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  1. So let me get this straight...PFF decides to tally up the percentages of how often we run out of certain concepts and instead of then proceeding to provide useful data in breaking down his YPC out of each concept, they decide to just stop there? And....y’all are really actually eating this sh&$ up? For anyone who pied the OP and/or posted something to support the validity of this article...y’all are either so blind with hatred for Shula that you’ll believe anything negative about him, or...I’ll just stop there. Come on people...don’t be sheep.
  2. Yeah but success = scheme + talent. You still need the personnel to execute whatever scheme you’re incorporating. You can have a scheme that somewhat mitigates a lack of talent, but it’s still going to limit your success. That’s why you look at the statistics (26th in passing yardage in the league) which is going to incorporate overall success and how effectively a scheme is being implemented.
  3. I don’t understand this line...what is there to argue besides past games and results? Imagine someone responding to your other thread about Cam’s statistics, saying “hey you can argue past games and results, but Cam is still a terrible QB”. If your argument is not driven by past games and results, then you’re basically ignoring statistics and therefore providing an entirely subjective argument.
  4. Considering the Jets’ passing offense is 26th in the league, it looks like a lot of teams were able to “solve this puzzle”. The Jets’ offense has certainly exceeded expectations but only because the expectations for this offense were terrible. Judging them on their own merits, they’re statistically not a good offense.
  5. This year maybe (which would be 3 games)...but last year alone had 4 losses with Stew rushing for 60+. Denver, Oakland, first Saints game, season finale in TB.
  6. Post Game Notes - Dolphins at Panthers

    Come on man, you gotta mention Stew becoming Carolina’s all-time rushing leader now with over 7,000 yards! Loved seeing that pop up on the screen.
  7. Panthers set franchise yardage record...

    He had one last game too brah.
  8. Philly Brown?

    Naw man you’re thinking about Corey.
  9. Vague Worley tweet

    Yeah seriously ...I follow a lot of athletes on Instagram and they post these kinds of pictures/captions all the time before games.
  10. Vague Worley tweet

    Am I missing something?? Or are y’all really making conclusions and derogatory statements based off of a vague tweet... Edit: shoot almost forgot I was on the Huddle.
  11. I’m not saying they should’ve changed it up...simply that this win was more a result of execution and domination in the trenches than playcalling. If you want to tout 9 straight runs up the gut as brilliant playcalling then go for it, but the only reason that will EVER work in a professional football game is because of sheer dominance and overpowering in execution.
  12. If our desire and effort to win every game is dependent upon what other teams are doing...then we have problems. I’d hope that even if we were 0-9, our team would be approaching this game with the same mindset of winning.
  13. Ok...yes this was very much the case in the first half as well. That drive I mentioned was nothing close to an anomaly if that’s what you’re suggesting..that was completely representative of the entire game, including the first half. They clearly ran the ball down their throats the entire game. I’m not sure if you watched the game or just looked at the score. Is that a sufficient argument? I’m assuming you don’t mean for me to actually muster up any sort of evidence, since you never do so yourself. I don’t know why the onus is on me to provide evidence to refute your baseless claim in the first place. All you do is post biased speculative pieces based on your assertion that Shula is so terrible. The closest you come to providing evidence is some vague GIF showing our o-line and/or WRs whiffing on blocks to “prove” that our playcalling must be super complicated. I mean there you go again. Really? The defense just gave up and wanted to avoid injuries at that point...is that the argument you want to make? You know the best way for a defense to avoid injuries? To get off the field...not to stay on the field for long 8-minute drives letting the o-line pound into you over and over and over. Not to mention the suggestion that these alpha male type NFL players are ok with continuing to get embarrassed in front of millions of people just to avoid getting injuries...this isn’t preseason. That’s why you constantly see teams playing hurry up offense with 1 minute left in the game down 3 scores.
  14. The Saints have a drive where they literally run it up the gut 9 times in a row for a 90-yard TD drive, yet we’re still talking about offensive playcalling?? At what point then do you attribute the success of their run game to their personnel? Sean Payton is a brilliant offensive mind...but this win was not a result of brilliant playcalling. This was simply Buffalo getting manhandled in the trenches on both sides.
  15. With Adams out

    Ludwig51 - Joe Person alt confirmed.