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  1. There's not really another option. FSU is more then likely playing the conference championship game with their 3rd string qb. Even if uga wins and Texas wins I would put Texas in over Florida state. Only way I see FSU getting in would be Michigan wins, Uga wins, Texas loses.
  2. Quote sums up why he's always hurt. He goes out there with the intent to protect himself from getting hurt. Those are the guys that stay hurt because they're always thinking about it
  3. Yeah I'd rather have steichen too I'm just saying at the time giving up pick number 9 for a coach would have been met with tremendous criticism but in hindsight we'd be better off with Payton and a pick next year then the Reich/Young combo. Also who did a call a name other the Sean Payton?
  4. You would have played corral to see if the player you traded up for was a viable option
  5. Lots of old people in my neighborhood that have "outside" cats. I don't think she's a stray just likes to roam
  6. That pick was pick 30. If we gave up 9 it would have just been pick 9. In complete hindsight you wouldn't rather have Sean Payton, Dj Moore next year's first which would be number 1 to draft Drake Maye and I believe we would have gotten back another second round pick someone where from the trade up to #1 as opposed to Bryce young and the lack of the pick next year and unknown coaching staff??? You and everyone else are fuging crazy. Payton is a complete turd bird but he's a good coach
  7. He'll get his chance to coach him next year when no one else will take the job
  8. Last I saw,same time to throw and less pressure but more sacks then CJ. I'm not saying it's all his fault but he has not had 1 game where he looks the part. Bagent and Devito look about as good as him. Aiden O'Connell has struggled but has still had 2 games where he at least compiled stats
  9. No one on this team deserves another contract. Not 1 single player
  10. Need a new coach and gm to come in and cut every mother fuger they can and play 2024 with a ton of dead money and low end effort players. Completely wash the slate keep guys who show good effort and heart next year even if they are not the most talented and purge again going into 2025. There is not one single player on this team that I give a fug if they're on the roster in 2 years. I bet no other teams fans can say that outside of maybe Arizona
  11. He looks and sounds like he's 15 years old. You gonna tell me what to do? Nah I'm good. Stroud is a softer spoken guy too but when your play is lighting it up you command respect. When you can't Crack 185 yards passing and put more then 1 touchdown drive together in a game dude's aren't going to follow you
  12. It does seem the easiest to get inside info on though. Even if you have a player paid to drop passes there are still 21 other moving parts on anyone play. If someone from the organization tells you before a contract is about to be signed you could make some coin
  13. I wish I knew how to multi quote the 3 or 4 posts saying exactly that. Can you read?
  14. Please stop with cam playing quarterback here or anywhere. His arm is toast and he would be better then ridder and the current version of young but that's a very low bar
  15. For all their short comings and there were a lot John Fox built a culture here and Rivera embraced it. 16 years of building something although no where near perfect we could be proud of and Rhule Fitterer and Tepper destroyed it in 3 years
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