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  1. Worley is one of the most picked in corners I’ve seen in a panthers unit in a long time. He should keep his mouth shut and try to get better.
  2. Those blaming this solely on the Colts are wrong. Some guys are just made to take hits and others aren’t. Luck isn’t made for it and he played his whole career like he was 6’6” 280. Cam has taken twice the punishment and is still playing bc he’s a better athlete. Sick of the Luck disciples not taking into account his physical limitations as a QB. Dude isn’t better than Cam and never was better than him. But bc he’s a more polished pocket thrower and a white guy they’ll always blame the organization for his injuries and blame “Cam and his style of play” for the injuries that Cam suffers. It’s bullshit. Not to mention Cam has played essentially a season and a half with a shoulder injury and were currently #1 in our division. Lucks been on th sideline that whole time.
  3. Cam Posts on Instagram

    There is something ironic about one of the worst mid round GMs in the league trading for a mid round pick. He is going to completely screw that pick.
  4. Trade deadline thread

    Landry is what we already have..a solid middle of the field possession receiver. We need a player who will stretch the field. Sign Hilton...Take on the contract, let KB walk and put DF in his spot. We don’t need KB and Funchess. They are the same player.
  5. Agreed. Use CMC to get Cam some easy completions on LBs. But Samuel is going to make more plays out of the backfield running the ball.
  6. "No one could run behind our line"

    Hilton and Bryant could be available. You want a scheme fix to allow us to run? Go get one of those guys...Olsen, KB, Funch, Hilton, CMC and Stewart. Who’s stacking the box with that lineup? Cams not over throwing TY Hilton on the post.
  7. TY Hilton available..

    Can’t remember last time there were this many game busters possible available. Bryant would be my first choice bc of contract. But Hilton is a stud...he’s on pace for over 1000 yards with Jacoby Brissett as his QB and zero else on that team that needs game planning. If you put him in our three wide sets with Olsen back then you’re looking at teams going to an extra DB and with no way to stack the box. Igo made the point earlier that the OL is talented enough. It’s the scheme that’s the problem. Well..Put Hilton or Bryant on the outside and there’s your scheme fix.
  8. Marcel Dareus signed a near $100mil contract. The best defender in the league may not be worth that...much less a guy who may not be top 5 at his position. Letting Beane take that job and then firing DG is probably the single dumbest thing that JR has done since being in charge of the Panthers.
  9. Panthers Plan on Selling Team

    They’ve already got teams in LA and the Raiders are moving to Vegas. I feel like the Carolinas are as big a football market as most cities. Maybe more so than a lot of alternatives. There is plenty of money to build a stadium if that’s the desire. We have all seen how it’s working out for teams like the Rams and Chargers moving to LA. Grass isn’t always greener...
  10. Get Em, Kelly

    The defense and offense to me seem like completely different personalities. On D you’ve got guys like TD, keuchly, Bradberry, Coleman...all guys imo who have been heavily doubted in their careers or just naturally play with a chip. On O..Bunch of guys who have always been most physically gifted guys on the field. Attitude matters. O doesn’t have any...
  11. Kaelin Clay is a Panther again.

    So...what does this say about Samuel? Our....2nd round pick. This screams...”I don’t know what to do to make the team better but let’s try this..” I don’t think clay makes a long term difference honestly.
  12. If it’s not the play calling then it’s the prep. There are numerous guys on this offense who look unprepared weekly...maybe it’s a positional coach problem.
  13. You want to fix our downfield problems? Trade for Martavis Bryant. Not sure what’s going on with the Steelers...maybe an overstock of riches. But Cam throws well to big targets. Bryant is big and likely would be the fastest target in the team. Throw a conditional pick at them and make this offense better...He’s from the region and would probably be excited to get back.
  14. Not gonna happen. You guys don’t remember the John Fox saga? That dude was way worse than RR and we’re not even two years post SB. He’s got at least one left no matter what happens this year.