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  1. If Tampa can get away with blatant cross checks and holds right in front of refs, they aren't calling anything on Tampa. We have a better chance of scoring a short-handed goal than the refs calling a penalty on Tampa
  2. Mission for period 3 needs to be to hurt as many Tampa players as possible. If we are going to be as undisciplined as we were the last half of the 2nd period, at least hurt someone in the process
  3. Please someone just fuging blindside hit Kucherov and kill him. Get justice for Tampa's bullshit of bending the rules to have Kucherov play in the playoffs
  4. The refs are going to call a minimum 5 more penalties on us
  5. When will we learn to stop chasing the puck on the PK and stop giving Tampa 3 on 1s
  6. Refs trying their best to ensure that Colorado Tampa stanley cup finals
  7. Seriously, we just got cross checked and they called a penalty on us?
  8. Yep... Rod has to realize that Mrazek has let in 2, if not 3, very soft goals and get his ass out of the game. He came up big for us in game 3, but clearly that was a fluke. Tampa will pick Mrazek apart the rest of the game otherwise
  9. That's what happens when you have a goalie who can't stop a beach ball in net
  10. I think Mrazek just randomly sticks his glove in the air and prays that the puck hits his glove
  11. For the love of god, get Mrazek out of the fuging game. Otherwise, we might need to score 10 goals to win
  12. How many fuging holds can Tampa get away with....
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