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  1. We are looking at LA or Baltimore. I went to Cincinnati when meshawn Johnson quit on a route and Jake threw the game sealing pick in the end zone. Trying to check off every stadium so panthers suckatude isn't really relevant. LA, Baltimore and Seattle are the only three road stadiums I haven't been to on this years schedule and Seattle in December is out
  2. He's being talked about now though as a head coach. Milwaukee continues to win his name will stay relevant if he doesn't get hired this year. He comes here and it doesn't go well it will set him back a few years
  3. Why would ham make a lateral move from a team that is much much better? My problem with dantoni is he will only be here 3 seasons max
  4. If you're getting those offers you'll sell for 15-20% more then what they say is a great offer. If you're in the Charlotte area and you're considering taking an open door offer please talk to me first lol
  5. Offers seem to be slowing but the ones that come in are still super competitive (well over list). Good agents will soon catch on that their buyers are only competing with 3 or 4 other buyers instead of 20 or more this time last year.
  6. Qbs drive ratings. Media outlets probably didn't believe these guys were that good either. Defensive tackles don't get people to tune in or read online articles. That's the bottom line. Media dollars made these quarterbacks "first round" picks
  7. I would have went Howell and I hate the Tarheels
  8. Oh no he can absolutely go but I just don't think we will get value back
  9. Let's just hold in the 4th. If Carson strong is there take him and start him day 1. If he is good awesome he'll be cheap for 2 more years. If he sucks great we get a high pick in a much better qb draft next year
  10. Their website looks on par with a youth softball league's
  11. If that's the trade I'd do it all day long. More likely scenario is we'd have to trade our first next year for a second rounder this year and I am not about that at all. If we give up a first for any of these qbs I'll be PISSED
  12. People have been saying this since he got hurt in 2018. We ran him into the ground, just accept it.
  13. Ummmmmmm you've seen Joe Bradys game plans though. A paper bag and a trash can would be tough for him to game plan against.
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