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  1. Positions we need to upgrade

    Not about releasing stew. It's about having another stud when he gets injured.
  2. Positions we need to upgrade

    It's because Thompson is going to eventually replace TD. If TD gets hurt our LBS outside of Kuechly aren't enough. I don't think we should spend our first pick on one. 
  3. Positions we need to upgrade

    Personally I dont. Primarily because we need another power back.  Don't necessarily think we need to draft one. I'd rather look in FA.   I put our n÷da in this order. RT,  WR, DE, CB, LB, S, RB, TE.   In the draft we need to focus on CB, DE,  and LB.  In free agency I'm splurging on my Oline, WR. RB, and S.  We can draft the rest.     
  4. The Keep Pounding Drum

  5. I'm just happy I went to the NFc championship game. 
  6. Can you imagine how bad a Phil Simms and Ronde Barber tandem would be?
  7. I think that's a better description of what your goal was, which is cool because it can be fun to troll.  Anyway your lucky I'm on my mobile and not my desktop. HA! 
  8. Panther Gear at CLT Airport?

    Airport does have some good gear though.
  9. This country was built on dumb ideas. Get used to it. This thread is for entertainment. Notice how I didn't provide a link to an actual petition. Don't be as narrow minded, snobby, and judgmental as a Camhater. Your better then that. 
  10. I think your taking this thread way too seriously. Personally I think it would be fun to troll them back.  It's just about having fun trolling a rival fanbase. 
  11. It's actually quite liberating.
  12. An eye for an eye. Does it sound like fun to you guys?
  13. Did Cam just terrify/call out white America?

    We have a responsibility as fans to limit distractions so we can bring home the Lombardi.  Threads like this are leached on by the media. Your wrong if you think a thread on the huddle can't open up a media frenzy. Cam speaks the truth, but we need to put a muzzle on these types of threads until after the SB. Otherwise this will be sensationalized if the media smells blood. Meaning thread views. Media outlets poach stories from the huddle all the time.
  14. Where is the huddle tailgate?

    I'm at the Vapiona on Tryon.  Directions from here?