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  1. Dude probably would be sniped for doing that. poo would be funny though. PLus I dont think hes a muslim anyways.
  2. proof that its a glorified air raid league. soon you will have to two hand touch the qb. Just like every other qb throwing for a 4,000 yards when it only happen about 5 times during the 90's and down.
  3. BigSyke

    Lack of Deep Threats

    byrd/Samuel were not deep threat though when on the field. Could they scheme something for them? Probably. Wright is fast but he is not a deep threat either.
  4. BigSyke

    Cmc for Fournette trade?

    I'm pretty sure a lot of people wanted a running back later since the nfl does not value running backs at all anymore, whether they can catch or not. With that said, he'll be compared to Kamara more especially with saints as a division rival.
  5. Hey CAM/Norv/Ron pay attention to this 2 min drive!!!! This is how ya do it.
  6. how do u know so much detail about the show? lol
  7. Defense is always gonna be average to above avg until that secondary is fixed. It just looks below avg when the the front 7 has a bad game.....which is gonna happen from time to time. Its the NFL. It will help if they keep getting turnovers though.
  8. Cowboys offered a 2nd and they pushed it up to a 1st and the deal stalled. I dont think Panthers offer a 1st for an older safety.(they dont value them in the first place)
  9. BigSyke

    Bengals beat themselves

    They kept getting big chunks of yards against the secondary true. But the the Bengals defense played poor also.
  10. BigSyke

    We need a safety

    Gaulden must be terrible if he cant beat out shitty Colin and old man adams(even though he performs okay sometimes).
  11. BigSyke

    Christian McCaffrey

    offensive line is opening gaping holes for him this time around. Glad that he is showing power now. That's 2 weeks I have saw him break tackles, which is what I wanted to see. Umm he didn't break the single game rushing record today for a Panther back? 184 yards seems like it should have did it. Someone like Stephon or Foster probably owns that record I bet.
  12. BigSyke

    Game Ball...

    Oh yeah that oline opened big ass holes for Mccaffrey today and gave Cam time against a stout dline. Clark had one misread on Dunlap which almost caused a turnover but other than that they were more than solid. As I figured give Cam some time consistently and Mccaffrey some big holes and they will be alright.
  13. Gameballs to Cam, Cmc, OBADA, and Action Jackson!!!!!
  14. They need to do something. They better be glad Dalton is playing and they got a few pressures here n there to force mistakes. That secondary is terrible. They better hope Obada keeps it up cause the rest of the dline looks average for in 2 out of 3 games. Hopefully Thomas Davis comes back and give a huge spark. He might just be the life blood of that defense. Matter a fact he probably he is, he has been there the longest.
  15. BigSyke


    I have to admit he is ballin out today. I think it was a bit of bullshit on the overturned called. He should have 2 turner overs forced. He is giving this defense a fresh spark today.