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  1. So why do the majority of teams still run the ball 40-50% of the time (including NE and Philly)? Sounds like it obviously should be 0%. Silly NFL teams...I wish they would listen to the real professionals like Twitter Bob and Twitter Joe.
  2. Would you sell the farm for Barkley...

    I don’t understand how seemingly every draft, there is a “generational talent” at RB. That defeats the meaning of the phrase.
  3. Why are we crying about this again? Did you want Reich as our head coach or something?
  4. The only thing I want to see less than another team’s Super Bowl parade is a meme with a bunch of fourteen-year-olds in their underwear
  5. He can catch

    How many Swiss-army knives do we need?
  6. You’ve been perfectly clear on your stance, but I wouldn’t group yours and Saca’s together. It’s heavily implied in his second paragraph that you don’t need to run the football...hence how Philly came out right away with the Play-Action and it worked without them even running the ball. Therefore you can have that kind of success just by passing alone. He even said later that the success they had from running the football was only a clear byproduct of the passing game...not that they complemented one another. Therefore heavily implying that the running is not necessary when the pass was so effective alone.
  7. What? That could maybe work for one game at most...but no one is gonna bite on the play-action if a team notoriously doesn’t actually run the ball. That’s the kind of thing that would easily show up in the film room. It worked cause neither team was getting any pass rush for about 90% of the game. If Philly is supposed to epitomize why ground and pound is so archaic then why did they sign Blount and trade for Ajayi? Those two offer nothing in the passing game...they’re pure runners. No offense should be one-dimensional...good offenses need balance. It’s no coincidence that the Saints became so dangerous this year with a much improved run game.
  8. Isn’t the increase in the salary cap every year a testament to the NFL’s increasing revenue year after year? I would find that a lot more valuable on the NFL’s popularity over simply a relatively tiny poll on viewership. That would encompass jersey/merchandise sales, ticket sales, ads, fantasy football, streaming services like Game Pass, and countless more factors.
  9. St. Marty? Marty Martyr? Marty Poppins?? We need Jeremy to program one of those Tebowesque name changes, the way he is delusionally portrayed in here.
  10. Inb4 “the g.o.a.t. defensive minds are naming their beard hairs after Cam and you still got people criticizing his mechanics. One day I hope Cam has a fanbase who truly appreciates him”. CAUSE YOU KNOW IT’S COMING
  11. Just gonna test something out quickly ... “Cam could afford to work on his footwork some more”
  12. Gettleman takes shot at McAdoo

    Holy moly, sounds awfully familiar...almost like someone’s defense mechanism anytime anyone says anything remotely critical about Cam’s footwork or mechanics. Will I be receiving a poop or a deflection now? I hope both!
  13. No one can give you an answer because of course no one here is in the front office. We can only speculate ...and as you said, this was such a stark contrast in Gettleman’s philosophy that it’s not entirely unfathomable to think that he may have been pressured from his superior(s). Regardless, it was a bad signing and Gettleman deserves criticism but it hardly warrants a million unprovoked snarky comments spanning across numerous threads (not saying from you necessarily). It just comes across as incredibly bitter and personal.
  14. Excuse me are you insulting 12 year olds now? What kind of terrible person would insult a child? You really need to re-evaluate your life to this point if you’re hating on children. (Everyone please enjoy this accurate enactment of what a debate would be like between two “TheRed”s).