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  1. Only against men they already hate. If it's someone they like..."but but but lets wait for all the facts to come out." Believe it or not but I believe powerful men use #metoo attention seeking dummies to ruin public perceptions of other men they dont like and pass it off as standing up for/empowering women. Everybody aint blind to this world. Not all cases are like this but some are definitely like that.
  2. BigSyke

    Cam Jordan vs Matt Kalil

    Yep. I went back and saw Olsen/Shockey do that in 2011. But it was more of a chip block then sneak out the backfield to catch a pass.
  3. BigSyke

    Random musings, specifically WR and S.

    I saw somewhere that Jimmie Ward from 49ers could still possibly be traded. Former 1st round pick in contract year.
  4. BigSyke

    How ridiculous is the NFCS?

    And Cam has been the only qb to win the division 3 times in a row and should have won last year if not for the mishap at Atlanta.LOL The Panthers have a good record in December under Ron/Cam for the most part though, the trick is to not start out slow. If this team oline is at least as good as it was in (2013/2015) and they can luckily stay healthy they are guaranteed to go to playoffs.
  5. BigSyke

    Marty impressed with new guard

    Or one might just be the best trash of all the trash...eh hopefully not.
  6. BigSyke

    David Tepper another Jerry Jones?

  7. BigSyke


    Hopefully Ian Thomas can do it. I've heard that he has been more impressive as a route runner and pass catcher than some expect. Another 4,000 yard season for Cam coming up.
  8. BigSyke


    Yeah that's what I been tryna convey. Air Coryell systems really only utilize one pass catching tightend like Gates/Winslow and one more like a blocker.(Thomas in this case). Two tightend system use both tightend more as pass catchers and blockers at the same time ala Gronk/Hernandez and Olsen/Shockey in Cam rookie year. So what system is Norv gonna run?
  9. Man you can say that about so many Rivera's favorites. Bersin,Silato,colin jones(?). Seems there is always a few "why are they still on the team" guys every year with Panthers. Seems like this is the only franchise that does it. It's down right weird.
  10. BigSyke

    Reading up on Tepper

    Damn Ron Rivera probably doesn't like this move then.LOL
  11. BigSyke

    The team under Tepper

    Hopefully he gets some of the Steelers Scouts and bring them over here. Bring their Wide Receiver assistant coach also.
  12. Okay I must be missed it then.
  13. Its not and I didn't say it was. But usually a guy will have at least one long screen pass here n there that does good /yardage...like Fozzy. He probably gonna be the head kick/punt returner to be realistic, that's the only thing he's visibly better at imo then anyone else on the roster. Also he still has to compete with Reggie.
  14. Good punt/kickoff returner. Didn't see him taking screens or handoffs 50 yards for tds. That's okay though cause CMC should be able to handle screens and wheel routes out of backfield anyways.