungry but IMO cutting him before Fozzy is wrong.   If you are going to keep the best 53 than keep the best 53.  If Wegher is 54 then so be it.  IMO he is top 53.
    I don't care if he was the last UDFA to sign with a team this off-season.  He is a gem and we are going to find out one way or another.  Hopefully, DG would prefer it in a Panther Uniform.
    I have been pulling for him from day one.  Will I implode if he doesn't make it.  NOPE but when he becomes a stud with another team.  I will, along with many others on this forum, say I told you so.
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  5. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic REGULAR SEASON HYPE THREAD!!!   

    This is going to be a very special year.  Especially our defense.  This defense is built to defend the high powered offenses the NFL has.   I see us dominating on defense the whole year. 
    Once the offense steps up and gets clicking we are going to be tough to defeat.
    The franchise that seems to be tied to our ass is first game up.  We need to beat them down quickly and show the brother franchise that we are the better of the two.
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  6. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic My final 53 man roster projection   

    You're going to cut Brown and think someone who couldn't make another teams 53 is going to be better?
    Really?  He might be on Par with Brown I doubt better. 
    You guys are way to easy to sway.  Guy has couple rough weeks and you are ready to cut the cord.
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  7. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic J.Jones: Four players are on the roster bubble, need to play well   

    You have never heard me mention or imply he has a "long storied career"
    The guy has been productive and will be again.  Two lousy weeks doesn't ruin the whole body of work. He has work on so much of his game and a couple of bad preseason games shouldn't change that.  To think that he will be cut based on those two scrimmage games is about a far off base as you implying "some of us act like this is a blip on the radar in his long storied career"
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  8. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic J.Jones: Four players are on the roster bubble, need to play well   

    Brown isn't going anywhere.  Those that think so really need to get a grip.  The guy is in a slump and will come out of it and have a great year. 
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  9. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic With the 1st pick in the 2021 draft the Carolina Panthers select C. Newton   

    He's only a Junior.  Good chance he still has a couple more inches to grow.     I know for a fact it can happen.  I was 4'11" when I started my junior year (many moons ago) and graduated at 6' and grew to 6'1".  13 inches in 21 months.
    Unless you're a super stud they don't start looking until you start your Junior year.  
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  10. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic Over / Under 800 yards Receiving for Ted Ginn this year   

    Most importantly he has chemistry with Cam.  Unlike 2013 he didn't seem to get it till the end of the season and still had a pretty good year.
    I say over.
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  11. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic Phil Taylor good sirs?   

    Thank god they are releasing a starting DT.   Has anyone asked why this guy is getting cut?  Is Cleveland so loaded with DTs that they are releasing a solid DT?
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  12. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic We Absolutely Have To Stop Over Hyping UDFA's   

    Now go back and tell me how many of those drafted are still on the team as compared to the one we drafted.  I would bet the number of drafted players remaining is different for us.   2011 would kill us but 2012 and on.  Pretty solid.
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  13. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic How Elite is this defense going to be?   

    THIS^^^ So much doubt drives me crazy.  Ealy looks to be one stepping up to take the DE position opposite of CJ.  Shaq looks to be a MAJOR upgrade on a stout LB corps.  Tillman, Norman and Benewikere are going to be awesome.  I see Harper having a great season because he'll have great talent in front of him.  The Coleman addition is the spunk that made us awesome in 2013. 
     I see us with a better defense than we had in 2013.   Sure if injuries hit us that could all go down the tubes but that is with any defense.
    I think this defense could be one of the best ever during this era of football.  Will they top the best scoring defense ever, probably not but in this era they might. 
    I believe Rivera and Gettleman have built a defense to defend the high flying offenses of the NFL.  I don't think the butt whooping we put on N.O. and Atlanta was a fluke last year.  If this defense plays up to their abilities and plays as a unit.  This is going to be a special year.  
    As far as the naysayers.   They are the same ones that think we'll go 9-7 or 8-8 every year.  
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  14. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic We Absolutely Have To Stop Over Hyping UDFA's   

    I always pick a UDFA that Gettleman brings in and hop on his bandwagon.  Gaydosh and Brown being the 1st two season to be players to make it that I pulled for.
    Wegher is this years hopeful and based on his production early I still think he has a chance. Maybe a special teams ace and spot carries here and there.  I hardly think believing he has a legitimate shot at making the team is over hyping him.  You have never heard me say he was starting material (at least not now), You have never heard me claim to dump every vet we got and make him number 2.  I think he is as good as any of our backup running backs and could still make this team.
    What I think we need is stop making a big deal about fans being fans and hoping our team is best top to bottom regardless of how we obtain those players.
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  15. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic How Elite is this defense going to be?   

    We have arguably the best DL in the league
    We have arguably the best LB Corps in the League (Lead by arguably the best defensive player in the game)
    Our secondary is much improved and I see Tillman being the ring leader of very cocky secondary. We have a great nickel who could be starting in Benewikere.
    Our offense will feed off of great field position and get into a groove.
    Don't give me that GD Brady is having personal issues.  He's the starting QB for the reigning SB champs.  He has been running Billicheats offense for many years.  I think he should be able to do this in his sleep.  Give the defense credit instead of making excuses for the biggest baby in the NFL.
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