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  1. Is it bad if I say BPA? I'm not sure there's one unit on our team I would categorize as a strength outside of kicker and punter...
  2. I feel like that would be the game that would end in a 0-0 tie after OT...
  3. A couple??? I'm not sure we could even beat the teams playing in one of the crappy bowls like the Myrtle Beach bowl...
  4. We are just returning the favor for them giving us Greg Olsen for practically nothing I guess...
  5. Hopefully his advice was sell the team to literally anybody today....
  6. I would honestly take a chance on him and extend him now while his value is at the lowest. Injuries have sucked, but he wasn't injury prone to my knowledge prior to coming to the Panthers. He is still very good when he is on the field. I would pay him now and cross my fingers that he stays healthy the rest of his time with us. If he doesn't stay healthy, it is what it is - we probably aren't competing in the near future anyway. But if he does stay healthy, we could probably trade him for a lot of value if our team continues to suck (which it probably will)
  7. Maybe the wisest words I've ever seen on this forum We were lucky that Luke graced his presence for this dumpster fire organization as long as he did.
  8. I still think the Panthers gravestone will read November 8. 2018 - the day POS TJ Watt destroyed Cam's shoulder. I hope the Steelers have as long of a drought as we do before their next Superbowl
  9. I disagree. Their defense won them more of their Superb Owls than their offense did IMO. Belicheck is one of the best at scheming a defense to negate opposing teams offenses while capitalizing on their weaknesses. He is just not very good at knowing how to find offensive talent and run an offense IMO
  10. I mean... Yeah, we could win the NFC South, but we wouldn't even be close to beating teams like the Cowboys, Eagles, or 49ers. I just wish we weren't the laughingstock of the NFL...
  11. Ummm... Suck for a guy that looks about as bad as Pickles? Sure I guess - sounds like something the Panthers would do...
  12. We are going to hire Matt Reich, the embodiment of Fatt Fhule and Frank Reich, to guide us to an 0-17 season...
  13. At this point, we could put a traffic cone out there for Zavala and get better results. At least the defender might trip over the cone
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