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  1. Drama in Steeler country?

    If they fire Tomlin, which I think they could have cause...I'd throw the bank at him if Wilks got hired elsewhere. He has run a similar scheme in the past and is probably one of the best defensive backs coaches in he game which is desperately needed with our group. I don't think he's a particularly inspiring head coach. I do think that the Steelers were far and away the most talented team in the league and a first round playoff exit goes on the coaches. If Ben were to retire in the next 2 years and they were left with the current roster and Tomlin as their coach then I'm honestly not sure they would be a playoff team. Ben threw for almost 5000 yards with 28TDs and 14Ints. That isn't going to be immediately replaceable when he's gone. Is Tomlin really a good enough coach to take a mediocre QB with this squad to the playoffs? I haven't seen a whole lot of proof of that. I think he's a bottom half of the league coach at managing a game and making pressure-related calls. From the time he got to Pitt he hasn't improved in that respect IMO. He's a heck of a DC though...He wouldn't be out of a job long.
  2. Are we in a Window situation?

    We can revisit this post when Luke, TD, Olsen, Kalil are all done in the next 5-7 years. Three of those guys are somewhat replaceable. One of them is an all-timer. Remember the Bears D with prime Urlacher...then see without prime Urlacher. That’s called a window...
  3. Why the hate on Wilks?

    TBH next year is a make or break year for Bradberry and Worley. Two guys surely hand picked by Wilks to be the DB future. I agree we need some more athletes in the back end (guys better than Adams and Coleman) but we’re not the only team in the league with old guys...
  4. Terrelle Pryor anyone?

    Christian Kirk is Stephon Diggsesque. Get him...you see the crossings routes Diggs is running today. Nobody can keep up with him. Easy throw and catch....
  5. How Turner will impact Newton and CMC

    Anyone watching the Jags? Bortles managing the game. Jags playing great D. Fournette on pace for 150 yards rushing. That’s how you win. Get a capable every down runner...we have to do that this offseason.
  6. Ridley and Kirk seem more polished to me. Sutton seems like he’s raw. Cam has played with a lot of raw receivers. You know who isn’t raw...he isn’t fast...he isn’t a stud athlete but he’s a great route runner? Greg Olsen...and cam is money when he throws to him. Get him a polished, knowledgeable WR that can create separation and watch him thrive. Maybe that’s a WR in a trade. Maybe it’s a guy we draft but drafting another KB, Funchess isn’t going to help this team.
  7. Weinke leaves and is replaced by Olson...former #1 pick immediately goes from bust to the playoffs. No thanks.
  8. Please hire Bruce Arians or someone who is his protege. Maybe Norv turning us down would be a blessing in disguise.
  9. Receivers need to be #1 priority.

    The Colts were apparently willing to trade T.Y. Hilton earlier in the year. He’s got a huge contract so not sure how that would effect what we’re trying to do at other positions...but talk about a perfect fit. Other than Brown at Pitt he’s probably the best deep ball receiver in the league and he’s a great route runner as well. He’s 28 and seems to be in his prime.
  10. Receivers need to be #1 priority.

    If you are looking at an AFC N receiver with a sketchy history then look for it to be Martavis Bryant. Truthfully I think he’s probably too much of a suspension risk as he’s close to Josh Gordon level at this point. But his talent is unquestionable.
  11. Honestly with comments like this and not understanding that there is a problem with the offensive philosophy Ron is asking the new owner for skepticism not optimism. 28th in passing offense 31st in rushing offense (taking Cam out of the numbers) 19th in total offense 11th in points per game with a defense giving the O better field position than most teams in the league. We were 1st in 2015 and have plummeted. Those are profoundly damning numbers to say to a new owner...”the system is in place and all I need is this dinosaur of an OC to make it work.” If this doesn’t translate into playoff wins and a much improved offense then Ron will be poo canned by the new owner.
  12. Projected 2018 FA WR's..

    Cam needs someone who can create separation and make tough catches...Landry does it as well as anyone right now. BUT...he isn’t a deep threat. His game is to run crossing routes and quick hitters as a possession guy. We already have a guy that accomplished that in McCaffery and potentially Samuel. We need someone who is going to be able to get open deep.
  13. Please not Ron Turner.

    This. This organization does not need another old offensive mind without any imagination.
  14. Replacement Possibilities

    He’s a dinosaur. Why do you want a 10x over retread without any imagination.