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  1. So Luke is a HOFer right now? Just asking - I have no idea the precedent on how long an inside LB needs to play to make the HOF.
  2. Navy_football

    Day 4 notes

    I think Norv will do a much better job of designing pass protections and run schemes week to week based on who we're playing. I always got the feeling that Shula came in with the same (nearly the same) plays and schemes every game - not taking into account what each defense did well. No OC worth a dam would ever have left Remmers one-on-one with Von Miller that often - particularly that close to your own goal line. A good OC can mask some deficiencies in the o-line. If you give Cam enough time, he'll kill you with his arm. And if you don't respect his ability to run, he can scorch you with his legs.
  3. Navy_football

    Does Cam have to be Lebron in 2018

    This is a tough comparison when basketball players play both sides of the ball. So, you really need to be more specific with this comparison. If they really mean, will he need to carry the offense like he has in the past? Then no, that was the purpose in bringing in all of these offensive weapons. He will not need to do everything on offense like LeBron does - leading the team in every major category? That's why CMC was drafted last year and CJ was brought in this year. You can't have sustained success if your starting QB is also your leading rusher in yards and goal line TDs. Otherwise every team would just run the triple option. Now I interpreted the comparison as: will Cam need to be the best player on the field every game in order for the Panther to win? I think the answer here is yes. He will need to be able to make plays with both his arm and his legs. I don't think we have the kind of weapons that will allow Cam and Norv to simply out-strategize other teams. Cam will have to make splash plays in the passing game and kill defenses with his legs - particularly on off schedule plays.
  4. Navy_football

    Young offensive Weapons

    16 games x 50 yards a game is only 800 ya... Oh, I see what you did there - and I like it!
  5. Navy_football

    Hayden Hurst Visiting Panthers

    The TE position has been a key cog in this offense since Cam got here. Olsen has been the leading receiver more times than not. Norv actually knows how to utilize a 2 TE system, so Hayden wouldn't really be a 1st round backup pick. Olsen has already shown that his body and his desire to play are fading. It's time to bring in his replacement. It's already been a 7 year run. And to be honest, Hayden is a better, more willing blocker.
  6. I'd draft him first round and not look back. This kid is a stud!
  7. Navy_football

    Eric Ebron signs with Colts

    Love the idea of taking Hayden Hurst from SC. I don't recall many big TEs with a jump cut in their repertoire.
  8. Breaux is not very good. Not sure why so many are clamoring for his signing. Just like Boston. Why would you want to bring him back? Would much rather bring back an intimidator like Mitchell. Just as good/bad as Tre in coverage, but brings so much more in run support and just knocking the Shiite out of anybody with the ball.
  9. Navy_football

    This offseason is off the charts

    Real talk...
  10. Think we're more likely to see wide receivers drop in the draft than safeties. At this point, pick up a #2 TE like Ebron and/or a safety like Honey Badger and this team is ready for the draft. Although I love the TE out of SC. He's more likely to make it to pick #24 than a Ridley. With that in mind, if Hurney could get the badger here then maybe use the 1st rounder on a TE - we'd be ready for the NFC South.
  11. Navy_football

    About those corners...

    I think 'Eight O Clock' is for the more refined coffee drinker that actually enjoys a good coffee. Not just sugar and caramel. Sort of like a tall cold mug of Guinness.
  12. This is really really getting old...
  13. Not sure why Cam refuses to run the ball when the play isn't there.
  14. No struggle at all. Looks like he was dead as soon as he snatched him.