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  1. Yall did play for a national championship last year right?
  2. I have the same concerns about Scheyer
  3. Go to hell carolina go to hell!!!! I can't pretend to gloat this is the first game I've watched all year. But 4corners can suck it!!!!
  4. None of the Duke guys look like they're ready for the NBA. Maybe they come back next year
  5. Neither team appears to be that good this year. I hope yalls run to the championship game last year let's Davis stick around for way too long
  6. Do you think if MJ knew that Clifford would be the only person that would take the job that JB still would have been fired? Jordan is an idiot and surrounds himself for idiots. Maybe will luck up and get the number 1 pick but I doubt it.
  7. Taking my 16 month old to belize in March and England in May. We will see how it goes!! She's traveled a fair amount already. I didn't get on a plane until I was 23 she did it at 2 months lol
  8. Depends on the client. I've been working with 2 sets of clients on a 200k budget for 6-8 months one of which is looking at properties 45 minutes from where I live. Then i had 2 clients I got under contract immediately the last two weeks. That said it evens out to pretty good income and I (in my opinion lol) bring my clients a lot of value
  9. Rude.... orchard would be my pick in terms of those opendoor types. I'd work for them but I don't want a strict schedule
  10. The contract and other paperwork did have several errors in it. I do think the guy was rather dumb. To be fair for what your house was selling for it wasn't a large payout and that's probably why they didn't fight it. Most agents close like 8 deals a year. Take the % they were going to get then account for the fact that he probably has to give his Brokerage a 20% cut and it's not that much money. Obviously the guy didn't earn one penny of it but I'm just saying. I'll find you a good agent if you want to try again on it.
  11. Ok so I dream scenario for me would be Richardson at 9, trade back up to mid 20s for Jaxon Smith-Njibgar And then draft Dalton Kincaid with our next pick (assuming we trade 3 of our next 4 picks for say 25)
  12. I would rather take him then trade up past 5 to get CJ. If Stroud makes it to 5 I'd make the move then and try to get it done without giving up next years 1st
  13. Boohoo, a failure with 100 mil in the bank. I don't wish him the best. He went out of his way to take shots at the organization instead of just saying maybe college is a better fit for him. He's a tool imo.
  14. I'm not upset. It is just common sense that if you Subject yourself to more hits you're more likely to get injured (like he has been). They also have been bottom third in the league in pass attempts for just about all of his career. He has also proven he is not a good enough passer to beat good teams in the playoffs. I'm fine with a dual threat guy but not at 26, with guaranteed money, been hurt the last two years and averages 210 yards a game passing. And you want someone who has been playing a certain style of qb their whole life just to change and become strictly a pocket passer it doesn't make sense. Maybe Russell Westbrook should become a spot up shooter now that his athletism is no longer an advantage
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