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  1. Hayden Hurst Visiting Panthers

    The TE position has been a key cog in this offense since Cam got here. Olsen has been the leading receiver more times than not. Norv actually knows how to utilize a 2 TE system, so Hayden wouldn't really be a 1st round backup pick. Olsen has already shown that his body and his desire to play are fading. It's time to bring in his replacement. It's already been a 7 year run. And to be honest, Hayden is a better, more willing blocker.
  2. I'd draft him first round and not look back. This kid is a stud!
  3. Eric Ebron signs with Colts

    Love the idea of taking Hayden Hurst from SC. I don't recall many big TEs with a jump cut in their repertoire.
  4. Breaux is not very good. Not sure why so many are clamoring for his signing. Just like Boston. Why would you want to bring him back? Would much rather bring back an intimidator like Mitchell. Just as good/bad as Tre in coverage, but brings so much more in run support and just knocking the Shiite out of anybody with the ball.
  5. This offseason is off the charts

    Real talk...
  6. Think we're more likely to see wide receivers drop in the draft than safeties. At this point, pick up a #2 TE like Ebron and/or a safety like Honey Badger and this team is ready for the draft. Although I love the TE out of SC. He's more likely to make it to pick #24 than a Ridley. With that in mind, if Hurney could get the badger here then maybe use the 1st rounder on a TE - we'd be ready for the NFC South.
  7. If we had that receiving corp right now, the league would step in to break the team up. It just wouldn't be fair.
  8. Saints4lifeagain hahahahahahahaha

    Somebody go check on that boy. He don't need to be alone tonight. No Saints fans need to be alone tonight.
  9. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    The Steelers have so many offensive weapons... How do they lose this game?
  10. Cam has to gain chemistry (confidence) in this receiving crew before going into the playoffs. If you're starting your franchise QB, then you'd better be playing to win.
  11. If I were the new owner(s)....

    I disagree with most. It's time for a change for both Rivera and Cam's sake. Rivera would be highly sought after as a HC and this team needs a new philosophy. Just like Tony Dungy and John Gruden. Both great successful coaches, but needed to change teams to win the super bowl. Edit: they needed to change teams to win the super bowl.
  12. About those corners...

    I think 'Eight O Clock' is for the more refined coffee drinker that actually enjoys a good coffee. Not just sugar and caramel. Sort of like a tall cold mug of Guinness.
  13. This is really really getting old...
  14. Not sure why Cam refuses to run the ball when the play isn't there.