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  1. The Saints always seem start slow, and nothing would please Panthers fans more than seeing the Saints lose to the Bucs and Browns to start the season. Oh lord, if you're there, please make it so!
  2. We got mothers problems week 1

    Dak isn't that good. He's like Tyrod Taylor and Andy Dalton rolled into one. If you can shut down Elliott, or at least limit the damage from him, the Cowboys are very beatable. But Week 1 will say a lot about how the season is going to go. Lose to the Cowboys opening week at home, it might be a long season.
  3. Gotta take care of business at home or it’s going to be a long season
  4. Early bye week.

    Do they do Week 4 byes? I thought they started Week 5?
  5. Washington opening week is a loose rumor, came from an unverified source. I saw some rumblings on Twitter about the panthers playing the lions on thanksgiving
  6. 2014 was WAY worse until they put Norman on the field.
  7. Brandon Marshall Released

    He's cursed. Please do not sign.
  8. Rumor is the Panthers open up with the Redskins. Hearing another rumor it's Panthers/Lions on Thanksgiving. If true, that puts three NFC South teams all on Thanksgiving with the night game being Falcons/Saints.
  9. My fiance and I have a 3 bedroom house and we recently had our roommate move out. We aren't looking to have a full time roommate and are planning on furnishing and renting the room out as an Air BnB. We live in Austin so it's a town with a lot of tourists and travelers for various festivals so we could definitely get some customers. Anyone ever been an Air BnB host? What is your experience?
  10. Amazon is not what it used to be...

    The best thing is when Amazon screws up and you end up getting stuff for free. My fiance ordered a patio set with a table and 4 chairs. The 4 chairs showed up without the table which was supposed to be included. We told them we didn't receive a table, they sent a new set of 4 chairs and table out and told us to keep the extra 4 chairs. We sold the chairs for $100 on craigslist and it basically paid for the whole thing.
  11. No way in farts the Panthers don't draft a RB this draft.
  12. Kugbila is the biggest bust, literally and figuratively. Butler is still too early to say. He’s stuck behind Short for playing time, but hasn’t done much in the time he’s been on the field. He might be a guy Panthers fans call a bust then he goes somewhere else and blossoms.
  13. i bought a bike. where should i go

    Never mind I read your list of states wrong. Thought it was all of the states along I-40. If time is not a factor I’d start by driving up the California coast to San Francisco (which would be incredible on a bike), thenhead over to Lake Tahoe. Then cross Nevada into Utah and hit Monument Valley. Colorado might still be a little cold this time of year and risks a spring snow in the mountains but it could be worth it for the views. I think the southern route from Colorado into Oklahoma and through Arkansas into the Ozarks is nice. Parts of Arkansas look a lot like Western NC. Hot Springs is a fun little town and they have a horse race every year around this time. From there you have tons of options to get back to NC.
  14. i bought a bike. where should i go

    Sounds like you’ve already decided to drive across the US on I-40