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  1. LOL @ Friday Morning Coverage

    Except that taunting call on Norman at the end of the Game.  I think they threw it because Dez had a tear in his eye and Norman was agitating him.  
  2. Ginn, Oher and Coleman

    RIGHT.... I like Tillman.   A tad worried he is breaking down a bit but love him on this team too.
  3. If the Cats and the Pats were to make it.  18-0 each.  Someone is going to come out of this game as the greatest single season team EVER.   The hype and the marketing alone will explode to dimensions we have never seen.  Of course it would be the biggest sporting event ticket in the History of professional sports.  The Super Bowl is one of the most watched events in the world anyhow. Two undefeated team....wow oh wow.
  4. Ginn, Oher and Coleman

    Ginn will finish his career as a Panther (or as long as we want him) I also think those signings had more to do with managing the cap than wanting to keep them but you may be right. Oher and Coleman have a good chance to stay and play.  The whole idea of this post was to point out these guys are well traveled but they flourish on this team because they fit how we play offense and defense.
  5. Ginn, Oher and Coleman

    I must have a unique ability to enjoy this season AND see (as TIMBUK3 would say)  The futures so bright, I gotta wear shades.  Open your mind....it is fun to do both.
  6. Ginn, Oher and Coleman

    Gettleman gets such great props for bringing these guys in.  His free agent signings are making us a championship team.  Both FA and UDFA. If we remember we signed these three top free agents within about 10 days or so. back in early March Oher on 6th, Ginn 9th and Coleman 16th.   Obviously we had our eyes on these specific free agents because they fit our mold. Oher was washed up, Ginn flopped on his free agent trot in Arizona. Coleman played with McDermott in Philly and did well.  Off to KC (I believe) and nothing  Now back with McDermott.  John Matsko I have no doubt he insisted on Oher.  IMO we signed him way too fast to be just an option.  We wanted him and they were CERTAIN he was going return to the first round talent that he was.  IMO he has.  Ginn basically came back to Carolina to PLAY not just return kicks.  He is such a good weapon because his speed kills.  Coleman was a player I didn't really know much about but McDermott remembered him.  Many said he would be close to Mitchell but IMO he is better. These players fit.  Hopefully, they realize that they flourish in our system and not somewhere else.   Contracts isn't my bag with players but I believe we have all three through next year.   Once again, hopefully they want to hang around a little longer and make this team a dynasty.    Star, Short, KB and other young guys could play on another teams but it is these gems that fit our style and hopefully they realize it. These are the guys that make this team nasty and deep.  
  7. Before we get all happy

    Colin Jones is a good player and a very vital part of our team.  He isn't the number #1 nickel corner.   Yeah he got burned a couple times but he also was in on some pretty good plays as well. Would you rather have someone else filling in?
  8. Skip Bayless

    He is a devote Cowboy fan and I admire his fortitude that his team would win However, when you are on national TV and predict that a 10-0 team is going to lose because that the Savior Romo is back is moronic and he deserves all the ridicule we can give him.
  9. Props to Oher

    There should have been a lot of Crow on the thanksgiving menu for about half this forum.  Many thought Oher was a washed-up unreliable football player that was only going to make us marginally better than last year with Bell. Oher has been solid.  Solid enough that making LT a first round priority in the 2016 draft unnecessary.  DG will have time to find a talented Tackle who can be groomed into replacing Oher.  
  10. Thomas Davis With An 11-0 Shoutout

    hahahahahaha.... Kalil didn't say a word and he was the funniest of all of them.
  11. Romo discusses playing against Luke

    I don't feel sorry for the Cowboys but other than the fact that Romo plays for the Cowboys I like him and I NEVER want to see someone go out with an injury. Get Well Tony, see ya next season. Go Panthers
  12. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Cam's gotta rub it in.
  13. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    I still didn't see what Norman did other than piss ole Dez off.  That's just a ref call to help the boys get in the end zone.
  14. I'm in Thailand. HELP

    Did you get a chance to see the gam.  Hope so.  Good Old Panther ass whooping