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  1. I agree with this philosophy but the problem is we were really good at rushing the passer last year and guys ran wide open.
  2. Move from 24 to 15

    There are pro bowl caliber safeties still on the market. Safeties are going to fall like rocks and idt anyone is going up to get them. I’m starting to think guys like Tony Pauline may be right...I also think that if it’s down to James and one of the corners that hurney likes...he’s gonna go corner. Fitzpatrick is another story bc he can play essentially any position in the secondary. I just don’t see Hurney spending a 1st on a true safety when guys like Boston, Reid are still out there. Corner is much more valuable.
  3. Ludwig 3 round mock

    Would be the best 3 round draft in a long time.
  4. CBS Sports 7 Round Mock Draft with trades

    This is an ideal draft imo. The WR hype is over the top. The DBs are better value and Rashaad Penny is a perfect compliment to CMC. I think Moore and Ridley are both good players but they aren’t making the difference in deep playoff run or not for a win-now team in the late 20s which is what we are. Alexander, Reid, Penny could make that difference.
  5. Browns take 2 QBs?

    This is being floated to scare teams into trading up. The browns don’t think they’re gonna get Barkley at 4 so they are going to want to trade out if that spot.
  6. Okay, I want Jaylen Samuels

    Nope. Jaylen is the most patient runner I’ve ever seen. Somehow the guy seemed to always end his runs upright running away from pursuit. I don’t want to compare him to Lev Bell but that’s how he runs. He’s going to be a really productive player if used the right way. If I was going to compare either State back to Curtis Samuels it would be Nyheim Hines.
  7. I like all of those guys...I feel like Jackson is the best value/fit for the pick. I wouldn’t be mad about Moore if he’s really as explosive as he’s billed to be. I think that these WRs are getting a really watered down eval compared to previous years bc of all the first round busts. Moore reminds me a lot of Deandre Hopkins..
  8. Not that I think it’ll happen but if Derwin James or Fitzpatrick falls (as is Pauline’s guess) it’ll be interesting that nobody has met with either..
  9. If those are the DBs and you throw Elder into the mix as well we are going to need some speed at safety. I just don’t see anyone on this team that is going to be able to run with Julio and Mike Evans. It’s great to count on the pass rush but that has also killed us in the past. If we could get another guy with the talent of JNorman on this team then the D is super bowl caliber. I just don’t think you can continue to ignore corner when it’s been shown that elite corners get you to Super Bowls. Norman, Sherman, Talib, Harris, Butler...I just don’t see Ross Cockrell and Bradberry (unless JB takes a step) as super bowl caliber DBs.
  10. Ridley reminds me of TY Hilton. I like him a lot I think he’s going to be the best immediate pro out of all of the receivers.
  11. If you look at the last 10 picks at #24 it’s interesting...all of the defensive players taken have been incredibly underwhelming pros. Guys like Darqueze Dennard, Peria Jerry, William Jackson, Bjorn Warner were all taken. The offensive talent oth has been pro bowl guys...Chris Johnson, David Decastro, Dez Bryant
  12. Reading the LG tea leaves

    I think you have to be hopeful for Moton and not draft an interior linemen day 1. There are too many other talented players to be had when you’ve got a young guy with potential sitting on the sideline. Hurney has done a really good job imo setting the team up to just take the best available player. I personally think that is going to be a WR, RB, DB..
  13. Panthers interested in small school RB

    If Hurney can’t find a really good DB and a really good RB in this class then all hope is lost..
  14. Norv at Maryland pro day

    Agreed. I think Moore has passed Ridley and Sutton. I could see the Packers taking him in the teens.
  15. OBJ on the block

    OBJ is going to get traded. DG doesn’t believe receivers should be a large sum of the cap. So he’ll get a 1st and 2nd from a team like the Niners or Rams, save the cap money and go get more linemen. Right or wrong...that’s how DG builds his teams. It would also free him up to do what he wants with the top pick (possibly take a QB), then move back up to get Chubb or stand pat and take another good DL.