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  1. I'm pretty sure John Wolford is a better starting QB than Darnold is a a backup QB...
  2. I'm surprised that Baltimore doesn't try and get Cam with the type of offense and QB they run.
  3. Based on our lack of doing nothing in free agency, it's safe to say our team will be much worse next season. Disappointing how much of a cheapskate the canes are...
  4. I just hope his shoulder is 100%. While he may be immature, the browns absolutely threw him under the bus and I honestly think they were trying to get him hurt the last few games of the season. It will probably do him good to get him away from that dysfunctional franchise (to a slightly lesser dysfunctional franchise in us)
  5. About as accurate of a statement you will see on this forum. I think we are pretty strong starter wise at most positions, but we have very little depth outside of CB and maybe QB to survive an injury to a key starter. Let's start sacrificing some live chickens Pedro serrano style that our guys can stay healthy
  6. I think his loss will hurt us most on the PK. Him and stall did a great job on the kill as the forwards on the ice
  7. While Tony's defense is definitely weak, I'm not sure it was much worse than Dougie's (if at all worse) Both of them are what they are - offensive defensemen that are liabilities on defense. That being said, I want Tony back if the contract is reasonable. His passing is great and he does a good job carrying/controlling the puck on offense and the PP. Keep him paired with either slavin or pesce and have them prioritize defense when on the ice with Tony
  8. Pretty impressive win by the Lightning considering the refs refused to call any penalties on the rags, including several obvious interferences. That missed one on Trouba crushing Perry with the puck nowhere near him might be one of the worst missed calls in the playoffs. Hopefully the ratings are awful for the stanley cup finals and the series ends in a sweep. It's pretty pathetic how scripted the NHL is in wanting their teams to make it to the stanley cup.
  9. I hear you about Robbie, but I would take him over the rejects we had at WR in the Superbowl. Sadly, I think Jericho cotchery at 70 years old was out most reliable receiver. Now, if you would say you would rather have zylstra, I'd be ok with that.
  10. Oher did great with pass blocking that season, and that's with Mike Shula calling dive, dive/QB sneak, four verts on first, second, and third down 80 percent of the game. His run blocking was pretty poor, but I'll take a tackle who can't run block over a tackle who can't pass block/block anything (see Remmers, Mike)
  11. I honestly think he deserved MVP despite losing. If retard Mike Shula decided to not have remmers block von Miller 1-on-1 the entire game, we may have won...
  12. I can't remember what other bad cb we had playing because peanut was hurt. Was it bum ass Robert McClain that kept getting torched by Sanders? CMC, moton, Moore, Robbie, Chinn (for Harper) and literally any current CB for McClain (take your pick of horn or DJ) would be my changes.
  13. Definitely not with the random game of his life kony early had against denver. I think he may have gotten more sacks in that game than the rest of his career...
  14. I wish they showed that level of anger during the game... They looked like they didn't give a flying f*** out there
  15. As disappointing as Domi has been, him and raanta won us game 7 against Boston
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