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  1. Cam has already been successful with lesser talent. It isn’t an excuse for being unsuccessful, so what he said makes no sense. Cam was league MVP with nothing around him. We hope Norv helps him get back there with more weapons. The coaching staff will be on the hot seat if they can’t provide help for Cam.
  2. Ship

    Tepper Presser Takeaways

    Exposing and calling out abuse of power and racist and sexist comments and actions isn’t a bad thing. People who do those things need to constantly be called out and held accountable. Our society no longer tolerates those actions and part of the way society stomps out things it deems unacceptable is to use shame as a tool. JR deserves to be shamed for his actions for as long as he refuses to apologize and show corrective action. Based on his age I doubt he ever publicly takes responsibility for his actions. Therefore he should continue to be publicly shamed.
  3. Ship

    Tepper Presser Takeaways

    Yeah, I thought it was interesting that he singled out Rivera and Norv, but nothing on Washington and when referring to the "football side" did not mention Hurney either. I assume he didn't mention Washington because he's never been a DC and the defense is firstly a product of Rivera, with his DCs implementing it in their own ways. But, the Hurney non-mention seems clear that he'll be gone soon.
  4. I think Tepper is gonna end up being one of the best owners in the league very soon.
  5. If you have to make it a contractual agreement to keep a statue of yourself up, it probably had no business being put up in the first place/no longer deserves to be standing.
  6. Not a dark horse, but I feel like DJ Moore is really lacking in hype. It seems like his laid back personality off field may be a reason for that, but I’d like to hear some hype on the guy. Ian Thomas for sure. I’m feeling like he’s got an opportunity and could surprise with a quicker start, especially under Norv. And in a similar vein, Armah’s progress. Anybody fighting for a spot in the secondary. Daeshon Hall, Wes Horton, and Efe.
  7. I’d love to see either fans tear it down or change it to be something else.
  8. What an absurd thing to have that as a contractual obligation. There’s gotta be a way around that... other than moving the stadium.
  9. I think that even if we brought Hardy back here, he'd never be the same player or live up to what his potential was in 2014. It's gone forever and he did it to himself.
  10. Ship

    Tony Parker To Charlotte

    The thing I think that’s different is Parker has a better more aggressive attitude than those other French players. He’s a true leader and that’ll be a great quality for us.
  11. Gotta feel for the rest of the Bucs if this is so. Every year they think they've got something, but every year some let down occurs.
  12. Ship

    Luke comes in at #..

    You can quote me here, Kamara won’t repeat his play from last year. You can bet us and the other teams will take his tape apart and shut him down. Plus with no Ingram, teams can key to him even more.
  13. I don’t get why this team can’t just draft a guy who played safety and was talented. It’s not that hard. however, Gaulden apparently looked alright with first and second stringers and got his hands on some passes so hopefully he works his way into something. I like what we’ve heard of his attitude so far.