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  1. You say you don’t hate LeBron and you’re only opposed to his obnoxious fanbase, but then say that? You definitely seem to be more anti-LeBron than you have tried to paint yourself as.
  2. MasterAwesome

    Tuesday OTA tweets

    Your backtrack skills are at about a 2/10. Clearly your premise was that Luke excels because of his mental aptitude, in spite of his limitations of “not being the most athletic guy”. Unless you want to keep playing the “literal” card and say that you meant because Luke isn’t actually the #1 most athletic player in the league, that he has to then rely on his mental aptitude...in which case that argument is even more stupid.
  3. Let me get this straight...so you’re basing your arguments on what you see and what you read from a random analyst’s Op-Ed (I.e. highly subjective “data”), and we’re basing it off of empirical evidence (I.e. statistical data), but the strength of our argument is in question lol. Got it...I mean, as the resident gossip blogger it doesn’t surprise me that you put more weight into random opinion pieces than statistics, but that’s not actually how the real world operates. And I love when discussions inevitably devolve into “woah calm down, no need to get worked up..” when someone’s rebutting an argument, as if that’s not what you’re supposed to do in a discussion with dissenting sides. 9/10 times it’s clearly a case of projecting. You need to be able to present your opinion and support your argument without getting defensive if it’s challenged.
  4. What??? Come on man...I don’t even know where to start with this. I’m not sure why I’m having to specify this, but we’re looking at average salary of a position group relative to other position groups...that’s how you determine how much NFL teams are valuing these positions. Not comparing two players who play the same position...that literally does nothing for this argument. So money/contracts dictate how much teams value a particular player but when it comes to the draft, then we’re talking about the value of a position and not the player?? That seems an awful lot like a narrative to me...I’m guessing you don’t believe that BPA is a thing that teams do. Everyone just drafts whatever position they think is most valuable, right?
  5. It’s more that people in this thread are examining the recent past and then using that trend to infer the exact opposite of what the data is suggesting. Recent past = teams paying WRs more and more relative to most any other position. Conclusion = teams are devaluing WRs? How is that the argument that is being made off of the underlying premise? I don’t have a problem with speculation if it’s informed and grounded in empirical evidence...I just have little patience for baseless speculation, and to me this falls in the latter category. I’m not sure where you’re getting the statement that “the trend being alluded to does not appear too strong at the moment”..if you can point out where that was proven or even supported in this thread, maybe I overlooked that. To me, it’s a very strong trend...this current offseason had the most ridiculous WR contracts for marginal talent that I ever recall seeing.
  6. MasterAwesome

    Derek Anderson...update?

    The chances of the Panthers having a top ten pick are way higher than the chances of Cam leaving us in FA when his contract is up...how often do franchise QBs willingly walk away from their team to test FA? Unless you're saying the Panthers just aren’t going to make him an offer (both equally unlikely)? Yet you’re humoring the idea of Cam leaving but the idea of us having a high draft pick is somehow unfathomable?
  7. Again, I would point to the money trail even as recent as the current offseason...which suggests teams are valuing WRs higher than ever. I’m really not sure what evidence would lend itself to the justification of even having a debate on this topic. I hate to echo points that were already made in this thread, but even the same WR was traded for 1st round picks in back-to-back years. If you’re talking about the value of commodities in the NFL...not much comes close to the value of a 1st round pick. Even Garropolo only fetched a 2nd...when although he was unproven, he was widely considered to have franchise QB potential. Any argument about WRs being devalued appears to ignore actual evidence in favor of speculation and silly anecdotal “evidence” that doesn’t even hold weight logically. Oh plus a Bucky Brooks article.
  8. Well thank god that was cleared up...phew.
  9. Using any metric besides money/contracts to assess how much teams value a certain position is frankly beyond me. “Yeah...having good WRs just really isn’t that vital anymore. Ooooo!!! Look, a mediocre WR!! Let’s give him a $40 million contract!”. The only thing sillier than that argument is basing the value of a position on how many of those players were drafted in the first round. As someone else said, 2 DEs drafted in the first = DEs are being devalued? How about 3 OTs?? OTs are becoming devalued now? Most every team still employs some form of BPA ..if there aren’t first round caliber WRs/OTs/DEs in a given draft class then you wouldn’t expect a ton of them to be drafted in the first round...that has nothing to do with being devalued. This thread has been one big facepalm.
  10. MasterAwesome

    Derek Anderson...update?

    So as with Jeremy, what are you basing this off of? The starting QBs in the NFL are overwhelmingly drafted high... at least 20 from the first round and 15 of those in the top 5 overall picks. The notable ones outside of the first round being Brees/Dalton/Carr at the very top of the second and then Russell Wilson/Dak Prescott/Kirk Cousins in the 3rd/4th...all of them having started by their second season except Cousins. Even the notion of drafting a QB late to groom into a starter is nonsense and just doesn’t happen except in very rare cases. If a QB is deemed to even have starting potential, then they’re not going to last until the late rounds...starting-caliber QBs are extremely rare and too valuable to allow to slide in the draft. Plus there are 32 starting QBs who, aside from serious injury, can expect to play 10-15 years easily...and with so many college QB prospects entering the draft year after year, there’s no need to draft someone late to groom. There’s way more supply than demand so you can draft QBs high if you want a starter, and draft mid-late round QBs as backups. To say that those who were drafted high and started right away would greatly benefit from sitting for a while is just purely baseless speculation. Sure some QBs may benefit from riding the bench for a while, but for every QB whose development has been hindered by being played too soon, there is another whose development is accelerated by hundreds of actual game reps and being able to work any kinks out on the field instead of just in practice and in the playbook.
  11. MasterAwesome

    Derek Anderson...update?

    Lol where are you even getting this from? How many current starting QBs sat their first 3 years? Or even their first full season? Like....4? 5?
  12. MasterAwesome

    Offensive Rookie of the Year Candidates Moore #9

    In any given year, the top WR taken in the draft should always automatically be considered a contender for OPOY...regardless of what situation he’s coming into, unless he’s truly drafted entirely for potential. The fact that this article has him at #9, behind several mid-round receivers, is insulting if anything. Not that I care about asinine predictions like these, but I’m confused as to how you would be excited by an article like this.
  13. MasterAwesome

    Cam Jordan vs Matt Kalil

    Yeah, man those crazy Huddlers...nevermind that he was actually objectively selected as an All-Pro by the Associated Press. But stupid Huddle spewing a bunch of homer nonsense...I mean just look at that one clip!!
  14. MasterAwesome

    Calvin Ridley - "footwork"

    Lol how about we start enforcing that mentality for this message board? They’re just stirring up traffic...same as you, your golden boy Saca, and countless others when you create so many nonsensical, sensationalized threads on these boards.