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  1. Was coming here to make this thread. I think it speaks more to coaching then anything else. Look at the heats roster. It's fuging trash. Objectively it's worse than the hornets roster last year.
  2. Why? That's by far the worst thrower of the football that he said he would play with
  3. Really should have traded him to the rams. 2 top ten picks plus an early second would have been better then a huge contract. I'd also really like to see him produce in the 3-4 prior to a huge deal
  4. Stupid apple TV. Mls fuged up royally if they're trying to grow the sport. Local television access was key imo.
  5. I don't think I would qualify any of our tight ends from last year as very good receiving tight ends when they averaged .25 receptions a game
  6. Ummm I have two beer fridges. Step your game up big boze
  7. Of course he is being considered scoot isn't a slam dunk. I don't think we'd consider anyone else besides those two though. Maybe if someone offered a great package of solid vets and picks we'd consider trading but I think we should just make the pick and hope we nail it.
  8. I feel like either guy could work here. I'd rather go with the player that's 7 inches taller if it's close talent wise. Looking at these rosters of the last 4 teams left and playoffs in general no team has a fuging bench anymore. Melo, either rookie, bridges, Washington, Williams is a solid starting 5. The league seems to be entering a time of more parity because everyone's roster seems to be about 2 good players and a bunch of trash around them. I don't think there's a team with 3 legit stars. If we nail this pick we should be able to be very competitive realitively quickly.
  9. We're already back home. Just did the open top bus tour. That took most of the day and she could sleep easily while we road around
  10. That was the biggest bunch of horseshit I've ever seen. They were flopping all over the field the last 20 minutes and the donkey bought it several times
  11. What conversation? He's at best qb3. Don't really need a conversation until young and Dalton were to get hurt
  12. Cool, when can we talk about that long snapper that Fhule drafted. He deserves a shot too.
  13. DJ Moore will apparently never play with a qb that can throw the ball. Hasn't had a good one since high school and the trend will continue with Fields.
  14. Yeah probably needs to be Miller. Don't trade 2 to Houston to get a bunch of garbage. That's probably what we'll do though
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