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  1. Really depends who is playing opposite him.  Johnson and Hardy had the benefit of playing with each other and the question was, who do you double team?  If Ealy is "the guy" and they scheme to slow him down I could see it benefiting the other DE more.  Not saying he doesn't have the talent but if he's the only marquee pass rusher we have on the edge it'll be easier to slow him down.  
  2. Great writeup @KB_fan You're right I think DE is the biggest need on the roster and I'm sure Gettleman knows it.  Lot of question marks there.  Ealy looks ready to start but after that, who knows if Charles Johnson comes back, and if Allen decides to play another year on a vet minimum contract.  Guys like Addison and Delaire are backup/rotational players.  Wouldn't be surprised to see this be a position where the Panthers spend some money in free agency and maybe even draft a pass rusher early.   It'd be nice to get some corner/safety help with Tillman and Harper likely gone.  If Finnegan and/or McClain decide to come back it'd be good to have them battle some young guys for roster spots.  Norman is probably getting franchise tagged but like WR last year, you gotta be ready if your top guy goes down.  Wouldn't be surprised if we took a corner in the draft. Offensive line is another quiet but bigger need than I think most think.  The interior is set but Kalil is getting up there.  I remember Remmers getting snaps at center in training gamp...but I doubt they consider him the long-term solution.  A LT to groom behind Oher is important and seems to be the most glaring need.  With Trai Turner and Norwell at guard, the Panthers are set, but like you said need depth.  This could be addressed in free agency with a prospect tackle taken in the draft. We're in really good shape overall, Gettleman has done a fantastic job.  The 2016 team will look a lot like the 2015 team with some of the older players getting phased out, but if you look ahead to 2017, big changes are coming.  Lot of contracts up in 2017.  Gettleman will be ready, he's a baller.
  3. Today's presser: Cam, Ron and Getty

    Pretty much confirms Norman is getting the franchise tag.  No surprise there.
  4. When we came out in the 2nd half and couldn't score.  Had halftime to make adjustments, put some points up.  We got to about the Broncos 40 yard line and couldn't do poo.  I was like...if we can't score after getting fresh at halftime and pulling out the best plays of the year, it's just not going to happen.
  5. The Buffalo Bills had parades and parties after all four of their Superbowl losses.  
  6. Big Daryl Williams....

    He played some snaps at LG.  Wish we'd given him a try at RT....
  7. Uninjured; Do we beat the Broncos?

    I think we lost because of the preparation that comes with being in the Superbowl.  The Denver defense did their homework and have two HOF caliber pass-rushers.  The Panthers expected a couple street free agents to block them.  The Panthers had to come up with something different than usual to win against those guys.
  8. Im with Sean Payton's Vicodin.. Just ban me also

    Might as well clean up the board now that the season is over, get back to having actual Panthers fans.
  9. Remmers

    I have a feeling it's Williams vs Remmers for the staring RT position, and they will add another (possibly highly drafted) tackle to compete for the LT spot behind Oher.  Honestly if they just drafted offensive linemen and defensive line I would not complain.
  10. Lose in the playoffs 
  11. Don't get cocky.  Any Given Sunday
  12. Am I dreaming?

    I hope they aren't listening to the noise.  We need the team to play angry and disrespected to win.
  13. Yea, you gotta know that those ESPN and NFL Network guys are given scripts to read and storylines to plug.  They need to generate hype like you said.  If this game is even close, I'd be surprised.  The Broncos were probably the best matchup from the AFC they could have hoped for honestly.
  14. Finally someone speaking the truth, although I think quietly all analysts know the Panthers are going to destroy the Broncos, they need to make it appear that it'll be a close game so that people will at least watch until the halftime show.
  15. Bill Romanowski's career summed up in one statement: