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  1. yasuhara2241

    Trade for Jimmy Butler: Yes/No??

    We would have to give up Miles or Monk plus a number 1. That's too steep with no guarantees he would sign an extension with us.
  2. yasuhara2241


    I have to give Bradberry a lot of credit. He is tracking the #1 WR around the field except in the slot and doing a great job. He had 2 or 3 great PBU's, one that got Obada his INT. I am starting to really like our CB tandem.
  3. This play could have really screwed us especially the way the DT rolled up onto Moton. Got very fortunate there.
  4. Don't you love people who bash others opinions just because they don't agree with you? Thank God the huddle has your to do that! Please read all the posts I make and come back and repeat that, but I know you won't. You will just come back with a snarky comment.
  5. @Rags @Pup McBarky You guys might be right that and personality doesn't make a great shutdown CB. I would just like to say a lot more CBs have that dog mindset than not. Also Xavier Rhodes and Nnamdi both are big talkers and have huge egos.
  6. Maybe I have selective memory over those years that he played. Who would you compare Gamble to now?
  7. Chris Gamble was a good CB but wasn't close to a shutdown or even a pro bowl CB. Honestly, that is a perfect comparison. Players solid, not spectacular and in this NFL Gamble would be a good #2 CB
  8. Bradbery is a solid number 2 corner. He does very well I think against larger WRs. For example he always seems to do well against players like Mike Evans. One thing that always seems lacking in him are personality traits of a great CB. He seems very reserved and never gives off the vibe of wanting to be a shutdown CB. My hope is that Jackson can turn into our number 1 so Bradberry can be our number 2 which is ideal. Butler always flashed once a game but is not effective on the other 20 plays. He needs consistency. Unfortunately with his injury history I have little faith he will turn into what we need him to be. I still trust Kyle Love more than him.
  9. yasuhara2241

    Lineups you would like to see

    Since Borrego is an unknown, we really don't know what lineups he will use or how rotations will work out. So which lineups would you all want to see? Not projecting starting lineups just which ones would interest you? For me, Scoring Lineup: Kemba, Monk, Batum, Miles, Frank: I think there is enough offense with Kemba, Monk and Batum. All 5 are capable of shooting from outside and it would be a very fast, fun lineup. Would like to sub Frank for someone but I like his outside shot better than Cody, Biz and WHG. Run & Gun Lineup: Kemba, Monk, Lamb, Miles, Biz. Let Biz cover up for lack of size and defense. Vets helping youngsters (backup unit): Parker, Monk, Miles, Marvin, Cody Young Guns+All-Star: Kemba, Monk, Bacon, Miles, WHG
  10. yasuhara2241

    Hornets Summer League

    Thoughts on this game: We didn't shoot the ball well at all. Even Bacon wasn't efficient but he still played well. He got to his spots and showed a nice ability to get around the defender and get to where he wanted. Bridges shot bad, but his positives far outweigh his negatives. He was explosive and had some wow moments which we all need to see. He has nice handles, good vision and will be a great rebounder and help defender in time. Macura is a hustle player and gets his hand on a ton of balls. Chealey looked good in the first half but not so much in the second. I thought Mango played well on defense. He influenced lots of shots but I was hoping for more from him.
  11. yasuhara2241

    Frank could come off the books after this year.. How?

    I have a feeling this team is going to play matchups. Against guys like Ayton, Howard, Cousins expect to see more Biz and Hernangomez. Quicker Centers we will use Cody and Frank.
  12. What constitutes culture? What is US culture? Or European? I see this thrown out a lot but unsure l have this feeling everybody has a different definition.
  13. yasuhara2241

    Mozgov/Stone Traded for Biyombo(!!)

    The Hornets board gets so little action that it's depressing at times but I can't say I am the best choice. I get on here for a bit then disappear and then come back again.
  14. yasuhara2241

    Mozgov/Stone Traded for Biyombo(!!)

    That sucks I actually enjoy Chuck's comments on this section of the board. Maybe he can be banned everywhere but here!
  15. yasuhara2241

    Frank could come off the books after this year.. How?

    One huge takeaway from the late game last night was Frank being interviewed. He mentioned the coaching staff wanting him to play a lot of Center. I really like that idea. He played Center in college and always seemed like he was playing out of position. It seemed like his best games were when he was at Center. Now, I won't mind if we don't resign because he has disappointed but the idea of him playing at Center really gives him a chance.