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  1. The milks gone bad for Fitzmagic
  2. countryboi

    Meanwhile in Atlanta... lol

    The Vick jersey gets them every time
  3. the bills kicked the Vikings in the teeth and KB barely showed up.....thats a good day
  4. with his contract they are going to do everything they can to find someway to get him on the field, i really dont feel like he have seen the last of Matt
  5. it looked like he put the ball in the DE lap while he was laying on the ground on TV.
  6. countryboi

    Elliott, Gurley.... McCaffrey?

    CMC is a beast he has been a beast for a while now, he shouldnt have to run for 184 yards to prove it.
  7. countryboi

    Panther Win/Obada/DJ/CMC/Cam Pie fest

    Go Panthers keep pounding
  8. countryboi

    Panther win official PIE

    good fuging well keep pounding
  9. Mayo and jones are really really bad
  10. CMC is a monster today....add Cam to CMC it’s just too much
  11. That bullshit over turn of our turnover changes the whole game. That was bullshit and wrong
  12. countryboi

    Run game

    Though the first game we never let CJ touch the ball more than twice in a row no matter how well he is playing. It’s a damn shame really