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  1. Denver Sports Radio/Cam PR Person

    Funny, if they took the time to read articles or look at games, they could ask real questions that he would want to answer. Such as: May not be the best question. But at least if you ask something like that, Cam knows you at least know, followed or researched the team, and made him think. But no. Many ask dumb questions, cause they want a particular reaction. But they're no smart enough to figure out his disposition and alter their questions (though he made it very clear how he felt). SMH
  2. Denver Sports Radio/Cam PR Person

    In fairness to Cam: No one cares (target audience for advertisers) what Cam said or didn't say during his Superbowl Pressers. No one knows or remembers. So that's not a problem. However, Cam could have been more visibly positive and upbeat. I don't think Cam was being disrespectful or rude. He was kinda just putting on an act with the slumped shoulders, trying to tell them what/how to ask with his disposition. Nonetheless, you're in the Superbowl Cam. Handling media responsibilities is part of it. So just suck it up and pretend, even if it's3- 4 days in a row, several times a day.
  3. Crowd is gonna be huge majority Broncos fans

    Well. Let's just hope they're the wine & cheese set and won't make much noise when the Panthers have the ball?
  4. Crowd is gonna be huge majority Broncos fans

    Don't forget. The team also wasn't focused following all the OBJ crap, hysteria.
  5. Panthers plan to Tag Josh Norman

    "Downer"!? He'll probably be making $12-$16 mil a year. And then he'll have the opportunity to renegotiate, and end up signing with the Panthers or another team for a whole lot more than he's making now (as this year, when being franchised).
  6. Crowd is gonna be huge majority Broncos fans

    Let's just wait till the start of the game to determine that. And then, I still don't give a damn, even if that's the case. But let's see. Things can be deceiving with snapshots.
  7. Look who I found trolling Cam's MVP article

    Who is this guy (Alice the Saint's fan)? I dunno. Thanks
  8. Ron wins coach of the year!

    Hey. Ron knew what he wasn't doing. He needed work. That's why he spoke to so many ex coaches, and wishes he would have had an Ex HC on his staff. So it's good to hear him talk about it now. Notice, how [since he has job security and success) he's pushing back at those that recklessly criticize Cam and the team, while in the past he was silent-even over the BS stuff??..Good for him! Let's hope Ron continues to grow and believe in himself and players. Good Luck tonight Panthers!
  9. Double Greg Olsen, keep Cam in the pocket

    OBJ But, I for one don't hate Prime. He just loves attention, and therefore says stupid things.
  10. Double Greg Olsen, keep Cam in the pocket

    I can believe he said it Deon, just likes to talk, whether he's making sense or not. Sometimes, he should just say nothing. I saw him on First Take, comparing R. Wilson to Cam, and he made it appear that Wilson's the more conventional QB, when it's obvious that he's not-especially compared to Cam. This was an out growth of a larger Race conversation tha both he an Stephen A. Both chose to go all in on, so maybe he was a bit confused, I don't know? LOL Everyone's just sitting there saying to themselves, "Hey Deon. You do realize that Newton's the 6'6" 265lb beast that can look over the defense, and Wilson's the one that needs constant movement or to scramble". Do they even watch the games? SMH
  11. 2015 NFL Awards CAM is MVP! It's official

    Ok. So make it unanimous next year Cam!
  12. NFL Honors #CAMVP

    Congratulations Cam on your MVP award. Hopefully, it's one of many, along with a Superbowl win tomorrow. Did you thank your coaches and teammates in your video? I heard you thank Mr. Richardson (and you could have done with out the doubters comment). I sure time was short. But you couldn't win that award without your teammates and coaches. Please follow up with that, if you do a press conference tomorrow, if you didn't and I'm mistaken. Nonetheless, congratulations once more!
  13. NFL Honors #CAMVP

    Usually not. Neither Riverboat or Ace Boogie plan to be there. Hopefully, they'll record a video or appear via satellite, instead of just having someone accept it for them.
  14. Unity, Individualism, Mavericks; Champions!?????.....

    Way to keep it loose guys, if you can do this on your official Super Bowl 50 photo (which NFL Network said this was)!
  15. Unity, Individualism, Mavericks; Champions!?????.....

    Way to crash the party guys. Really hope you win (being modest now)!?