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  1. Giants bench Eli for Geno

    Wow. really? I haven't kept up with the giants much this year so what happened and do you have a link?
  2. they are VR googles. they didn't really play the game on the field.
  3. No that's speculation. might have worked might not have.
  4. Thanks for making me want a steak and salad for lunch.
  5. he did hit him at the line (somewhat). by the time the play came back to that side of the field Funchess was behind the corner now if he knew the play was coming back his way I'm sure he might have tried to be in position to block for CMC better.
  6. If that train went to the left it would have made it. bust
  7. In my ignorant opinion, If he goes outside he might get tackled at the 30 or 25 at best the 20 and the position Funchess is in would be a block in the back.
  8. Saints Lose Pie

    Love, love it
  9. I have no idea what you just said.
  10. What Giants Fans Are Saying

    I bet Benwikere gets an int on Cruz. ;-)
  11. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  12. Then sit down, shut up, and enjoy. ;-)
  13. I expected I great year but then expectations dropped to maybe a decent year when Benji went down. Never expected this either. Makes me very giddy. ;-)