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  1. Damn, was Matt Kalil trying to block him or something? That is insanely fast
  2. What rock did Gary Barnidge crawl out from? Seriously, didn't know this clown was still alive. Deangelo can go eat a dick for all I care
  3. Bench the oline. I think 5 traffic cones would be a better oline than what we have
  4. Dennis Daley as useless as ever. Depressing we can't find anyone better than him
  5. Chinn is not a FS. He's a SS/hybrid LB. The focus has to be oline/QB. We need an all offense draft
  6. This... Darnold has shown to have pretty good wheels. Get him out of the pocket and let him either run or throw, especially with how awful the fuging oline is
  7. If their is any good news, we currently have the same amount of points as the Chiefs
  8. Maybe LSU will pay us money to take Joe Brady off our hands and be their HC
  9. Meanwhile, Joe Burrow continues to kill it in the NFL and prove that he is the only reason Joe Brady has a job in the NFL...
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