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  1. https://www.panthers.com/news/how-ian-thomas-beat-the-odds New piece up over at panthers.com. I had read about this right after the draft but totally forgot about how hard his life has been. Really hope it pans out for him. He seems to have the right attitude and will do what it takes to become better. Disclaimer: I have been on the train thinking that Manhertz's injury is a blessing in disguise. Rooting for Thomas to show enough to immediately become our #2 TE.
  2. Adb6368

    Your most hated NFL team?

    I can't believe so many answers are teams other than the Falcons or Saints. 1) Saints - Sean Payton pushes them from a tie with Atlanta to first on my list 2) Falcons
  3. Has one super bowl win ever created more arrogance than Seattle's? The whole team turned from potential dynasty to a bunch of self-absorbed egotists almost overnight.
  4. Adb6368

    JR Statue to remain

    Consider who has the most to lose in this situation? It's absolutely Tepper. He was in a no win scenario - whether it stays or goes he will upset someone. I bet he actually requested this to be in the sale agreement so he has a way out. He comes out of it spotless and the person with the tarnished reputation continues to get lambasted as he walks into the sunset with billions. Genius move by a genius businessman.
  5. These may be real dark horses but we have a knack of taking under-valued LBs (David Mayo anyone?) and making them more than serviceable. I think our two late round LB picks (Jermaine Carter out of Maryland and Andre Smith from UNC) are fighting for one spot. Which one can step up and proves to be the next in the line of great Panther linebackers. My money is on Smith being fully healed from his ACL and proving that he was a steal.
  6. Adb6368

    Graham St Pub & Patio

    If I wanted to watch the soccer game at 2 pm today, what would the experience be like?
  7. Adb6368

    $20 wins you $600

    The last repeat Super Bowl winner was the 2003-2004... New England Patriots. There have also only been 8 repeat winners in the history of the game. The nature of the NFL says more than likely you won't repeat. And, if not the Eagles, why not their runner-up? I see no problem with the Patriots being on top. Being the target is much harder than being the underdog.
  8. That entire interview was news to me. Didn’t know any of that. Seems like a really good guy. Someone easy to root for
  9. If he’s looking for wings I’ve long believed lebowskis has the best ones in town
  10. Give this man a medal!
  11. I see his promise to remain incognito during the summer is working out according to plan
  12. Adb6368

    Curtis Samuel ....

    You don't cut 2nd round draft picks their second year. Obvious talent on a cheap contract. Worst case they say his healing isn't progressing and place him on IR again. 0% he isn't a Panther this year.
  13. Adb6368

    Panthers OTAs Thread

    Pundits will say he is here to steal all of our secrets to give to the Cowboys because of his huge homerism. Interesting matchup week 1, no?
  14. Hurney Magic? Could this be our worst nightmares coming true? Or just an ex player hanging on to his twitter description a few years too long? Knowing hurneys past... Buckle your seatbelts