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  1. And who cares? I've met him, he's a nice guy. Takes his kids and they get an awesome experience. Keep doing what you do my man.
  2. Everyone so envious of dudes money is so damn sad. Maybe he flaunts it a little bit but it's only because it causes such a reaction from people. I'm not mad at anyone for living their best life.
  3. I don't like posting pictures of my daughter anywhere but this was too good.
  4. Lol, they're heading out at 420. We're going to the casino tomorrow or Monday I believe, if you play poker
  5. You got fools screaming about poo about child support for their kids too and her man in jail?
  6. I'm down on the beach in halendale right now. Babies first beach trip. I'll be in 516 row 11 with my wife Sunday
  7. Congrats. As long as you're informed about all potential issues, do research and select a reputable breeder then I think you'll be happy.
  8. As long as minn atl and Seattle lose I'm good with either result for no and Tampa. Them both winning may actually be more beneficial to us
  9. Yeah I would say we could "potentially " grab the 6th or 7th seed. We're in 7th right now, the saints are going to continue to lose games. Imo we should be favored to grab the 6th spot. We will see after the next 3 games when we should be 8-5. If we would have won the eagles game that we were totally in control of we would be sitting real pretty right now. Also Tampa is looking real beatable right now as well.
  10. We're not trading picks to get rid of him much less good players. We will just eat the money. we paid teddy to not be here this year and still fielded a great defense
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