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  1. MasterAwesome

    Cam had a 93.2 passer rating yesterday

    Not only did our D fail to force a turnover, but our one sack/fumble resulted in the ball bouncing directly into their LT’s hands and allowed them to net 10 additional yards (from -5 to +5)...barely putting them in field goal range. Immediately following that play was when their kicker hit his career long which got through the uprights with maybe half a yard to spare. Then we could’ve possibly been down by only 3 points on the last drive and comfortably have kicked the FG to send us into overtime. So yeah...one of those games...
  2. Maybe since we’re running 2 HB sets at least 90% of the time, at least one of them will be in pass protection at all times?? Double pass protection? We need answers...
  3. That’s an interesting lineup you’re advocating...5 o-linemen + the 6 players you listed out would account for all 11 personnel. No TE?
  4. Why are you quoting me and then referring to me in the third person? Who are you talking to? You can call me *an* idiot if you want...I’m not super defensive like you lol. But clearly you’re worried about getting a warning from a mod. I’m sorry, but your “reference” (I don’t think you know what that means either) made no sense. That’s like saying “man, Smitty’s Route Running rating should be way higher. He was one hell of a kick returner!”.
  5. I’m not sure you understand what the “Spectacular Catch” attribute means...if that’s your reasoning.
  6. I’m pretty darn excited about Donte Jackson, but calling it “incredible” that he’s 5th best among rookie DBs in passer rating allowed is pretty homerish. He was, what...the 6th CB drafted? And 8th or 9th DB?
  7. MasterAwesome

    Hey Wayne, you are an idiot.

    He must be thinking of Jamarcus Russell.
  8. MasterAwesome

    Hey Wayne, you are an idiot.

    Starting a thread based off of a random Facebook post? That desperate for clicks?
  9. It’s so funny that the OP posted this in the other thread...meanwhile, his biggest vocal advocate for his stance in his own thread is over here spewing the most nonsensical, irrational arguments I think I’ve heard in a LONG time. Sounds like your argument and thread sucks pretty badly too, OP.
  10. What??? Is the implication that players are blameless in every situation, because the Head Coach is ultimately responsible for everything? Are you unfamiliar with the concept of “execution”? Are you arguing that every player played their role perfectly in the Super Bowl? Sure didn’t look that way with our o-line...fumbles...dropped passes...etc. Your second paragraph even contradicts your third one. So is player talent/execution important or not? What does it matter if Greg Olsen has Brady or Tim Couch throwing him the ball? Players just play their roles and the coach is what ultimately matters, right? So Couch and Brady are both QBs just playing their roles...shouldn’t you be more concerned about who is coaching Olsen in that hypothetical scenario of yours? Everything you just said is painfully baffling.
  11. Do you then extend your logic to every player and coach involved in our Super Bowl loss? Or just Rivera? Are Cam, Luke, TD, Greg Olsen, etc. then, by your logic, not Super Bowl caliber players and are incapable of winning a Super Bowl?
  12. Don’t tell me whose dick I can and cannot suck.
  13. MasterAwesome

    The kickoff at the end of the game

    The clock doesn’t actually start until a returner advances with the ball. If you squibbed it or did an onside kick and the guy caught it and immediately dropped to the ground or kneeled, then they would have had 1 second left for a final play. Notice how no time ever comes off the clock on a standard kickoff, even if the returner catches it and kneels in the end zone...even if there’s a 1-2 second pause between the catch and the kneel.
  14. You most certainly cannot argue Landry is a Top 5 receiver..
  15. MasterAwesome

    Monday notes

    Really?? I’m sorry, but I’m taking the matchup of Moore against a linebacker every time. Ian Thomas hasn’t shown 1/10 the elusiveness that DJ Moore has. Moore has looked amazing with the ball in his hands...if you can get him 1-on-1 against any defender, my money is on him to avoid that tackle.