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  1. Can't be more accurate, faster, and more elusive than Cam Newton if you aren't on the field. Dude started a whopping 6 games last year. Already missed more games in his rookie season than Cam has in his entire 7 year career. Everyone needs to take it easy on the Deshaun Watson hype.
  2. No that was Darnell Nosewhistle of the ESPN blog
  3. Considering the poo show at WR last season I’d be shocked if they didn’t find a way to keep him. They’ll probably keep 2 TEs and use Armah as the 3rd/emergency TE to free up another space for WR
  4. That’d be a huge surprise. Munnerlyn used to be pretty fast.
  5. hepcat

    DJ Moore is legit.

    It was a down year for receivers. There seems to be an ebb and flow for positions in the NFL. Some years WRs are valued higher and vice verca. I think having some of the elite receivers be injured or have down years in 2017 definitely helped DJ Moore fall down to the Panthers.
  6. definitely needed to create a new thread about this. not that there were 4 other backup QB discussion threads that brought up all these same points
  7. Yo is that a childhood photo of Peter Dinklage? lol
  8. I dunno, he seemed bummed but it's clear they had a falling out at some point. Maybe before the trade and they never got a chance to reconcile. Could have been the real reason for the trade, who knows. Either way I'm glad that lazy trash talker isn't on the team anymore.
  9. hepcat

    CJ Anderson

    He looked pissed he was playing that late in the game honestly
  10. hepcat

    Is Seymour that awful?

    Panthers went all out to fix the WR group in the off-season. It’s fixed. Next season they better be the secondary because the saints and falcons are going to open up the panthers collective buttholes this year
  11. hepcat

    Well, do we need a back up QB?

    Gilbert looked terrible. Heinicke made some nice reads and throws. Both made mistakes but it was obvious he was the better of the two. Maybe the extra year working with Turner gave him an advantage
  12. Where the hell is Bradberry