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  1. Yeah, but... Just playing devil's advocate here but what if Funchess' 10 yard catch could have been a 60 yard TD by Moore or Samuel due to their speed and ability to break tackles? Funch is a limited YAC guy, always has been. Wright seems to be a much better hands guy than Funchess so I'd go with him in that possession role.
  2. Redskins don't have a Beckham or Barkley on offense. Their TE Reed is their best offensive weapon. I think our Reid, TD and Shaq can keep him under control. But they are tough in the middle on defense and will be hard to run against - conventionally. Look for Cam to lead in rushing. A healthy dose of Samuel and Moore will be too much for their secondary. If Olsen plays, he should feast.
  3. Agree. If you needed a polished route runner and willing blocker, then why not go with Ridley? You knew Ridley was willing to block coming from Alabama. Moore has a higher ceiling than Ridley in my opinion. I can see what Smitty meant when he compared Moore to himself. Moore is out there manhandling cats all over the field. He is stronger than his combine bench says. You get that guy the ball one-on-one and it's almost unfair for a CB.
  4. Yeah, looked like he was reading the safety over the top to commit. My guess is he wanted to move the safety to Wright with his eyes so he could hit the receiver on the left, but the safety doesn't move that way until Cam has pressure. I don't know. I'm reaching. Cam has way too much arm talent not to drive that ball into Wright's chest. That's a flick of the wrist for him.
  5. Grass is not always greener - I agree. The devil you know is better than the devil you don't - agree. One in the hand is worth more than two in the bush - yep still agree. But they're all conservative quotes for consistent mediocrity. With that said, I like Rivera. I think he's done a great job as HC of the Panthers. However, I don't think the team will ever reach their full potential because of his unwillingness to take chances and change with the game. Sometimes you just have to come to the plate and swing for the fence. "F" it! Homerun or strike out. And I definitely ain't trying to outrun no grounder to third.
  6. And then you become predictable. And what if you decided to change the play at the LOS, because the defense stacks the box? Now you're stuck with your playmaker on the sideline watching. If your run game is that reliant on WRs blocking downfield, then you're already in trouble.
  7. Hard to understand why Rivera would rely on this approach. His best season to date as a head coach was due to explosive downfield passing. Yeah the defense caused a bunch of turnovers, but Cam was launching bombs all over the place in 2015. Why would you not want to recreate that season? I think he does which is why he brought in Torrey, drafted Samuel, CMC and Moore. I just don't get what the team is waiting on. Let these dudes loose. All of them.
  8. panthers55, I hear what you're saying... So, if you have an explosive game breaker at receiver that maybe isn't as willing to block as another receiver, then you go with the other player because his willingness to block fits your scheme? Particularly when the other receiver hasn't done much of anything as a receiver. It's 2018, not 1978. A receiver that doesn't make receptions should not be starting. You alter your scheme for your dynamic talents. Not limit your dynamic talent because of your scheme.
  9. Also with that very logic, Tyreek Hill would not get much playing time if any on this team. I hear and understand what you're saying - completely. I haven't watched any film, but have you seen him look like an unwilling blocker? Everything else about his game seems contradictory to that. It's pathetic that the Panthers won't get the ball to Moore. He's the type of talent that should get at least 10 touches a game.
  10. I disagree with your statement about Moore's blocking - he's the most physical receiver on the roster. And it ain't even close. If you have a dynamic talent then you find ways to get him the ball using what he does well. You don't just decide that he can't get on the field because he doesn't do what you WANT him to do well enough yet. Once again, I feel confident in saying that if the Panthers had drafted Tyreek Hill, he would be on the practice squad or inactive most games. At the very least he would be reserved to return duties only.
  11. Disagree with regards to Moore. Granted his greatest skill sets occur after the ball is in his hands, it is still so much more than anything those ahead of him offer. He is ridiculously strong - reminds me of Smitty in that regard. Improve his route running and he becomes a force. He can't get better without game reps, and it's not like Funchess and Torrey are tearing it up.
  12. Navy_football

    Matt Ryan Got X-Rays After The Game

    Dang Hammer, don't hurt 'em!
  13. Navy_football

    Modern NFL offense vs Panthers offense

    It's not the Xs and Os, but the Jimmys and Joes. So now we have playmakers, they're just not getting enough snaps - because they aren't vets or whatever reason Rivera has. Ron kills me with this BS. He gets in his head that a player isn't ready, and there's nothing that player (or the guy above him on the depth chart) can do to change his mind. Samuel, Moore and CMC would make 3 offensive skilled players that a DC would need to account for. No one needs to do anything special for Torrey or Funchess. They're simply not threats. Just guys. I wish Ron would stop focussing on what he can't do with a player, and start focussing on what he CAN do with a player. Moore and Samuel opens plays and abilities that Funchess and Torrey just CAN'T provide. Let playmakers make plays.
  14. Living in the D.C. area, I've seen Gano miss game winning kicks way too often. Sometimes guys really do just need a change of scenery.
  15. A slant is the easiest pass to complete, particularly if the db is giving cushion. Not sure why we don't run them more often. Giants don't seem to have a problem calling them.