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  1. Every time I can remember we've been getting butt fuged in summer league so I'll take it!
  2. If England celebrated No longer dependent days they'd never work.
  3. Real question would you trade Melo for Steph? No clue how the money would work but lots of people are turning on Ball and Curry probably has 2 decent seasons left? Warriors are going to be a fringe playoff team next year and might be looking to start over.
  4. I haven't looked at them in person or even too much online. My wife swears they look like an SUV and much better then other minivans. Again I have no interest in an almost 40k purchase at 7% or whatever it is right now
  5. My wife actuality actually wants the carnival specifically bc of the looks. I really just want to hold on to our 2.7% cars that are almost paid off. Putting my daughter into my compact suv nearly breaks my back but our traverse isn't too bad.
  6. People wanted to pay him 200 million dollars. That was one of the few things mj actually got right. And it was only because he was a cheap ass.
  7. Ummmmmm its Horncats. Imagine having two choices and picking so terribly wrong. You picked Bryce Young over Stroud with your nickname choice
  8. Sucks that we will not be able to keep my favorite players but that's the way soccer works. Meanwhile guys I loathe keep getting replaced so that's the positive I'm taking
  9. Sucks that we will lose big pat soon. I'm a homer but think he has national team talent
  10. Officiating was garbage. Totally infuriating
  11. At least the city has one team that we don't have to be totally embarrassed by. I'd kill for the panthers to be middle of the road
  12. I hope we don't lose malanda but if we do the roi will be really really good
  13. I'm sure he's devastated that you don't like him and think he's soft. I do agree that I've responded to you way too much.
  14. He scouted for 1 year and got the fug out of dodge because Rhule is a proven moron. All his teammates and coaches were gone. Tepper and Rhule killed the panthers. I'm not saying health didn't play a part but if Luke thought we had any chance of competing I don't think he would have quit
  15. Stop comparing your 8th grade football days to professional football. He was absolutely milking injuries and looking out for himself and I have zero problem with it. Look what he was surrounded by and tell me anyone in his position would put blood sweat and tears into the poo show. He wasn't the only one on the team to do so. At least he wasn't mailing it in on the field
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