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  1. Uh Oh...

    Or we have a bunch of drama whores looking for anything to bitch about.
  2. Gameday Menu

    chicken stew both days. sorry no pics.
  3. you trying to start up the tie thing again?
  4. well we were not talking about that. you have moved on to something else. and you can't say to what degree a concussion is by what equals what. there is a lot of misconceptions on here about concussion. its not always black and white. you are right, all concussions are bad but some heal and don't cause permanent damage while others do. now granted most involved with collisions in events such as some hard hits in football can be the worst type that can cause permanent damage we can't assume all of them do.
  5. that it didn't help. Without it it might have been worst. I don't know but I'm not going to assume one way or the other.
  6. You really say some ignorant stuff sometimes.
  7. Thanks for making me giggle. I needed that today.
  8. because ESPN is assume news. They assume and hope it becomes real. they put him in the protocol. that doesn't mean He does or doesn't have a concussion, just that he was put in the protocol.
  9. But the huddle told me we suck and need to fire and trade everyone.
  10. RE the Fantastic Header:

    Tell us how you really feel. ;)
  11. It looked to me that he got hit more in the neck area witch could have strained his neck and did like a pinched nerve thing. and maybe that gave him some of the same symptoms as a concussion and they just wanted to make sure it wasn't a concussion. or maybe in just talking out my arse. just my baseless opinion.
  12. I can some what agree with that if you are talking about athleticism. If your talking about heart I think you put them in a different order and add TD. they all would be close together but a little different order. I do want Peppers and Smith to be retired as panthers but In my opinion not a statue. would be nice to have a ring of honor thing with them.
  13. You are completely correct. Sam Mills was a lot better man than Steve Smith.
  14. Broke noses? sorry but that just proved you know nothing about what your talking about. Not going to say he isn't a good dad and husband. he is from what I know. but just that does not make a good man. its how you treat your follow man too. and don't hand me that " passion for the game" mess. his punching his teammates wasn't during a game its because he get his feelings hurt.