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  1. I will be honest, when we picked him I thought wow this is totally anti-Hornets. We don't take high ceiling potential guys who we need to develop...
  2. Diallo traded to OKC according to Woj
  3. yasuhara2241

    Draft thoughts

    Ok forget the take about Diallo. Looks like he was traded to OKC
  4. yasuhara2241

    Draft thoughts

    It looks like the Hornets have decided not to tank and make another run at it with our currently constructed team. Miles Bridges and Hami Diallo are both extremely athletic players. We were severely lacking explosive players. Bridges will play right away and will push MKG for starting at the SF position. Diallo will spend the next year or so in Greensboro. He has a ton of potential which is one thing that I really like. Devonte Graham is a senior floor general who is a great shooter and can also pass. He isn't a big PG or have great athleticism but can be a great leader on the 2nd unit in the future. I still believe we use the MLE for a backup PG. Arnoldas Kulboka is the Hornets first draft and stash player. I am excited that we finally did that. He is long and lanky. He has great shooting and can handle. He is very skinny and won't contribute for at least 2 years and who knows if ever but I like that we finally did this. I'm hoping to see a lot of the following small ball lineup: Kemba, Monk, Batum, Bridges, Zeller
  5. yasuhara2241

    Arnoldas "Tall White Guy" Kulboka With 55th Pick

    Around 2:45 he is in the 3 point contest and cleans up the last 2 racks not missing a shot. No clue if he will ever play for us but I LOVE that we finally did a draft and stash. That is a new philosophy that is completely a Mitch move.
  6. 2 pretty good articles about our 2nd rounder: https://www.aseaofblue.com/2018/6/21/17473574/hamidou-diallo-called-a-second-round-sleeper http://www.sportingnews.com/nba/news/hamidou-diallo-nba-draft-2018-stock-combine-vertical-mock-projections-kentucky-john-calipari/1ksry11ul2qxw18dordf715mzp
  7. Amazing athlete! Super explosive and long. Very interesting pick. I like his potential.
  8. yasuhara2241

    Trade up to 34 to select Devonte Graham

    Got family that went to KU and watch all their games religiously. He was one of the most beloved Jayhawks. Leader of the team, great clutch shooting and some great passing was what they told me.
  9. Senior PG from Kansas. Helped lead them to the Final Four. Can shoot but isn't explosive. Any idea about this guy?
  10. yasuhara2241

    Miles Bridges

    I am still very confused about the direction of the team. I don't really see what we are trying to accomplish. If we were truly trying to go through a rebuild we would have taken the risk with Porter Jr. If we were going to trade Kemba, we would have kept SGA. We end up picking a "safe" pick. This makes me believe we are going to try and keep Kemba and stay in the treadmill or hope that all of a sudden Monk turns into a Superstar. As for Miles, I like that he is athletic, has a decent jumper and plays good defense. We don't have a lot of 2 way plays but I believe that Miles is one. Disappointed but we will see!
  11. yasuhara2241

    Kevin Love to Charlotte?

    Now I would hate this. Basically we don't really get future assets and we don't tank or really try for a playoff push either. This would be horrible
  12. yasuhara2241

    Kemba will be traded. What do y’all want?

    I think that would be a fun lineup to watch.
  13. yasuhara2241

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    Championship pedigree really doesn't mean anything when talking about NBA production. Please tell me out of all the all nba players how many won the NCAA championship?
  14. yasuhara2241

    Kemba will be traded. What do y’all want?

    @Carolina-Chuck10 definitely any scenario with Michael Porter/SGA. That potential and fit would be perfect! I would also be intrigued in the Mikal/Knox combo. Monk/Mikal/Batum/Knox/Cody would be a very interesting lineup. We would basically have Batum as our point forward. He would be surrounded by guys who can hit jumpers or in Cody's case set picks and roll to the basket. Basically, we would use Monk like GS uses Curry.