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  1. We want the Monk, Gotta have that Monk

    Malik Monk was given the first 12 games to apparently go out of favor with Coach Cliff. Those were the only games that he got 18+ consistently. He was also the only scorer on the 2nd unit besides Frank bc Lamb was with the 1st unit. I was actually super pumped about the glimpses that we saw. We all then forgot about him. Also in those 1st 12 games, he produced these 3 games. For those wanting to talk about +-. In those first 12 games with him getting 18+ = 4 games with a positive +-. 1 even MCW then took his place. In MCW's first 24 games only 5 games with a positive +-. Call me crazy, but he had a chance to grow but Coach Cliff gave up on him. For those wanting Donovan Mitchell, he only had 5 games with a positive =- in his first 12 games. He also had 25 turnovers compared to 15 by Monk. I have a feeling Cliff would have benched Mitchell with us as well but Mitchell got time to improve and started hitting his stride but Monk never got that chance.
  2. Hornets vs Wiz

    This team truly is going to tease us. I am not that optimistic yet bc we just beat Brooklyn and a Walless Wizard team. Couple of positives are: 1. Frank playing with confidence. Now he needs consistency. 2. MKG playing more aggressive offensively. 3. Batum & Howard starting to know how to play together, but Batum still has 2-3 WTF turnovers per game. 4. I usually hate on MCW but he actually played ok. He made layups!! 5. Cody is helping the offense with his screens. Negative: 1. We are probably not going to make the playoffs and lose the draft position. Double negatives. 2. Still want to see what we have in Monk, Bacon and WHG.
  3. Is it really wrong if Washington doesn't want to pay him 15m either? I think 10m is a great reasonable price tag but Norman didn't accept it. Now who knows what he will accept
  4. Benjamin

    The injury KB had usually has a 2 yr recovery but the problem is he wasn't fast before the injury so after who knows if he can recover.
  5. Exactly! We are going to lose to high priced free agents most likely who could NET a 3rd and 5th if we don't sign anybody of value. So I think we will do like you said go after cuts and go through trades.
  6. @Saca312 a few things. I think everyone knows we want a WR. So any WR that is available there will be speculation. I have no clue what to think about Landry. He gets no run after catch but we also need to remember who is QB is. He has had Tannahill and a Retired Cutler. http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/armando-salguero/article184261913.html Now, in saying all of that I don't believe Hurney would do anything like that. But I wouldn't rule out some type of trade for a WR. I think we will be quiet in FA this year because our picks for Norwell/Star will depend on us not picking up FAs.
  7. ESPN NBA Mock Draft Hornets select Miles Bridges

    I don't really watch too much college basketball and I haven't researched prospects yet, but all I know is that we need to get longer and more athletic. I can't really name a guy on the roster who I consider to be a crazy good athlete.
  8. Sometimes you forget how well Smitty used his hands to get open at the last possible minute. Also, I miss Cams deep ball. Haven't really seen it in 2 years. A lot has to do with personnel, but it also has to do with Cam.
  9. This is a thread that I think will summarize all the problems with the Hornets and what we can do to hopefully solve. These are my opinions so feel free to add yours or debate mine! 1. Identity: I feel like Cliff has the identity of what he wants our team to be, but we don't have the players to fit that identity. He wants to be a strong defensive team, get to the line and shoot 3s. The problem is that we aren't playing good defense and aren't shooting well. Solutions: We can't change the players with the contracts they have, so we need to adjust our Identity. We have said at length that we need to sub Lamb with Batum, but I don't see Cliff doing that. Our starters seem fine but our bench is lacking both offense and defense. So let's try to get Batum/MKG in that second unit more. Sub them out earlier and start to stagger the lineups better. 2. Realize we tanked without trying: It's sad to go into the season when we had such high expectations and be where we are. We are like 6 games out of the 8th seed and we are 7 games out of the worst record in the league. Solution: Let's give our young players a chance and see what we have. I think we are not going to catch up to that 8th seed because we have been so inconsistent. Even if we stay with what we have been doing I feel like we will still end up winning only 8 - 12 games. So let's play our young guys and see what we have in them and if we lose who cares. We need all the chances we can get to get a good draft pick. 3. Contracts: We have some horrible contracts. Solution: Wait them out! I know everybody wants to burn everything and start over, but unfortunately in the NBA it's harder to do that. We would need to give away assets to get rid of these players. Dwight is a $23m expiring. Please do not trade him for another couple of contracts that don't expire in 2-3 years. Just let him run out and have that money to spend in the future. I will say finding a way to offload one of MKG, Cody, Marvin might be easier and less costly than offloading Batum but I may try that come next offseason. Will write more when I have time.
  10. Sobering Reality

    I think we will be very inactive this offseason although I could be wrong. I believe we have too many bad contracts to offload and truly tank correctly. They will give it one more year with this "core". Then decide by trade deadline of next year if they will really start over again. My personal opinion is burn it down and start over, giving up on Kemba if that is what it takes to get out of the Batum contract.
  11. Sobering Reality

    Problem with shipping Lmab off is his contract. What else can we get for a $7m player? Now if we can parlay him into a 1st then absolutely! Only way Lamb stays if we ship out one of Batum, Marvin, Cody, MKG. With one of them gone we will be able to pay, but I don't think he stays past his contract.
  12. Willy Hernangomez to Charlotte

    Ok to touch on a few things in this thread. WHG: I really like this pickup. I think he would be a great cheap backup Center. Cody is being paid as a starting Center and should be the future center unless we get lucky in the draft and can pick up one of Ayton, Bagley, Bamba. Dwight: He has played great for us in my opinion and has played into having actual value. I think Cliff was hoping he could take us to the next level. The problem is that he doesn't fit with the players around him. We have no knockdown 3 point shooters which is necessary for a player like Dwight. I just hope that we don't trade the Dwight expiring for sorry players to try and win now or late picks. Just wait it out and get 23m off our books.
  13. Sobering Reality

    MKG - His injuries really derailed his progression. His focus each year has been recovery and jump shooting. My main problem is his handles have never improved since coming in the league. Batum - Honestly, he should have been shut down for the year with his injury. He is not the same player as the past couple of years. MCW - Cheap player so I didn't mind taking a risk on him. My issue is that even though he has been struggling offensively, we keep with him. I know Cliff isn't a Monk fan but hell give J. Stone a chance how much worse can he be. Frank - Frank was exactly what a lot of ppl thought he was. He was a Senior that had a very low ceiling. He has been very underwhelming. I still don't know why he gets so much playing time. Contracts - We had the unfortunate circumstance where the huge cap increase came when almost ALL of our starters were up for contracts. At that time, most ppl thought we got a good deal, but the problem was that the good teams used the extra cap so they could sign 3 all-stars and then have enough for rookies, small deals. We used the extra cap room for Batum, MKG, Cody & Marvin. All role players.
  14. Sobering Reality

    @Professor Chaos great post about the draft picks. It is so easy to cherry pick what the Hornets should have done after the fact, but a lot of the picks made sense at the time. My main contention is that we draft players that don't really fit the way we play and the way Cliff likes to coach. He always talks about two way players. Who is a 2 way player on our team? Do we even have 1? Even Kemba struggles on defense keeping guys out of the lane at times. Also his defensive formula is a little flawed for today's game. Pack the paint was very important when guys were fed in the post. Now there are much more pick and pops than pick and rolls. We are usually one of the last teams in guarding the 3 point. Now, going forward the Hornets need to evolve. Take the rest of this season to get Monk, Bacon & WHG some playing time. They are young and under good contracts. See what we have and develop them. Also let's go more uptempo. That would be a perfect fit for Monk and the majority of our team.
  15. Keuchly on Pardon My Take

    Great listen. I agree with @Pantha-kun that the concussion questions have to be tiring but he handles them well. I loved the snippet that Cam texts the same way that he posts on Instagram and it drove Olsen crazy.