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  1. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic Another school shooting, this time in Oregon   

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  2. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic LOL Putin gave Obama the finger   

    His nickname is Bibi, and since you guys aren't fraternity bros, you just look like a dumb ass referring to him in such a familiar way. BIBI doesn't 'pwn' anyone. Israel depends on money and weapons from the U.S. His big, giant balls that you admire so much are actually attached to Obama by virtue of the fact that he's the President of the United fuging States of America. Israel continues to exist because the U.S. subsidizes it. What a tough guy! 
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  3. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic My wedding Oct 3   

    Planning a wedding in Greenville, NC* at the beginning of hurricane season is a pretty balls out move. Congrats on your marriage. Hopefully the flooding that's expected in the mountains won't make it all the way to TN. 
    I assumed that you're referring to NC rather than SC due to your 'Gvegas' Location. 
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  4. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic Going to be a News-Filled Day According to Bill Voth   

    Or that we've signed Norman to a team friendly deal. #Gettlemagic?
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  5. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic Opinions on if CJ's Charlotte restraunt means authing significant   

    Ryan Kalil's LLC owns the property. It's probably a joint venture with several players. I'd bet he's either buying the property from Kalil outright or invested a larger share to secure naming rights. Very cool. So two veteran, all-pro Panthers want to reinvest in the community, and provide a location for fans to meet IN UPTOWN, WALKING DISTANCE FROM THE STADIUM and all some of you people can say is, "Don't do it, it's gonna fail." What the fug?
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  6. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic Charles Johnson to IR designated to return   

    You are, not 'we are.' Most of the rational adults don't feel that way. He's a grown man being paid millions of dollars; he'll work hard to get back in the game. I'd rather he actually do that than just instagram about it. I don't need someone telling me that they're working hard on social media. I do expect to hear about new business ventures that they're working on through social media. I'm glad he's investing in the community, specifically a fan-friendly venture, as he could have just invested in real estate or fast food franchises. 
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  7. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic Charles Johnson to IR designated to return Alphabetical Order/surveys&rfirestation4.htm
    It's currently owned by an LLC owned by Ryan Kalil. Looks like a joint venture perhaps. Best of all, it preserves an historic Charlotte landmark. It's not feasible as a working fire station anymore, so it might as well be reborn as a Panthers bar. 
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  8. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic Charles Johnson to IR designated to return   

    I for one think it's cool as hell that a player is reinvesting in Charlotte, in a restaurant/bar close to the stadium that fans can visit. I mean, Dan Morgan's place was out in fuging Ballantyne. Good for him. I'm not sure what else a multimillionaire is supposed to do during the off season. 
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  9. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic Panthers PFF Grades - Defense   

    You're right, Charles Johnson started in a much better situation and was eased into his role. Kony Ealy has been thrust into a role, been serviceable and still gets poo from the negative nancies. Players take time to develop. Josh Norman has been benched before as well and now everyone is offering their left nut to help re-sign him right this minute. 
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  10. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic Panthers PFF Grades - Defense   

    Charles Johnson didn't come on until year three. Ealy will be fine.
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  11. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic Panthers Trade for Jared Allen   

    This is a win/win/win. We get a proven player with a high motor, to pair with two of the best, nastiest interior linemen in the NFL, and a guy that can help light a fire under whoever is playing on the other end. Allen is too old to rebuild a team around, so it's better for the Bears to get some chance at value later rather than marginal value right now. Allen gets to move back to the position he built his career at, and a chance to spend the last few years on a team where he can be one of a group of high level guys, even if he's not still able to be THE guy. 
    And we probably get to keep the pick if we have to cut him early for underperforming. #Gettlemagic
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  12. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic Foothills Tea Party Preppers   

    This guy is fat as hell, but he's got a lot of good, practical tips for survival. I saw him on some TV show and of all the 'preppers' he seemed to actually have useful knowledge and is very generous with it. It made me sad for him. He's mentioned something about weight loss surgery before, so I'm sure it's on his mind. Anyway, there's some good stuff on here, just don't follow any of his diet tips!
    Edit: Forgot to mention that like a lot of other preppers, he's also a whack job on just about everything else. 
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  13. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic Receivers Passed Up For Kony Ealy   

    What exactly is Kony Ealy doing to get some of you idiots so riled up? He's playing with a high motor, he's drawing some penalties for being aggressive and making mistakes that any second year player would make. You all sound exactly like the people on here that bemoaned the Charles Johnson pick back around his 2nd-3rd year. Kony Ealy is going to be a baller, and in a year or two, you idiots will have someone new to bitch about, and will say you knew he was awesome all along. 
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  14. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic The Club Level Should be sponsored by the Sleep Number Bed   

    I've sat all over the stadium and never had a problem with anyone for cheering too loudly. 
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  15. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic I hate being the downer but take this 2-0 with a HUGE grain of salt.   

    Kid, just shut the fu ck up and enjoy the win. 
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