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  1. that was a disgrace...
  2. countryboi

    This is the worst time of the year

    no football, no basketball, nothing but the boring ass world cup and baseball in the hot ass sun.
  3. whats he on now suspension wise? another year? is he on the Josh Gordon plan where we dont hear from you for 3 years?
  4. looks like the trade worked out for everyone, i still have much love for KB and i want him to do well when he is not playing the Panthers
  5. countryboi

    Jimmy Clausen is still trash

    I didnt watch much but i saw him make a few great throws...he could be so much worse
  6. countryboi

    Slow day but rumor is.....

    i dont know if i feel comfortable trading for gronk, i feel like if the pats are giving up on him something is wrong.
  7. countryboi

    Chuck Pagano wants to coach

    head coaches go back to being position coaches all the time, Mike Tice and raheem morris are two off the top of my head.
  8. countryboi

    Gettleman has lymphoma

    fug cancer...
  9. countryboi

    todays OTA tweets and news

    its football he can get injuried any one of 100 different ways
  10. countryboi

    Panthers release Zach Banner

    Made that man drive all the way here in a little as car just to get cut.
  11. countryboi

    Don't ever change, Smitty

    how can you not love that fire....steve is great
  12. when have any of us ever felt good about our oline?
  13. countryboi

    "Why would I care?"

    seems short sighted, you think Nick Saban is telling his guys he is going to make them great colleges players?
  14. we all got to go one day...im going to die enjoying bacon. just last week an article told me siting was the new smoking.
  15. countryboi

    Beaston comes home

    Beason looks like he is in great shape, i think he can still go.