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  1. One year on: Rating Christian McCaffrey

  2. Mark it down now: Super Bowl LIII belongs to the Panthers

    Panthers will not win the SB with Jerry Hurney and Ron running the show. All 3 are terrible and bad. 10 years at the earliest once they're all history
  3. Now are the Panthers better? What say you?

    Much worse our o line went from poop to diarrhea with Norwell gone.
  4. 2016 draft now one of our worst drafts ever

    2017 will be worse after cmc flops next season
  5. Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    This team is a joke
  6. Did a little rap song about the life of a QB ...

    lmao i have to hear this tbh
  7. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    i cant believe i lived to see the eagles win the super bowl. too bad i wont see the panthers win one
  8. i havent really cared since super bowl 50. of course my interest in the NFL at large back then was already declining. My interest in the NFL peaked in 2008 tbh
  9. https://247sports.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/Bolt/Carolina-Panther-officially-ruled-extinct-114396742 Right after we hired Hurney back to kill our Carolina Panthers, the real Panthers are killed 4 good.
  10. Gettleman calls out Panthers draft strategy

    u cant tell me that CMC was BPA at 8 last year lmao getts
  11. am I doing it wrong? Bitcoin has been going crazy for a while now
  12. Why Conservatives Suck

    All movies are Christian movies because we are all God's children.
  13. Getting closer to the real Trump/Russia truth

    I loved Donald Trump, honest to God I did, I even bought The Art of the Deal and highlighted all of my favorite passages and quotes in classic neon yellow highlighter, I bought every season of The Apprentice including the 40 hours of bonus behind the scenes footage for an extra 20 smackers, I bought every version of MAGA hat, even the very rare green St.Patricks day hat and I even bought every MAGA hat from the Spring pastel color collection, but after the most recent Russia Buzzfeed revelations, and the huge Hawaii failure I can no longer support this man. I dropped off all my Trump suits at The Salvation Army and the homeless volunteer said "this poo is made in China!" And threw it in the dumpster, then the homeless man living in the dumpster threw it onto the street and I heard a muffled "cheap made in China bullshit!" then his stray pandering dog limped over to the suits and took a poo on them, I just shook my head, so symbolic, fugin Drumpf. Oprah will get my vote in 2020
  14. Best Twitter Reactions

    lmao someone cant take a joke. the guy is a panthers fan and runs a panthers website and is just bandwagoning the jags. u dumb