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  1. I'm not a doctor or neurosurgeon, so I don't know. But it really seems like he's getting concussions way too easy now. Obvious his brain is not as immune to injury as it was when he came into the league. That's some scary stuff. His brain is more susceptible to injury now. His brain is injured. The thing that makes you who you are.
  2. What Chicago Bears fans are saying...

    My wife is from Chicago so I don't care how we win this game as long as we win. Please baby Jesus don't let us lose this game.
  3. Not going to lie if he does have a concussion then it's really time to consider retiring. No amount of money is worth damaging your brain more than you already have.
  4. My take is Philly's linebackers are some dang on DOGS - big, fast, smart and strong!!!! Scheme wasn't the issue in my opinion. When LBs are running through Tackles, they are the exception not the rule.
  5. Which path for Newton?

    Personally think this is silly... I'd highly doubt if any other QB in the NFL is told he can't run. So, this team is telling arguably the best runner at the position that he shouldn't do it. Really doesn't make sense to me.
  6. So much for Cam being the only QB in the league to overthrow wide open receivers
  7. So are you just planning to let the fugging DE take a straight line to the QB every time we get in the RZ?
  8. Olsen has a broken foot

    Didn't we just bring in a receiving TE to the PS? Let's be honest, Greg was never much of a blocker either.
  9. San Fran - What do you know...

    Honestly believe Shanahan is on another level as a playcaller/adjusting to what the defense is giving you, and developing route combinations. I think it's a winnable game, but this ain't our advantage.
  10. Saturday Carolina Panthers Cuts thread

  11. Calaias Campbell impressed by CMC.

    You sir, are an eggplant. But you're my kind of eggplant.
  12. The Kelvin Benjamin Touchdown

    It was a slant but with Shepard running a little rub route, which he executed very well. No contact, but he definitely influenced KBs defender.
  13. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Now that would truly suck. If proof of the undead doesn't sway her into acting reasonably, then she needs to die. End of story.
  14. Game of Thrones Season 7

    I doubt fire since it's the biggest weapon against them. I think it'll be more freezing breath than ice. Breath that'll turn ish to ice and compromise its integrity.
  15. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Should really be, traded Cersei's army for a dragon. Still probably not worth it if the night king becomes that much more mobile and dangerous. He could destroy entire armies by himself if they're not prepared for a dragon.