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  1. So a QB that can bring a team back from a 13 point deficit in the fourth and give them a chance to win is something nobody wants in a QB?
  2. I can understand people thinking this is a non issue if they occurred in the 3rd. But on the final drive which directly affects the outcome of the game, it's a big deal. Did the coaches call a good game? No. Did we play like poo the first half? Yes. Would we have won if those things weren't true? Probably. Would we have won if the correct calls were made in the final drive? Yes.
  3. They will find a way to fug it up. This is the Browns we're talking about.
  4. Losing out on Watson is bad enough, but we don't need him in the south if we don't get him.
  5. Or just Google. Too much info at your fingertips to twist something like that
  6. Heard my kid use "say less" about a year ago and instantly loved the phrase. Only an idiot could think it means anything other than "say no more"
  7. I know when I type WFT my autocorrect wants to type WTF
  8. I m sure you knew like I did that we would score there. He came in I was screaming "Cam"
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