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  1. Fuggin Roaring Riot

    The fumes from that 2nd pic are registering a .20 on my iBAC meter, a nifty new app. I'm not sure all the bugs are worked out though.  It takes more than a .20 to make your eyes roll back, and to the side, in your head like that. Possible temporary neurologic damage. If it doesn't spontaneously resolve, I expect most of your pix will be of the upper deck over to one side of the field.
  2. How is this guy still employed?

    If he had white hair in that pic, he could have been a double for Steve Martin in The Jerk - both for his looks and brain.
  3. Look at that end zone....

    Maybe, but there's not an orange seat in the house.
  4. Which Carolina Panther are you?

    Rivera.  Every test like this I've ever taken in my whole life, including "real" ones, always says the same thing. One even said I was a commandant. I just hope it didn't mean I had the personality type of Col. Klink.
  5. Wow!  This man can write.  Combine that with the creds of having been there, done that, and Harper has a future after football...in football.  That late hit on 89 a few years back still lingers in my memory, but this article goes a long way in showing what kind of person he really seems to be.  What a great read, and such a refreshing change from the drivel so pervasive in the media these days (and all too often on this very forum).
  6. Comments on NOLA article

    This.  How could any Saints fan call another player or team dirty after Bountygate?  I mean, you'd have to have a really low IQ to do that.  Oh wait, never mind.
  7. SkyBanner for Dallas game?

    There's that (3,000 feet and 3 mile restriction an hour before until an hour after), and the fact that the AT&T stadium roof, retracted or not, means your target audience probably won't ever see it.
  8. 4th quarter collapses

    One way or another, the OP brings up a valid issue (this time anyway).  Cam himself in the on field post game interview said essentially the same thing, i.e., they need to finish out better and make big plays in the 4th quarter [not allow them]. Update edit:  RR also clearly said it, and that he planned on letting his coaches and the players know.  Regardless of what the rose colored glasses wearing fanboys may say, the guys who make the decisions, and those who must execute them, are aware that they must learn from their mistakes, not repeat them.  Nevertheless, 8-0, 12 reg. season straight, tops in the NFC, feels pretty damn good!   PS - Anyone think the pass ruled a GB completion (Adams?) in the first quarter that kept a drive going was incomplete?  From that point on, I thought the refs again were going to either screw up, or try to screw us.
  9. 4 TDs in less than 6 minutes, two 9 seconds apart.  Unreal.
  10. First they design a stadium to boost crowd noise to deafening sound levels.  Now they're sending the water boy into hotels to pull fire alarms.  Why the hell isn't Goodell investigating this if he's so concerned with the NFL's image and integrity of the game?
  11. Nice eye Zod.  Can we all chip in and get you to the MIA game?  Some shots at that one would be nice, especially if the weather is warm.
  12.   Better try an electric razor when your first time shaving rolls around in a few years.  The ones with blades will cut you.   She was front and center in my first Huddle avatar from the JAX game.
  13. I'd like to thank Zod and rayzor for injecting some logic and well-reasoned analysis into these threads about yesterday's game.  I tried in the locked Shula thread but was so dang mad I couldn't even type straight.  If we take the Bills and Giants, maybe we'll have something to look forward to after the bye.  If things aren't shaping up well by the middle of October, I expect JR may get his broom out of the closet, hand it to the G-man, and do a little house cleaning again.   On a positive note, if the season does go down the crapper this year, the 2014 draft is overloaded with OL talent.
  14. Game Grades - Seahawks at Panthers

    Seattle won, and they are not that impressive.  We lost.  Sure a few bright spots for us, but overall not that impressive either, especially  with all the talk of starting strong.  Panthers overall grade D.  Coaching F----.  Can 'em NOW.
  15.   Apparently so, and while we're on the subject, the visiting Chawks should also be aware that Mecklenburg County was arguably the first to declare independence, about a year before the "official" Dec was signed.  Furthermore, the Brits, like the Chawks, found our home to be like a "hornet's nest" when facing us in battle.  Our opponent this week may well feel the same.     I have a feeling BoA's field will look a lot like my backyard after my wife's cat snagged a bird...bloody feathers all over the place.