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  1. Obviously putting your college hate for Clemson ahead of your love for Panthers.
  2. He is not saying that Mac Jones will be a top ten pick. Just that Lance may not be, and Jones may sneak ahead of him. In reality Lance isn't you typical top ten QB prospect, he is really a mid to late first round QB prospect in most years. He is being pushed up because there are many QB needy teams. Guys like Lance go to teams with established QBs so he can sit for a few years and learn the system. Top ten QBs are typically considered day 1 starters, Lance starting Day 1 would be a disaster. Mac Jones is typically an early day 2 QB, he is not boom or bust. He will either be a good
  3. Whats with changing his name? I've seen this in other posts as well, it's not clever.
  4. Boring? This is the most exciting Offseason in a long time. It is not insulting to be in the running for a guaranteed NFL Franchise QB. Also the insinuations coming from the media are due to the owner saying he would be agressive to get Watson. If its boring to keep talking about Watson, then lets stop talking about all draft prospects because we have heard everything a hundred times. No more mocks, no more player evaluations, we can just talk about the weather or memories of past glory like in past offseasons.
  5. Not how it works. Team doctors have to diagnose him with something that does not allow him to play. He cant just say my shoulder hurts and not play, he will not get paid.
  6. If no Watson, we need to stick to 8. None of these QBs are worth trading future picks for. If one of the top four QBs drop to 8, then I guess we pull the trigger on a QB. Otherwise BPA at a position of need. Earlier I wasn't really feeling any of these QBs, but with us basically alienating ourselves from Teddy, we have little choice.
  7. This cant be done in the nfl unless we have 2 first round picks every year for the next 3 years
  8. More like the grease from the gas station chicken on Wilkinson
  9. Some random old dude donates money to a college. How is this Panthers related?
  10. He didnt accrue a season towards his contract, so he is still on his second year. I think he will be given every opportunity to show what he can do this season.
  11. Zo never wanted to leave Charlotte, his agent and former coach convinced him to do it. https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/how-john-thompson-jr-convinced-alonzo-mourning-leave-hornets-heat Besides, seeing Zo, Larry and Mugsy play together for 3 years was magical. Happy Bday Zo (doubt he will read this)
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