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  1. even the rosenburgs didnt manage to last 3 years, if what the liberals say is true (it isn't) trump is on pace to smash that WHILE being a much higher profile target.
  2. you really dont think he's been surveyed and watched by the IC much more than the average person since he announced his bid 2 years ago? ha ha ha oh wow what a FANTASY!!
  3. the watergate comparisons are so fuging retarded too. a break into a hotel isn't comparable to the fanfiction liberals think trump did. obviously if it were in 5% true the IC would be on high alert and things wouldnt be so formal.
  4. i love the false dichotomy that trump is a bumbling idiot but managed to cover his tracks so well that he's been colluding with a nuclear powerhouse for years that the CIA NSA FBI etc didnt manage to catch him in the act of committing treason or whatever and its up to robert mueller - super human scooby doo extraordinaire to get to the bottom of this, which will be any day now. he will find the smoking gun any. day. now.
  5. https://www.predictit.org/Contract/5367/Will-Donald-Trump-be-president-at-year-end-2018 forreal though if yall think trump is truly done this time for real put some money into this so i can make some dough next year. russian rubles are drying up!!!
  6. shhh let them have this. the fallout is gonna be that much funnier when its only paul manafort and some other worthless ***** go down.
  7. Hurney "isn't sure" he's only interim

    dissapointing =/= worst team in the fuging league counting 2010 as merely a dissappointment is a bar so low you couldnt slide paper under it. hurney sucks ass at putting out winning teams, only reason he's around is because he's a kiss ass.
  8. Trump signs sanction bill

    mattis has a war boner towards iran. once the tbox finds out RUSSIA is getting closer to iran the bipartisan war masturbation will start revving up for them
  9. Trump signs sanction bill

    LMAO AT SERIOUSLY WANTING TO INTERVENE IN SYRIA. tinderbox went full on neocon since trump got elected. what a twist! trump is the gift that keeps on giving.
  10. Hurney "isn't sure" he's only interim

    Looking more and more likely that its this year or bust for the next decade or so.

    the 20th century way of thinking about america is just about dead. do you realize that? TRUMP is truly the first 21st century president.

    hahhahahhaha how the fug does american foreign policy post cold war benefit the common american man at all hahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahaahahaha
  13. id suck a buffet of dicks for the panthers to have an oline half as good as the cowboys

    Whats wrong with Huntsman. He's the prototypical "moderate GOPer" that mainstream democratic voters love to suck off And nobody cares about VP lets be real.

    Those approval ratings Trump has is right on par with the approval ratings of the democratic party. The democrats best bet is Corey "Whole Foods" Booker. Yikes!