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  1. Rodney Harrison is running his mouth again.

    Wasn't Harrison the same idiot that said the Panthers should bench Newton last year?
  2. Ryan Clark has a different POV on why Cam is hated.

    Thank you. This is why this nonsense about a "big personality" is such complete and utter BS. McNabb was hated  Mike Vick (prior anyone knowing he had a dog) was hated Vince Young was hated Colin Kaepernick is hated RGIII is hated Jameis Winston is hated And there is this less prominent, but CERTAINLY still present, irrational hatred of both Wilson, Josh Freeman, Geno Smith, and Bridgewater.   Not all these QBs have "big personalities." They all behaved differently. Not all play the QB position the same way either. But yet if you read the comment sections of articles about any of these QBs, or visit the home message board of any of these QBs, you have no choice but to walk away with the impression that, AT BEST, that football community doesn't quite embrace him. In a lot of cases, that fan base outright hates his very guts. The only fan base I can think of that was ambivalence towards their black QB was the Bills and EJ Manuel. Doesn't mean they wanted him to be their QB, but most Bills fans don't seem to personally hate EJ either.  
  3. Did Cam just terrify/call out white America?

    Of course it is not the majority of white America. Hell, it is not even a significant minority. It is not even, IMO, 20% of White America. However, when I can so easy go on Youtube or Yahoo and find a racist comment concerning a black person, then I must conclude that racism is not of the past.
  4. Did Cam just terrify/call out white America?

    I was going to respond to him but then I thought...why? Anybody that says "racism is in the past" after a racist went into a church and killed 9 persons because of their skin color doesn't really deserve an intelligent response.
  5. Did Cam just terrify/call out white America?

    Can I ask you a serious question? Can you name a black QB that is not either a) in the playoffs (Cam, Wilson, Bridgewater) b) a rookie (Winston) c) a first year starter (Taylor) That has gotten to either keep their job (Stafford, Ryan, Rivers, Cutler, Tannehill, Bradford) after multiple seasons of missing the playoffs, or has gotten as much time to develop as Alex Smith? Did you see how quickly Kaepernick and RGIII was benched this season? Seriously, one black QB in the history of the NFL.
  6. Did Cam just terrify/call out white America?

    People can talk about the saintsreport and the thread on the Titan's message board all they want. Yes, those sites and board, IMO, is littered with racists. However, this board contains some of those very same elements-- only more thinly veiled. For example, have you seen some of the threads/posts on this board about Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick? RGIII and even Mike Vick? There is this irrational hatred of both Wilson and Kaepernick, and to this day people act as if RGIII kicked their family dog. Yet there is a healthy respect for Aaron Rodgers, Jay Cutler, Matthew Stafford, even Sam Bradford. When we play or discuss Green Bay, Chicago, Detroit, or St. Louis there is none of the personal, petty, and almost childish attacks on the character of their QB. And that brings me to Cam Newton. Let's not pretend Newton, for a franchise QB, has always been held up in high regards on the Huddle. Let's not pretend like prior to this year there weren't well established Huddlers advocating for Newton to get less than a true "franchise QB" type extension. An less not pretend we didn't have Huddlers unjustly criticizing the way Newton threw game winning touchdown passes, or his limitations as a QB. Times are great now so we have no threads championing the greatness of Andrew Luck as compared to Newton or the horrors of "dual-threat" QBs...but make no mistake about it... I fully expect that if Newton plays two bad games in a row next year for the threads "suggesting what Cam Newton could fetch on the open market in a trade to start popping up on the Huddle.
  7. Oh, but it gets better. Arians twice overruled his DC and told him to rush Aaron Rodgers allowing Rodgers outside the pocket so he could throw bombs to his WR on that last drive in regulation. God the LOLs Arains would have received if Larry didn't bail out him and Palmer...
  8. Exactly. Anybody that objectively looks at that game vs. the Packers and thought that Palmer was not bailed out is on crack. The last touchdown drive in regulation vs. the Packers was filled with dropped INTs, bad reads, WRs bailing out Carson on 3rd and longs, and a lucky TD catch on a ball that should not have been thrown. And yes Bruce A. is full of sh*t.
  9. Well, this escalated quickly...

    I am this the team with the QB that quit on the franchise that took him No. 1 overall and recently got fined for making a classless gesture towards Seahawks fans? That is who they hold up as having class?
  10. The Titans forum have a 70 page thread of Cam

    While I think Luck is far more deserving of a big contract than Cutler ever was it is still astounding to me that Luck will probably be the highest paid QB and very few will have a problem with it. The sad thing is like Cutler, Luck will be coming off an injury-riddled season where his backup performed better than he did in the same system. People forget that Jay Cutler got that ridiculous contract from the Bears after McCown stepped in and absolutely outplayed Cutler that same year. And then, people like Mike Florio at Profootballtalk praised the contract extension saying that even though the Bears "might have over paid at least they found their QB for the next 1/2 decade." LOL by the next season, Cutler's hand-picked Head Coach Marc Trestmen was being fired because Cutler still was turning over the ball and losing games for the Bears. Not to obsess over Cutler, but did you know that he literally has two winning seasons since high school? Between Vandy, Denver, and Chicago...2 winning seasons... 
  11. The Titans forum have a 70 page thread of Cam

    The same fan base that thought very little of Steve McNair when he was cut, that thinks Vince Young is the worst human being ever, thinks Jake Locker is blameless, and literally thought that Mariota was a better QB and passer than Newton. Titan's message board is filled with racist morons. You should have seen them when Vince Young played for them.
  12. Panthers United will be banned pie....

    This is reason enough to be thankful for a Panthers' win!
  13. And it is not just this season either. Since Rivera/Cam has been together his defense has a knack for blowing leads. It is just in years past it was small that the offense is better it is big leads. It is fine to trust your defense but they better be up for the challenge...

    Not one word about this offense. This damn defense, littered with high round 1st and 2nd round picks and mega contracts, just allowed an offense...led by a QB that the Huddle swears is worst than nearly blow a 31 point lead in one half. Defense allowed Brees to pick them apart, Eli, Luck, Bree's backup, and now Wilson to tear them a new one in the second half, at home, in the playoffs. But let me guess...we should go sign Mario Williams, retain CJ, and use another 1st round on the DL. All while using the rest of our resources on fixing the DB position.