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  1. Ron Rivera on Mike and Mike

    Correct!! The Panthers-through film breakdowns and interviews, knew that most of Cam's run were called runs or specific plays (such as the read option). However, when he was supposed to throw from the pocket, he stood in there and didn't get happy feet. Doesn't mean, he didn't escape a few times when the OL broke down (as you mentioned). I'm sure he did. However, it wasn't because of happy feet, and quitting the play early-as you correctly stated. And as it was mentioned earlier here; Cam was still looking downfield before he officially took off if/when the pocket did collapse. He always wanted to throw. Yup Yup. Regarding Nolan Nawrocki: It's amazing how often media (and yes, I consider him media, cause he's not a real NFL scout) just made stuff up, instead of going to the source, and/or the film as the Panthers and NFL teams and their scouting services did. This is why there was always such a wide disconnect on what negative media felt about Cam (and subsequently fans), vs the more positive NFL Scouts/true Scouting services, and the scant few fans that read or were aware of them. Many to this day feel Cam was a "reach pick", cause of media. Not realizing, he was the consensus pick by the time the draft rolled around because of the true scouting, film breakdowns and interviews, which most in the media (including those Faux Scouts and Mock Drafts) did not do leading up to it. Those people on TV don't count. But even they knew the deal, round the time the draft rolled around, because the Panthers were strong on picking Cam (and film breakdown, and interviews by NFL Scouting services backed him/this up). So anyone who had concerns about his pocket willingness, coach-ability, leadership, etc., were just straight up haterz, or saw what they wanted to see! However, its' not like they couldn't find the answers, if they really wanted.
  2. Ron Rivera on Mike and Mike

    Ron Rivera Mike & Mike Interview 1) Being undefeated-Focusing one game at a time. Said, won't even deal with16-0 and 19-0-as others with the team. 2) Cam's individuals decision making by Shula, taking him/them to the next level, etc. Basically, Cam's in charge and has the freedom on pre-snap; post snap, and no huddle to adust the offense/react to the defense based off the plays he can choose. Also mentioned, 'everyone's improved' on offense (when asked about Cam's improvement). However, he didn't go into specific detail (I'm assuming, he meant The OL, Stewart, Shula, and the receivers stepping up in KB's absence)? 3) Josh Norman; Thomas Davis-How Josh Norman had to be tamped down, and his early struggles with him and his combustible personality. But to his credit, Rivera felt he tamped him down too much and had to eventually allow him to be himself to get the best out of him. Had a couple of quips on TD, but mostly about Norman.  Note: Chris Carter, said he was very impressed by both men's love, knowledge and passion for the game behind the scenes when they were on the set this past weekend. 4) Breakdown of Cam from Auburn-Mentioned Cam ran very little at Auburn ON HIS OWN, and less than other QB's they charted him against on film breakdown (in this/that respect). Said Cam was the guy from Day one with the Panther Brass, and how Newton always wanted to throw downfield from the pocket, despite what people thought (i.e., the film breakdown, and Cam's desire told otherwise). Said they took individual elements from Gus Malzahn's offense, and Norv Turners from Sandiego for Newton. 5) Talked about Cam's personality (dancing, end zone celebrations), etc.. Said he doesn't mind, as long as Newton doesn't taunt, and how the game is still fun and expression, we must not forget. 6) Talked about his own dabbing, Mike Ditka, and the 85 Bears.... Great revealing interview (especially for National Media). Stuff we've read in good current/past articles, and legitimate Cam scouting-Panther front office 2011 info, yes!?... But probably brand new for most in the national media and audience. And who knows; maybe some of us? LOL 7) The Finnegan pick up was mentioned after Ron left. Chris Charter mentioned, that Josh Norman told him on the weekend they may make a pick up like that. Carter also mentioned their problems at Nickel, and how Josh Norman told him he was lobbying Rivera to play all the best receivers no matter where they line up. Carter liked that. LOL Ron was entertaining. And he was so good, all the host said they're going to stop picking against Carolina (started by Mike Greenberg), and how they're the best team. In addition: Chris Carter mentioned, he picked the Panthers for 7 wins after Benjamin's injury, and the Carolina fans let him know this everyday (followed by naughty laughter)! LOL Nice interview, with good information, fluff, humor, and some stories. Rivera, accounted for himself very well. He presented a very relaxed and reflective, but confident demeanor. He was enjoyable, and appeared A Man At Peace. The M&M crew were noticeably happy for him, and thought he was a nice guy. Link not up as of this writing. But you can find it here when they do:
  3. Please get the Dallas game out of your mind. Cause that was not indicative of the entire season, nationally televised game or not. We've seen the Panthers win several shootouts when they defense was no where to be seen, especially in the 2nd half for all the marbles. How soon to people forget (even Panther fans) to media Made Up narratives.
  4. Lack of respect for the Panthers is because...

    This! It's because the Panthers won the division last year with a losing record and all the media made fun of them (conveniently forgetting all the injuries, the Gettleman Gut Job, and the fact the team was 12-4 the year before). So this year, when Kelvin got hurt, they thought is Was A Collective Wrap (as I'm sure many of us did, if we're honest), and now seemingly can't let it go! The Cam-Pocket Passer argument by the OP's kinda dumb (with all due respect). Cause, Russell Wilson's far less a pocket passer than Cam and the media Loved The Hawks and him. Now, if you wanna talk about folks who hated Cam and never let it go (as you mentioned Castavar), that's another story, and true. LOL. Cam's a pocket passer, as we know, BTW. He just has a great ability to run when needed.True football analyst know this. It's not hard to see. Saying all that (to Mad Hatters Post). Yes, the "Woe Is Me" can get a bit tedious from an 11-0 (and seemingly streaking) team! LOL Onward to New Orleans! There's still a season to be played.
  5. #3 Scoring... QB, Offense, Defense

    So true. This is what most people fail to realize who don't watch the games. Rivera couldn't care less about amassing statistics/putting his foot on peoples neck when he has a multiple Td lead, no matter how early. This is contrary to the overwhelming majority of teams. During the Dallas game (your example) it made sense. However, it also cost the team some hairy close games earlier this season (and losses in the past) by keeping teams close that you should have blown out.
  6. Cam can make more NFL history

    It's possible. You can be right. But that's what they said on Thurs game.
  7. Cam can make more NFL history

    OK. Here's a real Cam stat: Cam's 100 passing yards short of 20,000. He will be the 2nd fastest to passing 20,000 yards after Peyton Manning in history.
  8. Cam to Bama Hater:"I'll slap the S*** out of you"

    Agreed Total 100% non story. It's almost as if Mac, is trying to curry to national media by bringing up stories that were already out there that no one cared about.
  9. Will the Nation view us as #1?

      It will pain them all immensely to list Carolina as #1 on their pseudo power rankings.  
  10. Seattle is the 2nd best team in the NFC

    So true. Just an awful pick by Ben, especially at that time of the game.
  11. It's officially hate week again...

    You're right. We are jealous that Shula/Rivera take their foot off the gas. That's because they do it anytime they have a 2 TD lead, regardless of when. It's almost like they feel bad being up 3-4 TD's. SMH/LOL I agree. The NFL is a No Mercy League. Who cares about hurt feelings.
  12. Week 13 Power Rankings...prepare for it

    Can they/we have a lil humor? LOL
  13. Is this the best regular season week ever?

    So true. The week would have been perfect if both Seattle and Arizona lost. But as you said: Big Ben pissed the bed with those awful INT's, bequeathing the game to the Seahawks (along with the crappy defense). And the refs literally handed the game to those struggling Cardinals. The game could have been over for the cardinals with out that awful roughing the passer call towards the end of the game (along with others). Cards, should have never had a chance to win. 
  14. Seattle is the 2nd best team in the NFC

    Not only that: Big Ben coughed the game up to them with two AWFUL INT's, when they could have put the game away. Those weren't great plays by the defense. Plus. Wilson was allowed the same quick throw/one read offensive scheme he usually excels in, cause the Pittsburgh blitzed him all game. Even on the last TD off the slant throw, the receiver said he asked Russell to throw it to him, and he did. NO scanning the defenses. I'm not saying Seattle can't get hot. But I looked at that game as a continuation of their struggles. Wilson's not gonna have another game like that again, especially with Graham gone and if the defenses rushes 4 with good coverage downfield.
  15. It's officially hate week again...

    Oh. A little sensitive I see? LOL Come on. Everyone knows, Brees is one of the biggest stat compilers ever. The Saints could be up 48-0 with 4 min left, and Brees would still try to throw TD's on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th down. We've all seen it.