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  1. Fire Clifford!!!

    I think Cliff is a good coach but I don't like the following things about him: 1. Rotations: I absolutely hate his rotations. He keeps Kemba in for the entire 3rd quarter. So when Monk (rhythm shooter) was the backup PG, he was off the court for half of Q2, halftime, and all of Q3 before seeing the court again in Q4. I also think he keeps Frank in way too long in Q4 when Frank is struggling. For some reason Frank has a longer leash than any other young guy. 2. Rookies: Speaking of young guys. Cliff needs to be more flexible. Yes, Monk is an undersized 2 guard but you can't just ask a rookie to switch from SG to PG because you don't trust his size. I thought that was why we had MCW to be able to guard the stronger of the two players on defense but we have rarely seen Monk at SG which is a shame. I hope we don't ruin Monk as a player. 3. Old-School Defensive Mentality: Pack the paint and make teams take jump shots. This is completely old school basketball. The NBA is now a 3 point shooting league and we are always one of the worst teams defending the 3. This should not be the case. We are horrible defending the pick and pop and we let the guards penetrate and kick out to an open 3 way too easily.
  2. Cam is better with: 1. Running game is going. This is true for all QBs but when Cam is involved in the running game than he seems more in tune. 2. WRs that get separation. Cam in not a timing passer. He does better when a WR gets separation and throws them open with a powerful throw. This is why Steve Smith, Ginn, even Philly did well with Cam. My favorite throw of the night on Monday was the back shoulder to Funch. We don't see him trust the WRs like that often so that is good. 3. Up-tempo offense: Let him go no huddle and call the plays. He seems to thrive in the uptempo offense when he has more time to read the defense and not rush with only a few seconds left on the play clock.
  3. I am not a fan of Shula but I will give him credit for calling a good game, but what I think worked well is that we played more up tempo. Newton plays better when he plays faster and has time to analyze the defense. He made some great audibles and reads. Cam played amazing which will make Shula's job much easier. 1. Audible for WR screen for Funchess score. 2. Read option running: He made the right read each time. 3. Read option passing: He connected on several run calls with pass options and completed those passes. 4. Bootleg on 3rd and short. I think this was another called run but he took it himself. The oline was looking around trying to see where the ball was.
  4. Hornets @ Knicks: MCW playing!!!

    Thoughts on the game: 1. 1st game of the year I blame Cliff for a loss. He kept Frank in too long when he was getting abused defensively and then Monk has an amazing Q2 and we don't see him at all until Q4 when he is cold and expect him to heat back up. 2. We are defending really bad and miss MKG. 3. Q4 was terrible. NY was playing the pick n roll really well, so we had Monk in the corner not doing anything. We had the Knicks attacking Kemba or Lamb and we had no movement to the basket. 4. Worse loss of the season. 5. Flopingis is a bitch
  5. Charlotte @ Minnesota

    Agree with your assessment. We need to hold down the fort until we get our pieces back. I am really interested to see how we handle Lamb when Batum returns. Lamb has really made himself into a good player for us. I didn't like the lineups last night. Marvin was playing great and only 21 minutes compared to Frank. I think coach Cliff does an amazing job but sometimes I wish he would ride the hot hand and get away from his planned minutes
  6. Charlotte @ Minnesota

    Thoughts on the game. 1. Horrible defense and lack of energy. Reaching in nonstop and complaining over every non-call. 2. Kemba struggled against Teague. Teague was doing anything he wanted on the offensive end. He got into the lane with ease and created open shots all night. 3. This is a game where we miss MKG and Nic. 4. Wiggins is really good. 5. Monk's passing impressed, but unfortunately for us and him if he doesn't have a great shooting night we won't win a lot of games while Nic and MKG are out. 6. Frank is the ultimate love/hate player. First few games of the year, it looked like he turned the corner. The past few games, back to what we thought he was. 7. Once again, if we can't have the defensive intensity we are in trouble.
  7. Big Vern... Where are you?

    When do we stop blaming our GMS and start blaming COACHES for lack of development from these players?
  8. Few Monk Impressions: 1. He can create his shot without a pick. I was surprised how easy he can get a shot off. Even with his height he is able to get in the lane or create space with his jumper. 2. Better PG skills than I thought. He does well with the pick and roll and can drive or pull up. He still needs to work on not passing while in the air but his PG skills are better than expected. 3. Struggles getting through picks maybe due to strength and lack of knowledge of the players he's going against if he should go under picks or though them. Right only trying to fight through picks. 4. Monk can score anywhere. I love his floater in the lane.
  9. Hornets vs Bucks

    Thoughts on the game: 1. So much fun seeing a Hornets game and having guys that can score. 2. Monk was on fire and just amazing to watch. He and Bacon won this game at the start of the 4th. 3. Kemba in control of the entire game. Amazing as always. 4. Dwight is just so solid. He sets the tone and his picks set up Kemba for about 3 or more buckets. 5. Marvin played great defense on Giannis 6. Lamb solid and hit some clutch free throws. 7. MONK MONK MONK
  10. Anyone else see Cams presser?

    This was my one take away. I thought he handled the presser well even though he is still getting ripped, but did you take that as a jab on Shula's playcalling?
  11. My issues: 1. Whoever said we had to ALWAYS play KB & Funch together on the outside? Shouldn't Off Coordinator have different groupings and pairings? Why did we have to trade away our best WR so that we could utilize different WRs? 2. I hate that ppl get sucked into the whole "Marty talked to us I feel better. DG never talked to us." Marty talking to us doesn't take away from the fact he has historically made bad moves. 3. Chemistry is huge and we have had a ton of distractions. All of them are self inflicted like this one.
  12. Marty Speaks...

    Fact: We got good compensation for KB. Fact: We didn't get anybody to replace him. Opinion: The answer is on our roster Opinion: The offense will be better without Cam forcing KB the ball. Reality: Who knows but this can't be good for team morale. We seem to love distractions this year.
  13. Lamb needs to stay a starter..

    You make some good points. I think you will see Batum play a lot with the 2nd unit but I still feel like he starts. Is that best thing for the team? That remains to be seen but I do feel like Lamb could do really good with the 2nd unit as well.
  14. Lamb needs to stay a starter..

    MKG is unique. I love him playing on dominant PGs. I think his ability really translates against those players. He also is great with help D. When he is going against great outside shooters his tendency to help can get him in trouble. I just think the way Cliff wants to establish defense first, we will continue to see MKG in the starting lineup.
  15. Hornets vs Grizzies

    Might happen at 1st but after Batum gets in playing shape Cliff will always favor starting Batum. But...I would not be surprised to see Batum a whole lot with that 2nd unit and being subbed out early for Lamb.