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  1. Brady should be MVP this year. Has better stats than Wentz. Same story as last season too with Ryan vs Brady MVP watch.
  2. Yeah that's a lot of busts picked at 8. Shame we couldn't break the trend.
  3. NFL won't exist in 30 years
  4. Team is boned for the next decade lmao
  5. Psssst..., Hurney is GM , not interim GM

    Team is spinning its tires until JR dies.
  6. Can this defense win a Superbowl?

    No, the secondary sucks ass and the star pkayers in the front 7 are either injured or hot and cold. This Panthers team is a shittier version of the 2013 squad - the seasons gonna end the same way as that one did.
  7. Now go find the thread when mike was hired as oc
  8. I Have No More Excuses for Christian McCaffrey

    I was begging for either lattimore or hooker in the draft thread. I couldnt believe getts jumped on this trash ass player.
  9. I Have No More Excuses for Christian McCaffrey

    The guy sucks, theres no other way around it. Worst rb picked in the 1st since good ole Trent Richardson
  10. NFC South , Oddly Enough, Is Still Wide Open .

    Why would you eant to see this team get a 4th seed, go one and done, and bring back this poo coaching staff?
  11. NFC South , Oddly Enough, Is Still Wide Open .

    We got demolished by the bears this team aint winning poo
  12. On 2 different teams! Just lmaooooo
  13. ZOMG! CMC iz uh BUZT!!

    Yes CMC has yet to have any good blocking at all on his nearly 40 carries and 2.8 ypc. Thank God he's a HOF distraction player though.
  14. Shaq Thompson | Time to Walk the Walk

    trade him for a rb
  15. Hang Shula at dawn

    not a hard decision