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  1. Maybe in 10 years we will be comparing rookie RBs to Jonathan Brooks
  2. Not with coach killer Bryce at the helm
  3. I think we did the best we could with the Burns situation and the fumbling wasnt on this offseason. I would give it a B
  4. You can say this about every team in the nfc south
  5. Everyone said his recievers were trash at Alabama too, it's a common theme with the Bryce excusers
  6. I'd say 4 wins and they will come where we don't expect it.
  7. Bryce as QB will make the line look bottom 10
  8. They were all defensive minded coaches, Canales will be more creative. I doubt he will ever say a punt is a good play
  9. Lol catchable, it was 5 yards behind him. Mingo momentum carried him out of bounds. It was thrown late and behind, stop making excuses for Bryce
  10. On PNP, Rashad got his autograph and he signed it with #0. So maybe won't be long
  11. I'm hoping it's Johnson, XL, then Theilen and Sanders with similar yards. I think Theilen will play a Proehl role this season
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