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  1. Ealy made Super Bowl History

    I like where your head is at, but he's not a FA until 2018, right?
  2. Ealy made Super Bowl History

    Time to find him a nice bookend in FA. 
  3. Remmers

    He didn't cost us the game alone, but he was definitely a weak link. If we want to compete with elite defenses, we have to shore up RT with a high level player. Good thing we have FA and the draft coming up. I have faith in Gettleman to find someone good, and faith in Remmers to be either elevate his game to keep his spot(I don't think this is likely due to his ceiling) or be a good team mate and provide quality depth.   
  4. Im with Sean Payton's Vicodin.. Just ban me also

    All these grown men in this thread, getting all excited over Jeremy getting rid of one of his ALTs. LOL!
  5. Would Carolina at Denver Be the 2016-17 Opening Game?

    Never understood the concept of 'avenging' a Super Bowl loss by winning a single regular season game. I know you didn't come up with it, it's just always seemed funny to me. Nothing done in a single regular season game will avenge a Super Bowl loss. 
  6. With Cam as QB do we have a shorter 'window'?

    If he was built like Michael Vick, then Yes. However he's built like Michael Strahan, so No. 
  7. Denver's team is three times as old as ours. It takes time to build a solid fan base. We're on our way. 
  8. Lamest. Rioters. Ever. 
  9. So where does Carolina finish next year?

    On your mom? No, seriously, I think we'll make it to the playoffs. Beyond that, who knows. 
  10. Even Wade Phillips is trolling Cam on Twitter

    Pretty sure that's an intern posting stuff for grandpa Wade.  Congratulations to him though, he coached a helluva game. 
  11. See ya later

    Such a great season! It's only upward from here. Keep Pounding!
  12. Cam backing away from the ball...

    Poor decision in hindsight, but to me it looked like Kalil was already diving for it and he saw that and paused. Probably thinking that if they both dive for the ball they'd collide and it'd have popped out. OOOOR we could pretend like Cam is a huge pussy that doesn't value winning over taking a big hit...
  13. It has been a good year

    So much negative bitchassness on the boards tonight. Glad to see this thread. We are set up to compete for the foreseeable future. Anyone that doubts that can GTFO.
  14. Guess what I just dug out of my drawer!

    I was going to go with, "More LSD!" after that post you made yesterday...
  15. Who wins SB50 MVP and why?

    After that stupid segment at the beginning of the week where Demarcus Ware and Deion Sanders talked about how they should have a Defensive MVP trophy "since they usually give it to the quarterback" it would be AMAZING to see Luke get it. He was very humble and you could tell he was not sweating any awards other than the Lombardi trophy.