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  1. Out of that entire thread, that's what you took away from it? One guy saying our D was not that good? 99% of that thread was about Cam Newton. Imagine if a fan from another team lurked these boards and generalized all Panthers fans because of something PanthersUnited said.
  2. Lol you act like the opposing defense has the personnel to send extra blitzers, devote extra attention to McCaffrey, and STILL cover the rest of our receiving options. Bottom line, if #1 and #2 happen....then there will be open receivers and plays to be made and that's what we have to take advantage of via execution. I'm tired of this being either all on Shula or all on Cam. The truth is somewhere in between. Our offense can't get clicking because either the playcalling is poor and adjustments aren't made, or the execution is poor and throws/blocking assignments are missed.
  3. Falcons - Packers Game Thread

    If Shula called a Wildcat in that exact scenario...he would've been crucified. Execution makes all the difference.
  4. Eagles Need a Kicker

    You remember who returned as our GM, right ?
  5. The A-Bomb loves you

    That was really depressing...
  6. Cam doubters sign in here

    It's not so much the inaccuracy for me, the rust was to be expected. I feel like he's making a lot of bad reads, keying in on receivers again instead of going through his progressions. I've seen at least a few replays showing open receivers that are being ignored. I still think the biggest reason for our success in 2015 was Cam spreading the ball around. We've already seen how much McCaffrey opens things up for the other receivers, now it's up to Cam to take advantage of that. Regardless, it's only one half of football so no need to freak out yet about anything.
  7. Russell Shepard doubters sign in here....

    Can we get a thread for my mans Wesley Horton too?? How many people wanted him cut?
  8. Mario Addison is Ripped

    I'm not gonna post shirtless pics of men in here, but Myles Garrett is pretty ripped as far as NFL DEs go...he's the only one I know off the top of my head because of clips from his Pro Day fairly recently. Mario is lean but not exactly ripped.
  9. An open letter to Mike Shula

    Why would the opposing defense stack 8 in the box on a 3rd and 10?
  10. In his defense, his wording of the tweets is more-or-less accurate. I feel like he just has a habit of making off-base conclusions from tweets, statements, one or two GIFs, etc. (i.e. his first sentence in the OP). How you can take those tweets and present that as evidence that they will "never" miss any time...is beyond me.
  11. I'd feel much better if there were reports that they are "expected to play". Them personally saying that they expect to play doesn't mean much ...the team may very well still decide to hold them out for precautionary reasons.
  12. I'm pretty sure that ship sailed the moment we drafted a kicker. That doesn't exactly inspire confidence in a kicker that he has the full backing of his organization.
  13. Gano to start on Sunday

    Only if you have less than 20 followers, cause those are the only credible sources worth quoting.
  14. Gano to start on Sunday

    Guys, it's okay...I was assured that teams are BEGGING us to trade Gano to them. I bet we're just deciding which team's first round pick we want to acquire.