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  1. Gettleman's next find

     Mitchell was his first.....I loved his style of play.  I have no doubt he'll find one.   It is how you build a winning roster.  First round picks are probably the easier.  It is the latter rounds and UDFAs and dollar store FA that make the biggest difference.
  2. Gettleman's next find

    Ginn, Coleman, Mitchell are players he has brought in and they had successful seasons. I don't follow other teams rosters but some of you do.   Who is that player buried on a teams depth chart that would fit the Panthers?  The Dollar Store Dave Bargain that pays big dividends.  
  3. Archie Manning Defends Cam

    Like Rivera says....everyone wants to win.... I want those guys that hate to lose.   I can't stand it and I was never a professional athlete I can only imagine all the work they put in and get to the top only to lose.
  4. New Punter

    Nortman's job to lose not to say he won't.  All jobs with exception of a few are up for grabs.
  5. New Punter

    Nothing more than compeititon
  6. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    Forcefully agreed.  Please don't make it sound as if that was HIS CHOICE, it wasn't.  They should have let him play until his court date.  I find it ironic that it was moved to after the season. While I agree DV is not something anyone can condone.  It wasn't an Angel that instigated the confrontation.  Nitpicking on the sideline antics.  I believe no one on Dallas made a deal about it.  Only the uninformed.  
  7. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    Where did you get this?  Hardy wanted to play.  It wasn't him.  It was fugging Goodell and his voluntary list.  They took a full season and punished him and Carolina.  While I agree we won't bring him back.  Personally I wouldn't mind.  Those of us were all supportive of him when he was here.  I always find it funny that the mystery video surfaces right about the time he is ready to get back on the field.  Kraken was a good egg for us.  He got caught up in something stupid but nothing since then, at least to my knowledge. We have given Frank Alexander, a player with 1/4 the talent of Kraken, two or three chances. At the right price..... I would take him back and wouldn't blink an eye about him being a distraction in the locker room. But I am not in charge therefore it probably won't happen.
  8. 2016 Top NFL free agents - running backs

    This is the type of stuff Dave Gettleman and staff look at.  Guys that will fit our scheme.  They find us guys that may not be super productive at their last stop but have that type of play that will help our unique system.
  9. What might a Charles Johnson extension look like?

    We got more production from the part time players than we got from him.   I don't think we miss a beat without him. Great player for us.  This is business. Time to cut the cord.
  10. Getting Benji Back

    I am in agreement here.  That was a freak accident and he'll be find.  You can pretty much count that he is going to demand double coverage and with Ginn and or Brown and or Funchess.  Going to be a nightmare for defenses.  We'll solidify the line and be ready to rock by the season opener.
  11. Getting Benji Back

    KB, Ginn, Funchess and Brown, why would we want to add another WR so high in the draft?  The way DG approaches the draft I could see it if he was BPA but IMO there will be a better value than WR. I wish I could find the article where R. Proehl was discussing Hill and said he had made great strides from his first year and heading into TC before he got hurt.  IF the article was correct than Hill would make #5 and a draftee would only end up taking a roster spot so we didn't lose him.
  12. Harper and Cotchery already gone?

    I mentioned this earlier but I recall reading about how Hill was making great strides and had a promising training camp until he went down for the year.  It will be interesting to see if he can actually contribute in 2016.  Norwood was a waste of a trade.
  13. Videos of Ron & Dave G post-season press conferences

    I loved the part where the didn't want players that wanted to win.  They wanted players that hate to lose. Everybody wants to win but the guys that hate to lose are the ones you want.  You want guys who are going to make the bus late for the flight home. That is Cam.  I was angry when we lost and I didn't even play.  I hate to lose too.  I can only imagine being that close to the championship and miss it.  Worse than that get pulverized for 60 minutes.   Giving everything you have and still coming up short.  Worse than that is to answer a bunch of stupid fuging questions from a writer that is just waiting for that perfect comment to jettison his career to the top.    To force any losing QB into the spotlight before he is mentally ready is wrong.  Keep that edge Cam....I hope you never lose again but as long as it tears at your soul you will be one of the GOAT.    
  14. Who Should Go or not resign

    Don't think anyone is making wholesale changes but as every season you try to get better.  Johnson and Stewart have both been on borrowed time due to their huge contracts.  Allen didn't really show that much and the other players mentioned are either getting old or coming back from injury. The new season starts in one month from today.  Hardly think it isn't time to start thinking about the future. The old saying goes if you aren't getting better you're getting worse. We can get better.  Who whom remains to be seen.  I could be happy with all four of the ones I mentioned coming back but be 100% sure.  This roster will not be the same in 2016.
  15. Walter Football's 2016 Power Rankings

    Can't argue with it too much.