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  1. Yeah man because Atlanta owned us this year. Man you're a donkey, we were in 4th and better than Atlanta until people started getting hurt. Milwaukee is not run well and people were talking about firing their coach in the nets series. Giannis is that entire team. Swap him for pj Washington and the Hornets are in the finals too
  2. Take one player off that team and the bucks are ass. Hornets roster last year was more talented if Giannis got hurt.
  3. He was adopted out after being in our house for about 3 weeks. Fostering is not something we will do again, at least not with our current pet dynamic. He was a sweet dog but caused a lot of stress for two of our dogs. Our three are a VERY tight unit and one got a bit jealous of him and one did not like his puppy like energy mixed with his size. Ultimately we found him a great home (the rescue seemed more concerned with finding every other dog a home so my wife had to do most of the work), so I guess it was successful. We kept him from being put down but in the future I think we will support
  4. I want to go to Miami but we'll have a 1 month old. So I'll probably have to wait till next year for any away games.
  5. Congratulations! My baby girl is coming around October 4th. I hope everything goes smoothly for you guys!!!
  6. What multi banned "awesome" poster is peanut butter? I am not on here enough anymore to know.
  7. From what I've read Pfizer and moderna are about 80% effective after 1 dose. 92-94% after two. J&j is about 66% in trials
  8. You understand none of the vaccines 100% keep you from getting covid right? One round of Pfizer and moderna is actually more effective then the single j&j shot. What they do is make sure you don't die or need to go to the hospital if you do get it.
  9. I'm thinking 12 months. Planning on selling my rental in 10 so hopefully it holds
  10. How could people have months and months of forbearance available to them along with hefty unemployment benefits and now about to be going in to foreclosure. Why do you think they're about to blow up? Just curious not saying your wrong just common sense says if people were in trouble prior to March 2020 shouldn't they have been able to build up a nest egg if they haven't been paying for however many months?
  11. Ready for a week 1 pool party!!! I still want to get my bar built but that may be for next year
  12. Whys dude calling him the sniper, doesn't he suck pretty hard?
  13. Your car that you can trade in right now for 30% more than you should really get is going to be worth 40% less than it is now as well though if you wait a year. I would say buy now but only new cars that are still being sold for less than Msrp. If you're paying a premium price you aren't gaining anything for the inflated return you're getting on a trade in. You can get good deals right now as long as you're flexible on what you're buying. I do agree that dealers are going to take a bath on these used cars. New cars I don't think will see some huge reduction in cost below what msrp is now. I
  14. Definitely not the time to buy used. So many dealers are gonna take absolute baths on the used cars they're bringing in right now if people hold out for another 6-12 months. The two specific models we bought were still under msrp, a lot aren't but I wasnt interested in buying something over priced. Sales guy said price on the traverse is likely going up next month
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