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  1. What?? Umm yeah....sorry but there’s no way 43 yards in the Preseason is anywhere near “Top 10”.
  2. I don’t think you have your finger on the pulse of this team as much as you’d like everyone to believe. You didn’t have Jermaine Carter Jr. making the team in your latest mock draft while he’s out making plays in camp, making plays in preseason, and getting singled out by Luke as one of the off-season standouts. You also posted shortly before the C.J. Anderson signing that we will all be disappointed if we’re hoping for him. Bottom line is you’re a photographer. You practically have the same level of access to the team as the rest of us do. You can argue you have friends on the inside with higher access, but your sentiments about the team and who is on the roster bubble do not appear to be shared by the other reporters...so evidently that’s your own take from your own observations. Speaking of which...it’s hard to get a clear and accurate perspective on the team when you’re watching training camp through a camera lens.
  3. You don’t think we’ve seen Moore’s peak yet, one preseason game into his NFL career? I really hope not...
  4. That would’ve knocked Amini on his a&$.
  5. MasterAwesome

    Jarius "got me feeling" Wright

    Either Jeremy or Saca (they’re literally the same person) made the same thread for Russell Shepard after his one good play last year too...you’d think he’d learn by now.
  6. In the first quarter, he had 1 carry for 3 yards and took one screen pass for 15 yards...and those were both with under 2 minutes left. Considering he was tackled by the likes of David Mayo and Colin Jones on those two respective plays, we weren’t fielding our starting defensive unit. Either way, surely you’ve watched enough football through the years to know not to make knee-jerk reactions to one preseason game? I mean, maybe you’ll see enough out of one player in one game to decide you want to give him more snaps in Game 2 to see how he performs with the starters perhaps...but going as far as to trade assets for an unproven backup after one preseason game?? That’s extremely impulsive, which is a quality I sure as hell don’t want from a GM.
  7. Yessss let’s trade a draft pick for a 3rd string RB based off of one preseason game against our 2nd/3rd string D!!! Come on Hurneyyyyyy what are you doing, you bum?!
  8. MasterAwesome

    Patriots work out Brenton Bersin...

    Lol such a blatant copy/paste job...
  9. Probably Daryl Williams.
  10. MasterAwesome

    Kelvin Benjamin - I have thoughts

    This is kind of a dumb thread...not because it’s not Panther-related, but because a new thread was made on the same topic just to share zero unique insight. Unless no one knew that: A) Cam and KB were buddies B) KB is not super bright C) Cam showed maturity in his response If anyone else posted this, it would have gotten littered with responses like “you made a new thread for this?” and “you couldn’t have posted this in the other thread?”...and instead, it was pied like 25+ times.
  11. MasterAwesome

    Deangelo Williams piles on

    Not really relevant to this topic...but I saw DeAngelo in Charlotte at CMC Pineville hospital a couple hours ago. Thanks...that is all.
  12. I don’t know that the treadmill thing is a shot at KB...Cam posts Instagram stories from the treadmill literally every day. Sometimes multiple times a day...the man doesn’t stop working out.
  13. Can’t believe those idiot Titans made Taylor Lewan the highest paid O-lineman in NFL history when he’s clearly the absolute WORST!! Gets help 16% more than the average offensive lineman...pitiful. Definitely has nothing to do with scheme or anything.
  14. This thread was made by the same guy who preemptively reprimanded imaginary people who “criticized” Cam Newton for underthrowing that one pass to DJ Moore on that double move. I say that because no one was actually criticizing Cam until he came in with that whole “Wow here we go again with the Cam haters “ attitude. Now he makes entire threads on single GIFs of a single o-line rep to reaffirm his professional o-line analysis.
  15. MasterAwesome

    Official Training Camp Thread -> Day 1

    All hail the infallible coaching staff who always field the best players and never let talent rot away on the bench. Shame on those players for being so consistently inconsistent.