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  2. Updates on the team sale

    For all those that complain about the current wine and cheese crowd BOA seems to attract can you imagine the amount of wine and cheese that could be served in a domed stadium with climate control and cushioned seats? Ew
  3. Larry Fitzgerald is 3rd all time in receiving yds... I don't care if he plays for 100 yrs - being able to do it for that long and be successful is a feat. Smith is 8th all time, but that includes Tony Gonzales ahead of him. Notable receivers behind Smith (14,731 yds) include Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison (both I believe are overrated based on the Manning factor) as well as Andre Johnson, C Carter, Bolden, Holt, Reed, etc. etc. By my estimation, Steve Smith is a no brainer top 10 receiver of all time, regardless of what any expert, fan, computer generated polls may say.
  4. But it will help our first next year. It all evens out in the end. You should be drafting starters the first 2 rds every year
  5. Maybe the entire team (coaching staff included) will stop replay watching and get to the huddle and maybe create this little thing called tempo...
  6. Cutting a rookie safety that started 15 games for you? That's not even realistic to discuss. He had 73 tackles and 4 interceptions.
  7. Why the hate on Wilks?

    Is this a true fact? Like... last as in 32nd? Were we really that bad? We went 5-2 in that span
  8. Imagine NBC in that scenario??? You pay $$$$$$ to broadcast a super bowl and you have one of tenn/Jacksonville vs potentially minnesota or a philly team with a backup qb. Prepare yourself for a HUGE game next Sunday: NE and the officiating crew against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The result has already been determined.
  9. Why the hate on Wilks?

    Serious question... if ron Rivera doesnt meddle in any offensive play calling and wilks gets all the blame for the defensive scheme. What the hell does Ron do all game????
  10. CMC would have the exact same role he had this year which saw anywhere from 10-15 touches a game. Whoever drafted would come in and hopefully replace stews 1-2 yd gains with 3-4 yd gains. Has absolutely no effect on CMC
  11. He was injured for almost half the season - and it was a shoulder injury none the less! I may be wrong but when your job is to go up and catch the ball it may be a little difficult when your shoulder isn't healthy. I think he has the talent to be a Mushin Muhammad. I'm not as down on receivers as everyone else - I think a veteran presence like Mike Wallace would be exactly what we need to bring in next year.
  12. Chubb was on his way to being an all-time great until he hurt his knee his sophmore season. Although he probably won't ever live up to what he could have been he's still more than serviceable. However, my theory is that you should never take a RB that stays all 4 yrs of college. Not because they may not be any good, but because RB lifespans are so short. Everyone takes a huge dip after 30 (see Stewart, Johnathan for example). I'd rather draft someone just as serviceable that had 1 or 2 less years of tread in college.
  13. Wouldn't that be a dream come true? I'd assume coordinators have some guaranteed money in their contract? If so, Norv could get hired, do absolutely nothing for a few months, then get fired and get a nice parting gift before calling a down of live football. Norv may be more worried about his legacy than money at this point though...
  14. His plan of run, run, play action pass shouldn't go for very much..