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  1. I don't think a QBs overall merits are based on their success against Cam Newton. I think both Matt Ryan and Cam Newton are missing one thing that could solidify them as a top tier quarterback. And unfortunately they both failed at their chance over the last 3 years.
  2. My one and only mock draft

    I just turned 30 and I feel like my body is slowly corroding... and I sit at a cube all day! I think that Hurst would be the only pick we could make in the first that would truly disappointment. I would much prefer Daniels or Ragnow at 24 over Hurst.
  3. Worley to Raiders

    No way!
  4. Does anyone else think he looks like a mix between Chris Brown and Uncle Drew?
  5. Top 3 players you want in the 1st

    I'd switch Jackson and Ridley but this was my list also. I think Jackson can offer more instant impact this year over Ridley.
  6. Maybe not at 24 but a darkhorse for our second round pick is Terrell Edmunds (the brother of soon to be top-20 pick Tremaine Edmunds). He's an athletic freak from a football family. We've talked so much of Reid but I haven't seen anything posted on Edmunds. I read somewhere that his stock is skyrocketing and I don't think he'd be a horrible pick in the second, but a great value pick with one of our third rounders. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/terrell-edmunds?id=32462018-0002-5601-25af-a59d7c8988a5
  7. He’s also the same size as Mario Addison. He’s played DE throughout college. I’m not concerned about his size with his speed and ability.
  8. If things shake out like that then Harold Landry should be the no-brainer pick. DE is a vastly more important position and will be a bigger need in 1 year. Have to think long-term here. DBs are easier to find than pass-rushers.
  9. On top of that, we fired gettleman last year. We should be done taking backups in the first round. The last thing we need is another player to ride the pine for 3 years a la Shaq and Butler. It makes less than 0 sense
  10. The Bucs beat the Saints with the division on the line last year...
  11. I believe Detroit is confirmed to be playing the Bears on Thanksgiving
  12. No problem opening on the road against a beatable team. Much better than Atlanta drawing the SB champs to open the season.
  13. I think the best thing about getting Navarro would be his age. He's 55. No need to worry about this process for another 30 years hopefully.