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  1. Just like your moronic opinion ? I got mine and you got yours let’s chill on the name calling
  2. At least why not take a play action deep shot with Moore on first down ... if that doesn’t work then run out the clock. We made no attempt at all.
  3. I hope we try to score. Every possession is important with our sh1tty defense
  4. It’s A.J. fugging green .... even when you jam him he’ll abuse you. Don’t give him an inch. Why are we playing off ?
  5. At least our offense is gelling.... May be TD coming back will fire up the defense. Until then, shootouts baby
  6. That run to CJ should be called on 80%of 1st down plays
  7. That play action even fooled the cameraman lol We will win this only in a shootout .... our defense is getting owned for the 2nd straight week
  8. Starting to question Eric Washington’s playcalling If we are not getting there with the D line, start mixing in some blitzes. You can’t play zone or man unless you have the legion of boom back there
  9. Reverse or not ... that was the first real pressure on Dalton. Something to build on
  10. I’m unrelated news .... mahomes in KC can straight up play. Wow that kid
  11. If that gets reviewed it’s getting reversed lol ... snap the ball quick!!!!!
  12. Until we rough him up, Dalton is going to sling it today