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  1. I see Brown as a guard and Moore as a center. I think if he wasn't from a Historically Black College, he would have been drafted.
  2. I really dont see how he fits. Last year we had 4 DTs on the roster during the season, you would have to think it will be the same this year. Right now we have Myles Adams, Derick Brown, Woodrow Hamilton, Bruce Hector, Phil Hoskins, PJ Johnson, DaQuan Jones, Daviyon Nixon, Mike Panisiuk, Bravion Roy. That's 10 guys going for 4 spots. Is he better than 6 of them at this point? Derick Brown, Bravion Roy, and Daviyon Nixon are probably shoe ins, that leaves 1 spot. Not to mention we trying to get younger.
  3. David Moore will be starting center once Paradis leaves
  4. Moore has to be the most used last name in Panthers history. I know of a couple Davis' and some Smith's too.
  5. That was 1 throw. Media loved him, scouts not so much obviously. I said the same thing the day after the pro day and you made excuses for it. I think you just blocked out all the bad throws
  6. My employer does, but it's a 2 way street. People have to want to be helped in order for it to work
  7. Kinda surprising, hope he can be a week one starter as the article suggests.
  8. Every single long pass attempt the reciever had to change his course, turn around, slow down, and/or catch at the hip. It was a horrible pro day and probably why he dropped like he did.
  9. Looked better than any pass on Fields pro day
  10. I wouldn't call Norman and Bradberry great. They are maybe the 3rd or 4th best panther DBs. And we never had a truly great CB.
  11. Panthers win division rest of teams 3 way tie for worst
  12. Welcome back, stay longer this time. And yeah, this draft was masterfully executed and it shows us just how bad things had been with Marty.
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