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  1. Playoff Machine

    I played with it a bit.  All I've seen is how Seattle is on a collision course to play us in the 2nd round of the playoffs over and over.  They are likely ending up a wildcard team.  If they're the #6 team and they win, regardless of what else happens they play the Panthers in round 2.  If they're the #5 seed we'd have to hope the #6 team wins their game as well to avoid them (Likely either Green Bay or Minnesota - so it's possible).   Panthers fans should be watching the Seattle @ Minnesota matchup this week...
  2. I know it's not current Panthers news but it's funny nonetheless and features a fan favorite in Jake Delhomme.   http://prod.video.texans.clubs.nfl.com/HOU/videos/dct/video_audio/2011/12-December/On_the_Nose_Kickin_it_Old_School_12_19_11_REVISED.mp4
  3. With Norman and Finnegan, the Panthers are #1 in trash talking DBs.
  4. They have the best vertical passing game in the NFL, and a decent running game.  Their defense is BAD.
  5. Is this the best regular season week ever?

    Pretty close, I'm not complaining.  All the NFC South teams lost, Panthers won, Patriots no longer undefeated, my big money fantasy team clinched a playoff berth.  Ride that wave boys.
  6. Week 13 Power Rankings...prepare for it

    Worst undefeated team in the history of all sports teams that have ever existed in any sport EVER.  Burn down the stadium, erase any record that there was ever a team called the Carolina Panthers.
  7. No no no you're doing this wrong.  All those teams were playing poorly when they played the Panthers.  We got lucky.  We secretly suck.  All the haters are right.
  8. It's officially hate week again...

    Honestly I expect this one to be closer than most people think.  Not because I think the Saints are a particularly good team - far from it.  But because the Saints KNOW the Panthers well.  Division games are always the toughest, and the Saints almost beat the Panthers with their backup QB playing.  Hell the Saints might want to trot him out next week there because Brees looked terrible today.  Commercial might have had some unintended real life wisdom. Saints will be pumped up for this one, but I just don't think they have the talent or the coaching to win. Panthers 30 Saints 21
  9. Jimmy Graham torn patellar tendon

    Huge blow for them.  Massive gain for the NFC
  10. Could we lose Shula and McDermott?

    Yea it's starting to seem pretty likely we'll lose at least McDermott.  He's already interviewed for head coaching positions the past couple seasons.  Only way I see him staying is if we DON'T win the Superbowl and he intentionally decides to stay to take a crack at it next year.  Shula, who the hell knows.  He might get another chance to be a HC in college, but it seems like being out of a spotlight has been good for him.   Panthers like to promote from within so I'd assume Steve Wilks would get promoted to DC if McDermott goes.  On offense I have no idea.  Seems like Dorsey doesn't have enough experience, maybe we'd hire from the outside? .
  11. Nfl.com Panther's should fear Bucs

    Not yet, but maybe in a couple years
  12. Would NFCC game still be enough for you?!

    I just pooped inside of a walnut shell
  13. Is it still unbelievable to anyone else?

    Honestly from the very first game Cam started against Arizona, I knew he would win us a Superbowl.  This doesn't surprise me at all.  The potential has always been there.  Even in his first two seasons he had the Panthers in most games until the very end, we just didn't have that killer instinct yet.  Now we're seeing the results of a mature Cam Newton backed by an insane defense, and the league is just watching us pissing their pants a little.
  14. hey guys what was the best thing you ate on thanksgiving?  I had some bomb scalloped potatoes but to be COMPLETELY honest I think the best was the honey ham.