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  1. I could see us beating the Chargers. East coast trip for them (I feel like they usually play terrible on the east coast trips) and their skill weapons on offense is probably more void of talent than ours is.
  2. I can honestly never recall a goalie that fell down as many times as Freddie did in the playoffs... Like it was watching a 5-year-old as they first learn how to ice skate
  3. 1. No 2. Ideally both, but if not Jarvis has to be top priority 3. Make Pyotr The starter next year. Sign a cheap veteran backup. 4. Marty - absolutely. I feel like staal retires and I think we can let go of Burns 5. Agreed - let's see what his price is 6. I'd prioritize Brady over pesce (personally) 7. Not soon enough... 8. I wouldn't say his system is trash, but his refusal to make adjustments makes his system vulnerable to certain teams I'm curious how the players would feel if Rod is let go. I would still take a chance with a new coach though - I think we have hit our peak with him
  4. Even if Pyotr went God mode, Rod would probably still start some bum like mrazek in net over him...
  5. Amen - That's what I'm saying. We knew what we were getting out of Freddie - a goalie that fell down in net every three shots that has no lateral quickness in net... Definitely somebody I don't want in net as a starter in the playoffs
  6. Sadly, that should be all the reason we need to not bring Rod back... His assistants are ass
  7. Not sure he will after losing this series... I hope I'm wrong because he was amazing for us before we started f****** with lines and separated him, Aho, and Jarvis
  8. Yeah... I don't know how you think after game 3 that Freddie is the goalie to go to the rest of the way... I might be in the minority, but I would have strongly considered benching him after that terrible second goal the rags scored. Once you see that goal go in, the skaters realize that they pretty much have to hold the other team to no shots the rest of the way to win
  9. It would be interesting if he went to Toronto. Literally no one on that roster fits his system
  10. Sucks is an understatement. I honestly don't think we would have allowed much more goals had we just played empty net the entire game
  11. The problem is Rod's system has proven not to work in the playoffs and he has proven that he is overly loyal to veterans and won't make adjustments to his system... He's the type of coach that will succeed in the regular season (like he has), but likely won't in the playoffs unless his players Play above their level. Agreed that there aren't many options that I know of available, but I'd rather do the change now than wait another 2 years to realize the same thing
  12. It's much easier to be a Panthers fan. Just watch the first four games, realize we are the worst team in the NFL, and then pack it in till draft time...
  13. Honestly, raanta was pretty good his last playoffs where he started. The problem is he has the stamina of an 80-year-old man and just got burned out from having to play multiple games in a row
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