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  1. It's officially hate week again...

    We'll see/that remains to be seen. I'm sure The Saints have a lot to prove to themselves after the Houston loss. Nonetheless, we know two things to be true about this game if the Panthers attain a big lead: 1) Rivera will call off the dogs somewhere in the middle of the 3rd quarter. That's just his nature 2) Both Payton and Brees will continue trying to secure TD's, regardless of the score and clock.
  2. It's officially hate week again...

    Don't believe the hype! The downtrodden Saints and their fans, would like nothing better than to "stun" the 11-0 "streaking" Carolina Panthers in the later time slot! Trust me! Now, whether can pull it off is another thing. However, like most teams who have played Carolina the past several games, they always try hard in the beginning, and certainly want to.
  3. 49ers Alex Boone rips the NFL officials

    That Roughing The Passer Call toward the end of the game, probably cost the 49ers, as the Cardinals would have probably not scored. And it would have given the 49ers a chance to win to close out the game. That was an egregious call IMO.
  4. Seattle is the 2nd best team in the NFC

    Nah That wasn't me. I don't think I ever did any previews here (though I have talked about the 2011, 2012 rookie QB's over the years, certainly).
  5. Seattle is the 2nd best team in the NFC

    The way to confuse Wilson is not to Blitz him. He's a quick throw, one read QB. That's his thing, when he can throw quick slant and hitchg routes, or jump balls downfield to his receivers.  Now, if Pittsburgh would have rushed 3-4 lineman and kept coverage downfield, so Wilson would have to look to his 2nd and 3rd reads, that's when he wants to run. And Pittsburgh defense is fast enough to catch him.
  6. Josh and TD on ESPN right now

    So true! And this is the main reason I been saying, "looking at the rush attempts vs the passing attempts are quite silly (due to the Panther leads" and Rivera not being a "take all prisoners" type of coach-no matter the score-as others).
  7. Josh and TD on ESPN right now

    Oh gosh (or is it "Oh Josh"). Where do you start? LOL For starters, he didn't do anything untoward per se. However, he got very animated during the closing minutes. He slapped the ball out of a potential pass catching Keshawns's hands (and could have stepped disastrously on stepped on the ball if you ask me while running away). And he "rode his horse" (amongst other festivities to close the show) with the fervor of Chuck Berry Duck Walking his guitar across the stage that would make even him blush. . He was just visibly starting to feel himself. And you can tell, if he would have stayed on the air any longer he would have probably just gotten more emboldened. LOL
  8. The main reason for this; because the Panthers always have the lead. However, it's usually NOT the running game that gets them those leads. It's because of this very reason why many think it's not a true "Run First" team as the media wants us to believe (and what it represents). Plus, as others have said earlier: Anytime the Panthers have tried to make this a traditional "run first", smash mouth attack, the Panthers RB's, and/or OL has failed at it. Of course, it's easy to "pound the ball (for 1, 2, even 4-6 yards)" when you have a 14 pt lead and the oppositions tired or embarrassed.
  9. Josh and TD on ESPN right now

    Wow! Josh Norman! Gotta, keep him off the air for a while now. LOL
  10. Josh and TD on ESPN right now

    TD, trash talked Cam when asked 'How Do You Stop, Defend Him!!??' LOL
  11. Josh and TD on ESPN right now

    And to make matters worse: He did/said it, cause the Panthers had two Pick sixes on Thanksgiving, spotting them an instant 14 pt lead. Well, how come he wasn't referencing the offense bailing out the defense against GB, Indy, Philly, and the 4th Qtr in Seattle during "The Gauntlet"?? These guys are so transparent sometimes.  
  12. Could we lose Shula and McDermott?

    This is THE VERY REASON he would be a good candidate. He can tailor an offense to a players skill set. LOL Saying all that. The Panthers have a Pro style passing offense again  (now with a half way decent O-Line). So "The Cam Effect" not being transferable is overblown if you ask me.
  13. Josh and TD on ESPN right now

    Chris Berman ragged on Keshawn saying, "The Panthers haven't lost since; well Keshawn" was there! LOL This was because, Josh ragged on him about picking the Cowgirls Thursday. So after retorted/asking him about fighting Cam in training camp (and Josh's hilarious remark), Boomer felt the spirit, and made the Keshawn comment. LOL
  14. Josh and TD on ESPN right now

    The both do (though Josh appeared to talk to long early). However, it sounds good to hear two active guys who just played these teams giving analysis on them.
  15. Josh and TD on ESPN right now

    Was just going to post this. I saw SAS talk about this yesterday and today. He sees the defense have a great turnover day, and he looks at total passing yard so makes a reactionary reach on the offense because secretly he doubts the Panther receivers. However, if he'd watch the games, he'd know they're several Panther games where the offense carries the defense. And overall, the offense (particularly the passing game) can rest as the run game cleans up the destruction they left earlier, which effects their total yards. It's kinda like Steph Curry last year when he won the MVP. A lot of people in the press knew his stats weren't as good as Harden's (this is one of the reasons, he has such an increase this year; placing him in MVP, as well as Most Improved Player Talk in some circles)). However, his advocates compensated for his stats last year with the rest the warriors offense received due to blow outs. Well, how come these dolts don't notice the same for Cam and the offense? They have the ability to score, and they do. However, due to their efficiency (and larger leads), they don't waste many opportunities, thus their yards aren't as high.