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  1. What the hell size is 2xB?
  2. WCO, Coryell, E-P....

    Right Jeff Davidson. One would not really correlate the Panthers offense with EP as Tom Brady does it so well and that is the standard.
  3. WCO, Coryell, E-P....

    and I agree with everything else you said
  4. WCO, Coryell, E-P....

    I didn't say it is a run based system, I said it was originally a run based offense which has evolved into what it is today. Ron Erhardt coined the saying "you throw to score, you run to win."   
  5. WCO, Coryell, E-P....

    I'm typing in bed so I'm gking off memory here but I do believe that EP was originally a run based variation of WCO until Charlie Weis evolved it to what the Patriots are doing today.    Give me the QB who can make the middle and deep throws over the dinky dunks offense QB that a 50 year old Jimmy Clausen can throw.
  6. My new favorite NBA player

    KD got double kudos from us west coast Panther fans In one day
  7. I remember in 2004 during the Super Bowl there was an analyst who stated that if Carolina won, they would be the worst winner in Super Bowl history. If I could only remember who that idiot was.
  8. Last man standing pie!!!!

    From NFL.com  I cried when I saw this. America loves you Carolina, #keepdabbing    
  9. Ray Lewis Impersonator Tells It Like It Is... lol

    Man this dude looks and sounds like the real deal.
  10. Early Line Versus NO

    Devin Funchess will eat up Brandon Browner all game. 
  11. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    Who the hell doesn't want to play on this all world defense? He will only compliment it instead of coming in and being a top defensive player. Besides, Luke, TD, KK, Charles, Norman and co will keep him in check should he get out of line. He will know his place real quick. And those are just the players on defense. I'm sure Olsen and Kalil will not have a problem putting him on check. 
  12. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    Pretty much sums it up for most. I would rather have a dirtbag on the field and a good man off than a dirtbag on and off.
  13. Possibility signing DT?

    There's a Free Agent out there looking for work: S _ O _ E    F_ A
  14. This is beautiful....

    I want to slap the pomade off of Andy Daltons stupid head