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  1. Tepper doesn't realize that this team is the basement dweller, and it's on him.
  2. Baker has had success nfl. Prime Peyton Manning would suck on this team
  3. Has there been any explanation why we're only playing 3 wrs?
  4. Zero connection to this team anymore. I don't think there will ever be a group like Luke, td, Norman, Olsen, cam again. But I didn't think there would be a group like peppers, Smith, Delorme, Rucker, Morgan again either. Even if we start winning after we fire Rhule none of these players mean anything to me. Maybe it's getting older having a kid priorities changing but I don't really see myself caring the same way ever again. I've watched a total of about 5 minutes of the first two games.
  5. Can someone explain to me why in the fug we don't go for it on 4th down? If we punt we can't give up a first down. If we give them the ball back turn over on downs we still can't give up the first down. So why the fug don't you at least run a play on 4th down because you knew damn well the game was over if they got the ball back. Matt Rhule you sir are a dumbass. The team has gotten worse every additional game he's coached
  6. Let's get this win. FC started off my 8 game parlay last night with a massive come back win. Gotta get that money
  7. Don't think we're dead last but any of the others seem appropriate
  8. Chubbs over under was 75 yards..... easy money. I'll have to see what saquan's will be
  9. I'm up in New York and wanting to watch the game from my in laws home. Sure wish there was a way I coulDMaybe watch. Anybody feel ME?
  10. A betting site pulled our game off the board.... weird is there something going on with a major player on either side?
  11. You guys coming to my daughter's first birthday party? Today 11-2!!!!!
  12. I agree, if I'm spending all that money I'm going to have a place to pee. When we redo our pool house I'm going to figure out how to get a bathroom out there
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