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  1. Hometown Ross Cockrell is a definite possibility.
  2. My faves.... Good: Fleecing the Bears to get Greg Olsen for a 3rd round pick. Drafting Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly in back to back drafts. Pretty much every 1st round pick Hurney has made has been money. Even Jeff Otah seemed promising at first until injuries and apathy derailed his career. Bad: Hurney was so excited when he drafted Jimmy Clausen in the 2nd round of 2010, his hands were shaking. Rumor is Hurney almost traded away 2011's first round pick to trade up to get Clausen. Thank god he didn't, because who knows where the Panthers would be without Cam. Trading away the 2010 first round pick to draft Everette Brown in the 2nd round in 2009, who was a borderline NFL prospect at best. The 2009 draft was an epic poo show for the Panthers. Trading away a 2nd round pick in 2011 to draft local favorite Armanti Edwards, who was also a borderline NFL prospect. He was as slow as an offensive lineman. Take away Cam Newton, the 2011 draft was one of the worst in Panthers history. --------- Basically if Hurney stops re-signing players to massive contracts, and making bonehead trades in the draft and crippling the team leaving them without a 1st round pick for two consecutive years, the team *might* be okay.
  3. It's totally possible Richardson is setting up a puppet owner behind the scenes so he can keep pulling the strings.
  4. Panthers can’t afford Norwell. I’d rather them bolster the roster elsewhere. Moton seems intelligent and has the physical makeup to be a solid player anywhere on the OL
  5. Since the Panthers were founded, training camp has been held at founder Jerry Richardson's alma mater, Wofford. Is it safe to assume training camp would move under new ownership or would they keep the tradition alive?
  6. Potential Steal Alert

    Yea but through the draft? Outside of the class of 2014, Rookie WRs rarely contribute. I’m all about some vet WR additions.
  7. Potential Steal Alert

    I think the panthers supposed need to draft a wr is a bit overblown. Curtis Samuel barely played last year. Damiere Byrd came on late last season before getting injured. Kaelin Clay has his moments. The panthers aren’t lacking young talent at WR. What they need is s big bodied vet WR to backup Funchess and a cheap speedster vet like Ted Ginn. Panthers need to get younger at DE and find a replacement for Kalil and Stewart in the draft. Honestly drafting a WR this year would be a waste in my opinion with bigger needs on the horizon.
  8. 30 For 30... Two Bills

    Do you mean the one about parcells and Belichick or the Buffalo Bills?
  9. The Panthers shouldn't completely turn their back on their founder. Richardson did a lot of good for the city of Charlotte and the Carolinas. But I think a statue is inappropriate. The team itself is his legacy, he doesn't need a statue.
  10. Can’t really say how the team will do before the draft and free agency, but unless the team is able to keep some key free agents and add some younger talent to the roster, this squad is taking a step back in 2018
  11. The only difference between Fox and Rivera is Rivera doesn't hate using TE's as receivers.