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  1. Could he be any worse than Matt Kalil or Mike Remmers?
  2. If the Panthers can't score at least 20+ against the Saints yet again historically bad defense, this is going to be a looooooong season.
  3. I would really like to see what Norwell could do at LT.
  4. Their defense is historically bad again. If the Panthers can't hang 30+ it'll be disappointing
  5. 25 Best Places To Retire

    Stopped reading at San Angelo, TX. Booming economy? That city is a ghost town. Lazy article
  6. Olsen has a broken foot

    Hidden in this awful looking win was the fact that Benjamin and Funchess both had decent games. If they can step up with Olsen out, it might be a blessing in disguise.
  7. It's a repeat of the last time the panthers played the bills
  8. Panthers @ Patriots Oct 1

    Tix are so expensive we may just end up watching it at a bar near the stadium.
  9. For the Shula Haters

    I'm not impressed
  10. Yes. The Thursday Night games are always trash. Players hate playing on a short week and the Thursday games tend to suck. I already devote my Sunday afternoons to football and I don't really feel like giving up another evening of my time to watch a sorry ass matchup between two garbage teams. The NFL as a whole is declining, they know it and we know it. If they get rid of Thursday games, they basically admit it publicly.
  11. What Bills fans are saying ...

    You're the one throwing out homophobic slurs about Grindr and poo, so follow your own advice.
  12. What Bills fans are saying ...

    You definitely voted for Trump.
  13. What Bills fans are saying ...

    You want reality? Your team hasn't made the playoffs since 1999 and you come onto our board saying we can't handle maturity or reality. Get the living fug out of here with your trash talk, your team is a bottom feeder living off our team's scraps.
  14. Starting from their own 45 barely counts as starting in their own territory...that's great field position.
  15. Panthers 26 Bills 10 Panthers get an early lead off a Tyrod Taylor INT pick 6, and never look back. Buffalo struggles to score all game and gets a late 4th quarter garbage time TD to Charles Clay. Shady McCoy doesn't finish the game with a minor injury.