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  1. unicar15

    Tepper speaks at Carnegie Mellon

    This guy is gonna get a SB...
  2. Pass. The Ravens have been trash recently under Ozzie’s guidance. Get someone new...
  3. Story from Ian Rap going around that Navarro wanted a SC stadium. Glad Tepper won...
  4. Yeah if this is true then the Richardsons and maybe even Navarro have a collusion case for sure. I can’t see JR selling to someone he doesn’t want to own the team in order to protect bad press about him...truth is coming out one way or another at this point. Might as well sell to who he wants.
  5. He played Stewart all year last year....I don’t think there needs to be any additional evidence that the veteran gets the nod no matter how bad he is playing. If Moton is the starter at the beginning of the year then to me that means he’s gonna be pretty good. Otherwise RR would stick with the vet.
  6. Gaulden is going to be a safety. He moves as well as Coleman and is a good size. He’s not playing nickel...he’s going to cover TEs and play centerfield. He doesn’t need to move like a corner bc he isn’t going to play corner.
  7. unicar15

    OPINION: Panthers will sign a veteran RB

    No reason that you couldn’t sign him and have a 3-headed attack. CJA is past the days of 1000+ and 250 carries. He and CAP are essentially the same back. Anderson’s coaches just had the foresight to give him carries when there was an aging, washed up running back ahead of him. If CAP controls the ball and doesn’t fumble he’d be a solid back that with the right usage could probably go for 1000 yards.
  8. Hurney didn’t trade next years 1st Hurney didn’t draft a small school player Hurney stuck to big-time football conferences Hurney addressed need while still taking the consensus best players on the board (other than Gaulden but I think that’s debated). Imo Jackson was the BPA at his pick for positions that were in the running. It’s not saying much but this is Hurneys best draft.
  9. Gaulden is a project if for no other reason than he’s not supplanting Searcy. Da’Norris has been a really good RR type safety for years. I don’t get the hate though? Is it just bc he ended up going before Harrison? I think Jackson could supplant Cockrell depending on the situation. I think he sees a lot of time week 1 against Dallas as they just traded for Tavon Austin. We got faster sideline to sideline after this draft.
  10. Starting WR Most physically talented DB since Norman Underrated safety with prototypical size and plays multiple positions. TE that runs like a receiver. This was a high risk/high reward draft that addressed our speed deficiency and playmaker deficiency. We have plenty of conservative, mediocre dudes. We need to stop relying on three guys for turnovers (outside of JP, TD, LK who else is going to cause a turnover?) If Jackson ends up being trash and Gaulden can’t crack the lineup then yeah it’s a crap draft but idt that happens. I could see Jackson starting at Nickel day 1. I could see Gaulden as a sub package safety day 1 and eventually as the starter in year 2.
  11. He would be joining a team where he knows he’s the #2 option but has a chance at a playoff run. Playing with a former coordinator could make him effective. I think he’d be at least equivalent to Dickson.
  12. unicar15

    Hurney's Gaulden comment

    Vets like Searcy and Adams in the mix I don’t see him starting unless he takes it from them. RR has always liked experience over talent in his safeties.
  13. Chris Harris Jr was an UFA at 5’11” listed at 180 but prob 175 coming out of KU. Walterfootball rated him as the 44th corner. Sometimes you just can’t talk with these guys and swagger/desire to be the best drives them to be great players. Who knows if guys like Oliver, Reid have that. Jackson seems to...
  14. Byrd’s skillset imo has been made much less valuable with the additions of Moore and Smith. When Samuel comes back that will be 3 guys (one acquired in trade and two in rounds 1-2) that are burners. Byrd sadly is done with the Panthers. Wright as had been mentioned was paid up front, provides a valuable vet presence, and is going to be a precision route runner with good hands ala Cotchery.
  15. unicar15

    Theory about Lamar Jackson

    Jackson is going to be a good QB. I’m not sure if his style will be sustainable but he’s every bit the QB Watson is.