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  1. A few points: 1. We've played 2 games. 2. We use rust to talk about Cam Newton, but we can't use the same reasoning for Matt Kalil? He played 2 games last year and is coming off injury. 3. Agree with @Saca312 about communication and line calls. Ryan usually calls the protection and even though Larsen did a fantastic job blocking, the line calls are equally as important. 4. Maybe he just sucks but unfortunately only time will tell. Game 1 = good. Game 2= Bad. Hopefully Game 3 = good
  2. What it all comes down to is the following: Sack 1: One progression and hit. All receivers but CMC were running 25 yards down the field. Sack 2: All the receivers were running 13+ yards down the field except Dickson who came out late. By the time, the play developed, sacked. Sack 3: This one was on Cam. 1st read was to KB but quickly looked off him when he saw the coverage. Should have either gone to Shep or Dickson quickly but didn't. Sack 4: All 15 yard routes except Dickson out of the backfield who still wasn't looking for the ball by the time Cam was hit. Could have just took a shot downfield and see if the receiver would win a battle for him but they were all covered tightly. Sack 5: No time. By the time the receivers were running to their spot. Cam was getting hit. Sack 6: Horrible spacing. 3 WRs bunched up all running deep slants. Shep gets knocked down and Cam tries to create something out of nothing and is sacked. So, out of the 6 sacks, I would put Sack 3 and maybe Sack 4 on Cam if you want to get picky. These were horrible play designs/calls and horrible blocking.
  3. The NFL has an Offensive Line Crisis

    I have been going back and forth on the Norwell or Star extensions. I believe that we will only have money for 1 of the 2. I understand how important the oline is, but Star is one of the main reasons for our success against other olines. He takes on the double teams constantly. So convince me on if we had to choose one or the other, why Norwell would be your choice?
  4. Buffalo: What concerns me

    All this talk about , Joe Webb and McDermott knowing our plays and players, but don't we kind of know what they are going to do at least defensively as well? We know Doug's tendencies as well as he knows ours. For that reason, I believe this game will come down to talent, which we have more of. It won't be a blowout but I don't think it will be that close either.
  5. Andy Benoit impressed with our offense

    I know that all the talking heads will talk about Cams rust and accuracy on short throws, but for this one game he was only accurate on short throws. He had 2 "long" throws that I remember to KB and the Shepherd TD but other than that he was mainly accurate on all the underneath stuff that supposedly he can't do!
  6. Is cam still dual threat qb?

    Cam will be considered a dual threat QB because his running will always be stuff a defense will have to keep their eye on but I don't think it will be as much as an emphasis or as effective as before. 3rd and 1 or 2: Since coming into the league Cam has run the power with a lot of success and the Panthers have taken advantage of that for many years. I don't think we will see this every game like we had in years past. We might go back to it in important situations. Read Option: This started to become more of a focal point in the offense the past 3 years, but I am hoping that we start to go away with it. Now that Cam is running a little more reserved, he doesn't pose the breakaway threat to defenses as he did when he came into the league. Scrambling: Cam has always scrambled mostly towards the outside. Very rarely does he take off up the middle. But he used to be able to break containment with his speed/agility. Now, not so much. He will do this sparingly. Injury: Coming back from a shoulder injury means that Cam usage on running plays will be down considerably in the first few games, it might come back in the middle to end of year, but that really depends on how successful we are without having to use Cam's legs.
  7. Always love your breakdowns! Also I think you hit the nail on the head! I believe that with our offense we will now rely more on YAC than before. I was also happy that we actually ran 2-3 screen passes successfully!! We hadn't seen that in a while!
  8. Even though I wasn't a fan of cutting Webb over DA, I have absolutely no problem picking up Kaaya. I don't know much about him, but do like developing a QB. I liked what I saw from Gilbert, but don't know if he could ever develop into a true #2 QB so why not? This Hurney move I don't mind.
  9. I know that right now everybody is getting on Hurney with a lot of good reason, but my question is about Rivera. He will always trust vets over unproven players and usually he does this for a year or two longer than he should have. I know that Hurney listens to Ron, but how much of this is on Ron? Why play any vets in the preseason if they are guaranteed roster spots no matter what? QB: DA was outplayed by Webb and Gilbert. So we keep DA, cut Webb and add a rookie QB? TBH I don't mind the addition of Kaaya, but what has DA done to guarantee a roster spot? He played horrible last year in spot duty and looked even worse this preseason. RB: We kept 4 RBs and 0 FBs. There is no way we are keeping 4 active come game day. Make the decision and move on. IMO CAP has shown himself as a great backup to Stew and Fozzy is the backup to CMC. Only difference is Stew has injury history so I would go with CAP over Fozzy and save an extra position. FB: Armah showed real promise whenever he played. Def should be on the 53 DT: Keeping Love over Crume. I know Love has always been solid, but Crume had a really good preseason but that wasn't good enough to beat out a guy who couldn't get on the field. K: 2? Really? Just cut Gano and move on. Put confidence in whatever kicker you choose. We really punked out on this move.
  10. I really hope that Armah stays on. He has really stood out both run blocking and receiving. Also remember DG loved finding his random diamonds in the rough that were complete WTF selections at the time. Mayo and Armah were completely out of left field and to an extent Cap has well
  11. Andy Lee cut. Palardy is our Punter

    Who knows if the injury last year was affecting him this year, but i thought he looked really good. Palardy kicked well but struggled with pinning teams deep something Lee excelled in. We will see if this pans out but I'm not too excited about the move
  12. Great contribution. Really wish there weren't poo posters like you who provide nothing
  13. My opinion of grades of offensive line is the following: its a nice feel good moment but ultimately I don't care much. Let's say there are 35 passes in a game. The offense was moving the ball consistently and scoring but on two plays the player gave up 2 sacks. He blocked well on 33 plays but got beat twice. His grades suck because he got beat twice but overall the offense was successful bc the other 33 times he was successful. Last nights game Kalil got beat a couple of times but we had quick passes called so no sacks were given up. The other plays he held his own. That is a success in my eyes no matter the grades
  14. Wide Receivers !

    Let's keep it real. Last nights game was an awful game to judge the WRs. DA was horrible and barely gave the WRs a chance. We can't crucify the WRs when the balls aren't even catchable. I saw many players open but either the ball didn't arrive or it was thrown to a different receiver.
  15. Also underrated aspect of this play was Shaq not allowing a cutback and forcing it further outside. Southward displayed great quickness and play recognition. He was back off around 8-10 yards when the ball was snapped and immediately ran to cover the outside. Great play!