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  1. I don't see how this trade can be a mistake. Even if Bryce doesn't work out, it shows the organization is doing whatever it takes to get us a Superbowl.
  2. I think it would be boring as a fan as both of them would be watching film and probably not talking much at all.
  3. The money was what it was and we had no control over it, but the vitriol that many had on this forum towards him as a player was outrageous.
  4. The guy predicting the record admitted he was a Chicago fan and wanted us to do bad so they can get a higher pick.
  5. I said in my original post that I thought Pep was better, but the stats were surprisingly comparable
  6. I never said I thought he was better than Pep, just comparable from a stat standpoint. And you're right Burns played 3 more games than Pep and I'm sure he has never played sick in the last 4 years
  7. I thought so too, but when you compare their first 4 seasons it's not too far off. Peppers: 193 tackles, 40.5 sacks, FF 14, INT 3, PD 23 Burns: 196 tackles, 38 sacks, FF 7, INT 0, PD 11 I know not everything is based on stats, but when I looked it up they are actually very close. Also year 5 was one of Peppers best seasons
  8. Actually he's not, Detroit still owns the rights to him
  9. Love Burns and think he deserves to get paid, but atm he is at least 4th, maybe even 5th if you count Reggie White
  10. When was Shenault ever on a practice squad? No need to slam one of our players just because you are ignorant to who they are. FYI he is still considered our number 4 WR
  11. There were plenty of analysts saying Theilen wasn't a number 1 anymore and not to expect more than number 2 production from him
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