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  1. Investors will swallow those up in about 5 minutes I believe. They've been paying full asking price cash for a few months now. Once it ends it will just mean a higher percentage of rental properties i think. Wallpaper finally finished yesterday. My painter started on ceilings yesterday and starting to paint walls today. Hopefully we will move in April 17th and get our house ready for our renters to move in May 1st
  2. Wallpaper sucks!!! Removing from one room, 5 hours in. 10% done
  3. ripped carpet today. Hardwood in hallway, master and secondary bedroom. Subfloor in the 3rd bedroom upstairs anyone know a Hardwood flooring guy? 12x13 room
  4. Signed at 9am recorded by 1245. Ja had me nervous something was going to come up. About to head over to take down wallpaper in master and maybe start pulling up some carpet!!
  5. What does their ethnicity have to do with anything?
  6. Yeah, you should say no. Are you in charlotte? I got poo to do Thursday at the house so hopefully things go smoothly for me
  7. Nice. I may post pictures after we are done remodeling. It may be a couple years lol
  8. Awesome, glad it worked out for you. I'm just ready to close on Thursday so we can start spending money lol. The house we're getting is AWESOME but hasn't been updated in 60 years
  9. Someone below us, lol. I haven't researched it that would just be my preference. If 5 qbs go by 7 Someone will trade up for pitts surtain or an ot. That's the only way fields or Lance won't be there.
  10. I want fields or Lance at 8. If they aren't there trade back a few spots and pick up a 3rd and trade it for darnold
  11. Yeah buyer has some fault but honestly the lender asks for so much (understandably so) it's hard to keep up if you don't have a lender that communicates well. Plus verifying your employment is something you are not really supposed to have a hand in. If he works for a huge company he may not be able to just go knock on his bosses door and make sure it's done. Just know that it's probably stressing them out just as much as it is you. Unless of course they did get fired on Tuesday. Lol
  12. If you're in North Carolina everyone does. Closing date plus 14 days as long as both parties are acting in good faith. If you get mad and pull the deal you'll be on the hook to pay them their money back and they could sue you to perform as well. Chances are the lender didn't get a reply back from his employer so he just needs to make sure his hr department tells the lender for like the 5th time that he still works there. Its crazy they let everyone sign without it though. Did he get the keys yet?
  13. If 2 days from now you are still in the 14 day grace period from the original closing date you can't or you breach contract
  14. Were closing on Wednesday, moving in the 17th and have renters moving in to our current house may 1st. So ready for the additional space!
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