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  1. Never heard of the Charlotte Panthers. Must be a minor league team of some sorts
  2. I'm pretty sure they did something with the stripe on the pants at some point
  3. Players always seem to get injured in these practices. Never been a fan of them
  4. If he is the QB for the next 10 years this will be considered the greatest trade in Panthers history, topping the Olsen trade.
  5. Can always count on Saxy for whatever this was. Keep it up
  6. Like 10 maybe. I call my kids 4 different names before I get it right, but I'm suposed to remember people I've never met before?
  7. Still remember Reggie Lewis collapsing during a hornets game. These things stick with you forever
  8. Translation Moton will be starting at LT this season. You cant trust anything the site writes up.
  9. If cmc is healthy, they will run the offense through him
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