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  1. Camera advice

    Pawn shop homie
  2. Only real thing I can think of - we are not the Browns.
  3. Damn...lost another dog

    My condolences. Losing a great friend like your pup is always hard. We just adopted a new one, it gets easier.
  4. 21st & Prime

    He’s not. I think he genuinely hates the Panthers. Has he ever been on the same panel as SS89?
  5. 21st & Prime

    Heath Evans is a tool. Definitely hates the Panthers
  6. Nothing wrong with adding a vet pass rusher for the stretch run.
  7. Just saw the Panthers ranked below the freaking Chargers on ESPNs FPI rankings
  8. Much better than Ronde Barber and his mind numbing pain pill rants
  9. I love it when I make a post, and the replies are only in response to the title. Some of y'all need to learn how to read hahah
  10. Been reading through NFL articles this morning, and saw a lot of NFL coverage on TV yesterday. No one is talking about the Panthers as a threat. Regardless of being on a bye week or whatever, all the other top teams in the NFC - the Eagles, Saints, Rams, Vikings...are all getting tons of attention. Every time the playoff picture was brought up, the Panthers are sitting there at 7-3, but might as well be invisible. It's like this team didn't go to the Superbowl by thrashing every team in the NFC just two years ago. Aside from Drew Brees, all the other teams in the NFC playoff picture have little to no playoff experience. If the Panthers get into the playoffs against a bunch of teams going in for the first time, I like our chances. I'm not trying to get my hopes up or anything, but the Panthers play best when no one is talking about them. Expectations have killed this team in the past. This is right where the Panthers need to be. Lets keep it this way and good things will happen. If they beat the Saints and Vikings in the coming weeks...this media silence might start to change.
  11. How big is getting Greg Olsen back for the stretch run? One of if not the best TE in the game. Watch out NFL.
  12. Definitely not a "gimme" game by any means. Panthers are superior to the Jets in pretty much every way, and should win easily. But, this is the Carolina Panthers we're talking about, and I wouldn't be shocked to see an embarrassing, inexplicable loss.
  13. And then if the Panthers take a dump all over themselves against the Jets, everyone changes their minds again. The bi-polar world of being a Panthers fan!
  14. Saints are very good, but look beatable after the Redskins game. Side note, the Redskins are my pick to be one of the NFCs best teams next season, if they keep Kirk Cousins. It’s insane how much bad luck they’ve gotten.