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  1. I’m feeling very optimistic but know we will have a rookie qb. That said this team looks ready to win now. And we could manage 7 wins with crap qb and coaching.
  2. After listening to the press conference, I don’t see the the brass doing anything other than going BPA. They are trying to shore up the holes in FA as best they can. Almost sounds like they might lean toward DBs if they “reach” at all.
  3. Wait… what’s wrong with coke and booty?
  4. I don’t know why people say the panthers are tanking. This team sucks so hard that even with 100% effort and the best players on the team we were going to end up with a top pick. That doesn’t change by trading a top player. That just means we still suck but we have more top picks. It is what it is.
  5. About damn time. I love my panthers in good times and bad but it’s miserable watching such an anemic team. Defense is the redeeming quality, we’d be winning in most of the games if the offense would capitalize on the opportunities the defense and special teams gave.
  6. I agree and it’s frustrating to watch. I keep hoping baker turns it around soon. O-line isn’t even a problem this year.
  7. It’s because as soon as I pull CH up during the season it’s full time meltdown mode. Even after the good games. There’s enough crap wrong in the world that it’s an instant NOPE from me to come here and try to read all this nonsense. Im a full time fan, not fair weather. I support my team even when they are losing.
  8. This forum sucks. Full of crybaby whining punks. Can’t come here to read support and football talk, it’s just negativity, armchair gm’s, and poo talk. Thread after thread. Post after post. Every time I come here I just leave. Some of you people are so miserable you will spend all your time bitching about anything. Why not just enjoy the season and support your team and it’s coaches. Life is full of ups and downs. Panthers are in a down phase, I get it, but it’s still your team. that’s all. I know my post won’t make a difference at all. That’s how it goes when dealing with people who know it all and could do it better themselves.
  9. Can’t lie my emotions are high right now. Don’t care if we win or lose but this is the Carolina panthers I have been seriously missing the last several years.
  10. Didn’t need a circle, but company is always nice.
  11. Do we? Do you? I mean, follow the crowd if you must, but sometimes it’s ok to have your own opinions. Just saying
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