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  1. classic “you can’t fire me, I quit” rationale. Feeble minded human
  2. hepcat

    $20 wins you $600

    Even Vegas oddsmakers are sleeping on the panthers. I smell a good season coming
  3. hepcat

    NFL Top 100

    The Panthers play best under the radar. Embrace the lack of attention in the media.
  4. He stormed off the court, his publicist blamed his play on a “broken hand”, which LeBron was conveniently showing off at the post game press conference. LeBron Blames is a sore loser and a selfish asshole.
  5. hepcat

    Panthers Fan from across the pond

    Welcome! Join into the discussion in the main forum. You’ll find out quickly who are the serious posters and who are the trolls...
  6. Go look at the Panthers draft history and tell me the percentage of players in rounds 4-7 that were even on the roster after 3 seasons.
  7. All the draft picks past Ian Thomas will be lucky to even make the roster.
  8. How’s Ian Thomas look?
  9. Cam's new QB coach...?
  10. You're not making assumptions...but you assume "virtually no non-athletes major in sociology or psychology"?? I knew numerous non-athletes in college who majored in both of those things. I dated a girl who graduated with a psychology degree.
  11. Okay, I'll re-read. So I'm curious what would you have said if instead of saying "He went to Duke", I said "He graduated from Duke." From what I can tell you took what I said and extrapolated an assumption based on my wording. And as you've already been made aware, you can't just assume that because someone is a student athlete, they didn't actually get an education. There is literally nothing to prove that in Ross Cockrell's case, which was my original point. I said he went to good schools, and should be able to pick up the playbook and play in position, which is an improvement over what the Panthers have had at the position recently. I really don't see how you can continue debating that with semantics.
  12. You sure as hell can make a judgement that someone who graduates from Duke is mentally capable. That's what getting a degree is all about. I mean, why is it a requirement to get certain jobs? Why do people even go to college? Cockrell went to Duke. It's a good school. He got TWO DEGREES. But I guess we "can't make judgements on the matter one way or the other" because you said so. Great logic.
  13. Samuel is just so damn young. He turns 22 during training camp. DJ Moore also just turned 21 in April. I'm just skeptical guys this young are going to take on heavy roles in the offense this season. It's rare guys at 21-22 are starters, especially at skill positions on offense. McCaffrey being a big exception, but he did have a father that was a solid NFL player which no doubt helped his progression.
  14. I agree with @TheCasillas that this isn't the right place to make a statement like this. It's unfair and unnecessary to make a blanket statement about student athletes with no real knowledge of the individual. Ross Cockrell is by all accounts a smart guy. He didn't just go to Duke as a student athlete, then fail to graduate to become a pro. He spent all four years of his eligibility there and graduated with two degrees. He also didn't just go to any random college where he could play football. He went to Duke, which like it has already been said, is well known for its prestigious education. He will definitely be able to learn the Panthers defense, which is an improvement over some former Panthers DBs. If you want more evidence that he's a smart guy, I know first hand that Charlotte Latin is an academically challenging school, even for student athletes. Maybe we can talk about the topic at hand instead of debating whether student athletes academic achievements are valid because of the NCAA minimum requirements. I think Cockrell is going to be a solid player for the Panthers for reasons already stated.
  15. What are you trying to say, he must be a dumbass because of NCAA minimum academic requirements for athletes? From what I can see he graduated with two degrees from Duke and was in the graduate program at some point, not sure if he still is. Doesn't seem like the kind of guy to do the bare minimum.