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  1. I say play out this year and then we will see. The market on an older TE won't be that high and if it is then he walks. I don't see the reason why we need to extend a TE who just was injured. He doesn't have the leverage for a new deal and does he want to move his family for 1 or 2 more years before taking his broadcasting job? Play hardball Hurney.
  2. My Wishlist 1. Harold Landry DE- Not the prototypical 4-3 end size, but I love the bend and speed. Doubt he drops, but if he does I want him. I see DE as a major need and don't see much depth at that position in later rounds. 2. One of the 3 TEs that drop. I think of all 3 Goedert might fall. Hurst is a better all-round TE and some team will reach for Gesicki because of the speed. 3a. RB: Don't know which RB will be there but any of the following I would like of have a possibility of being there. Chubb, Kerryon Johnson, Penny 3b: WR St. Brown: Tall and fast. We don't really have any receivers that fit his mold. Something like that would make me happy.
  3. Greatest Panthers Hat

    I think I am too old to do a flat bill. At least when I tried one on my wife was adamant about not going flat and that I was too old. Good woman I have
  4. For the Monk Haters

    Not to mention that Cliff played Frank a ton as a rookie and he still has issues with defense. Also pick and roll defense when Dwight is involved has been terrible but the only thing we hear is that Dwight is a defensive anchor. Now don't get me wrong I think Dwight has been very good, but I do think that we need to learn how to defend the pick and roll better and that is on Coach Cliff.
  5. For the Monk Haters

    Another great game from Monk! Looks really in control and is making the right decision on pick and rolls. I also didn't notice too many defensive breakdowns today. Usually about once a game I see him not hustling back on defense but I didn't notice that today. Even though he had 5 assists there were about 5 other assists where the guys just missed open shots that he created. I liked the fact that even though he wasn't that efficient from 3, he found other ways to score! I feel like the season just started for him, which is sad because it is now over.
  6. Hornets squash Magic; Monk 26 points, 8 assists

    I must say that I have been impressed with Monk at PG. He has shown a lot of promise in that position. I still don't know what would be better, pairing Monk with a tall PG like Shai Gilgeious-Alexander or pairing him with an athletic SF or PF
  7. Hornets squash Magic; Monk 26 points, 8 assists

    Every time I see Monk play, I see the highest potential player on the Hornets including Kemba. I thought this even early in the year. It is sad that Monk didn't get a full rookie year. He is the 2nd best scorer we have and never got PT. Highest ceiling we have. Very excited about the future.
  8. Shaq on Charlotte: "Coach Needs to be Fired"

    Coach Cliff is a great coach. I think he has a great philosophy, but we didn't draft or trade for players that fit his system at all. Coach Cliff is all about defense and 2-way players. On this roster, the only player that truly fits that description is Kemba and Batum (not this years Batum). Our roster doesn't fit Cliff's style and since he hasn't shown the ability to adjust his system around the players that we have that is the reason that he should be fired. Kemba, Monk, MKG, Bacon, Cody, Lamb, Frank = Probably excel in a high paced running offense WHG, Cody, Kemba, Monk = Excel in pick and roll Dwight, Batum = Post and half court offense
  9. NBA Draft 2018

    The problem with the draft is that we don't know the direction the new GM will take us. Are we going to go all in one more year and try one more year with this same team + Draft Pick? Or are we going to trade away Kemba and start over? My picks really change depending on what direction we go in. No Kemba = Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. I think he will give us a PG of the future. I also like the idea of pairing him with Monk. SGA can guard the 2 guard and we can hide Monk easier. He would be a good guard to start over with. With Kemba = Mikal Bridges. Large, athletic player who can play right away. He can play multiple positions which Cliff likes.
  10. When should we give up on Monk?

    I prefer looking at the positives of a 19yr old rookie. He actually plays the PG position a lot better than I expected. He has great passing out of the pick and roll. He seems to set up WHG and Howard quite well. He needs to work on his floater when the roller is covered. Obviously he also needs to work on his defense and shot selection but that is something I feel will come with experience. Let's look objectively, Kemba, Howard and Batum all have shot selection issues and they are vets. Monk is a young rookie playing in a position that he didn't even play in college. Also look at the lineup that he gets to play with. Early in the year and now as well the lineup is Monk, Bacon, Graham, Frank, WHG. I feel like if Lamb was in the lineup then that second unit would be a lot more in sync but the only time he has played it is due to a Batum and MCW injury so that makes him the 1st option with the 2nd unit. This exact same thing happened Kemba's first couple of years. He was the 1st option and was thought of a horrible chucker. When other players were put around him then he got a lot better. I think that will be the same with Monk.
  11. I enjoyed watching this team last night..

    Past few games, I have fast forwarded it when the starters are in and watched when the rookies came in. I love the Hornets, but it is extremely hard to watch the team. Also, the offense looked great last night when Monk was at PG. I thought he ran that 2nd unit great. When teamed with Kemba, he never even touched the ball. They do not look compatible playing together yet.
  12. You don't FUGGIN cut Ryan FUGGIN Kalil

    I was in the camp of "Well if we don't sign any FAs than why not just give him the last year and hope he's healthy." Now, I say cut him even if we don't bring in any FAs. Imagine having a $10m rollover into next year when we don't have to worry about Comp picks and have a ton of cap to spend. I think the only high priced guys we need to sign next year will be Funchess and D.Williams so we will have a ton of money during next years FA period IF we make the hard decision this year.
  13. You don't FUGGIN cut Ryan FUGGIN Kalil

    Great post! Liked the way you gave us stats and number to back up everything. I was under the impression we didn't play as well with Larsen, so this is very interesting. It is also the $10m question.
  14. You don't FUGGIN cut Ryan FUGGIN Kalil

    There was a huge difference when R. Kalil played. The problem has been his health the past two years. Can we really rely on him? I agree though that there is no point cutting him if we weren't going to go after any top tier FAs but Kalil $ shouldn't prohibit spending.
  15. One of my main contentions in the past was our allegiance to our vets. When DG started to run things, he went to the extreme but still had a plan in place. It is extremely hard to follow the path of the one before and that is why we are where we are. 1. TD: We drafted Shaq as successor, but we in August we extended Davis. While looking at the numbers by themselves, it wasn't a bad deal for both sides. But in total TD has a Cap of $7.7m when we have his replacement. 2. Olsen: We had him under contract but decided to add $2m of incentives. This was a good move by Hurney by not adding additional money. If I put negatives I will also talk about positives. 3. Capt Munnerlyn: We signed him a year after we drafted 3 CBs and got 1 more in the draft. He signed for 4 years $17.5m and has a cap hit of around $4m. 4. Ryan Kalil: He has a cap hit of $9.9m and has had a history of injuries the past 2 years. While there is a definite drop of performance, Larsen played well and only costs us $630,000. 5. Trai Turner: This is a scary deal because we backloaded the hell out of this deal. We went from $3.9 in 2017 and it goes all the way up to $14.5 in 2021. 6. Gano: Don't know the details on his contract, but we drafted his replacement that was much cheaper but didn't move on from our vet predecessor. Overall, we drafted a lot of guys to replace our vets but keep paying them. Some were decisions that we had to make like Turner but there were many that we made out of fear and that fear is why we are where we are right now.