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  1. I think Watson has been more consistent in the extremely limited number of games he's played. Better acceleration - probably, since he's much smaller. I don't think he has better top end speed though. The real question is durability - just like RGIII, Luck, Wentz, and many others. Cam has elite talent but more importantly he rarely misses games or plays. And he plays (or has played) much more reckless than any of the aforementioned up-and-coming QBs, except for maybe Russell Wilson. Cam's just built different.
  2. Navy_football

    Panthers Sunday Practice Thread

    Was thinking that a couple of weeks ago when D. Williams went down. Why not try him out at RT or worst case LG? He just doesn't seem to have the athleticism for a LT.
  3. Navy_football

    Brenton Bersin

    Thanks Chib, just blew soda through my nose. The bubbles do not feel good - at all. Even so, Beer for you sir!
  4. 88 bless his heart. He is not a blocker. Not for lack of effort, just ain't his forte.
  5. Navy_football

    What are your Top 5 Movies All Time?

    Surprised Braveheart didn't make anyone's list!
  6. Navy_football

    update: still legal to murder black people in florida

    So which part justifies the murder of a man in front of his family while coming to the defense of the mother of his children, in broad daylight, with numerous people around to stop/intervene if necessary? Is it the illegal parking in a handicap spot, or is it the push to the ground? I think most men in the world would have taken issue with another man in a heated argument with their significant other - in front of their children. Should he have pushed him? No, of course not. But no man deserves to die for pushing another man. That's a coward all day and twice on Sunday. That, or just a racist looking for an excuse to shoot a black man. Couldn't be that though...
  7. Navy_football

    Best Drop Rates for Receivers last year

    You're right. He made the list and I'm not arguing that point. However, that list would lead you to believe he's in the top echelon of receivers right now. He is not. Going out on a limb, but he's probably the least recognizable name on that list - and for good reason.
  8. Disagree. Young was arguably a better passer, he was no where near the runner or dual threat as Cam. Can't take a few highlight splash plays and decide he was more of a dual threat than Cam who has actually led his team in rushing. And super bowls take a team effort, which is really my point. Steve played on one of the best teams in NFL history. Cam dragged a team of no names and over-the-hills to the super bowl.
  9. Navy_football

    Best Drop Rates for Receivers last year

    Honestly, Funchess really doesn't belong on that list of who's who at wide receiver in the NFL. Not yet anyway. I think he has a lot of potential, but right now he's not on the same level of any of those receivers sans maybe Micheal Thomas.
  10. Perhaps, but you can't make that statement in a vacuum. You must compare who Steve was throwing to vs who Cam is throwing to. Rushing game. Offensive line. Offensive play caller. Head coach. Steve Young's situation was top of the league in all of those categories. Cam's situation is - well, no where near top of the league in any of those categories. Probably closer to bottom of the league in most. Put Cam in a similar situation and I think you have much better results across the board. I love Steve Young, but it's not like he was Marino, Jim Kelly or Warren Moon out there. Cam is a once in a generation talent, similar to a Bo Jackson. Steve Young was not that.
  11. Yeah, but Steve did have a team of HOFers, including the best football player of all time - at wide receiver to boot. Cam on those 49ers teams with Bill Walsh would have been epic!
  12. Only player anyone could argue is Randall Cunningham, but the numbers will sway heavily in Cam's favor.
  13. So Luke is a HOFer right now? Just asking - I have no idea the precedent on how long an inside LB needs to play to make the HOF.
  14. Navy_football

    Day 4 notes

    I think Norv will do a much better job of designing pass protections and run schemes week to week based on who we're playing. I always got the feeling that Shula came in with the same (nearly the same) plays and schemes every game - not taking into account what each defense did well. No OC worth a dam would ever have left Remmers one-on-one with Von Miller that often - particularly that close to your own goal line. A good OC can mask some deficiencies in the o-line. If you give Cam enough time, he'll kill you with his arm. And if you don't respect his ability to run, he can scorch you with his legs.