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  1. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic 42 players remain from last years opening day roster.(T.C primer)   

    Nice write up.
    Seem a lot of people think Cotchery is odds on favorite for this spot because he is a veteran.  On a team without Ricky Proehl as coach, I might agree.   With him, Cotchery is expendable.  Bersin has been with this team for four years.  He has grown as a receiver and I like his chances the most.  Hill has improved but not nearly enough and Boykins has been a disappointment too this point.
    Starting LG on day one of TC should be Norwell.  If Amini is placed in front of Norwell than we might as well bring Freaking Bell back too.   Insane to think Amini is better than Norwell.  Norwell brings a nastiness Amini doesn't
    Starting RT should be Remmers at least to start.  I find this position more open than LT.  Remmers did a great job and deserves the nod at at #1 Team RT.  I am all for someone beating him out.  But, day one.  He is first team.
    Starting RDE  I think Alexander will emerge as the other RDE but Ealy came on strong last year and could push Alexander.   Worse case scenario we do RDE by committee.
    Corners.  Agree on Norman, of course.  I could also see Benewikere taking the other corner and bring in Tillman to play corner and Bene drops into the Nickel spot.  I think it is a mistake not to have Benewikere on the field as much as possible.
    Safety - Harper has some limitations but he is very knowledgeable on the back end and I am not sure anyone behind him is tha much better.   We'll see.
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  2. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic Luke Kuechly, #14 in the NFL Top 100   

    His talent level is off the charts.  Throw in his football IQ now you understand why he is where he is at. 
    A great MLB sees everything.   "Run or Play Action they brought a fast guy in"  He probably was right. 
    He gets people in the right mind set before the snap.
    Glad he is a Panther.
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