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  1. O-Ther added a post in a topic I'm glad the Kraken is gone   

    Greg will apologize by telling Mr. Bundchen he meant to say his sister-in-law is ugly and shouldn't be out in public places like a football game, but since it's Halloween time, it would be okay this once.
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  2. O-Ther added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Josh's taunt & TD's hit = Odell's punch?
    Odell punched Buffalo safety Duke Williams in their game this past Sunday and was fined $8,681.00  Here is the video
    Odell upset he was legally de-cleated during INT return
    Josh was fined the same amount for waving at Jags QB while heading to the endzone. TD Sr. was also fined the same amount for landing on a player late. Is it just me or does it feel like Odell is getting exceptionally light treatment when compared to our guys? If the NFL would add a game or two suspension to Odell's fine, it would seem more fair, but as it is, seems like a large-market team's player is getting preferential treatment from the league again.
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  3. O-Ther added a post in a topic Not panthers related but IDGAF...   

    If her left turn signal had been on and she had a Canadian accent, it would be just another day here in Orlando. Don't you Carolina guys have plenty of NASCAR racetracks she could have used instead?
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  4. O-Ther added a post in a topic Caption This Gettleman   

    You sure it's not from Brooklin or Qweens? Maybe Lon-Guyland but def not Manhattin' or the island of Staten.
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  5. O-Ther added a post in a topic What do you think is the most improved aspect of Cam Newton's game   

    My dad's first civilian job after he retired from the Air Force was repairing the radars that tracked space junk at a site on Eglin AFB. Had to make sure the tracks and orbits for military launches and satellites were as FOD-free as possible so we wouldn't rain radioactive debris on a friendly foreign country. 
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  6. O-Ther added a post in a topic Seahawks fans concerned about their OL   

    Same tip from the Taints last year can be used against the Seachickens this year. Huddle vets know what I'm referring to. Let the Seachicken fans do their own self-scouting. Huddle rookies, watch the game and see if you can spot it.
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  7. O-Ther added a post in a topic What do you think is the most improved aspect of Cam Newton's game   

    A lot of good growing up in that way of life, but a whole lot of bad, too. Would rather have grown up in American civilian society, but it is what it is. Wouldn't be a Panther fan if we hadn't been stationed at Seymour Johnson in Goldsboro when I was born. Would've been born a Vikings fan instead and my liver would be in much worse shape than it is now.
    But back to the thread, concerning Cam's wardrobe, special edition "Cam"-ouflage jerseys would be on point. Couldn't be game jerseys because of visibility issue with the numbers, but if Cam would wear it at press conferences, it'd sell, especially if tied in to a charity for service members and/or their families. Forward this up the chain of command.
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  8. O-Ther added a post in a topic Caption This Gettleman   

    "Gonna (franchise) tag that fanny"
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  9. O-Ther added a post in a topic most air yards lost due to drops..guess where Cam ranks?   

    Palmer in 5th place. I'm sure it's that scrub Fitzgerald costing Palmer those extra yards. They need to cut his azz.
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  10. O-Ther added a post in a topic What do you think is the most improved aspect of Cam Newton's game   

    Had to spend the first 20 years of my life being shipped around God's creation when the higher up Air Force Sky Marshals decided my dad was needed someplace else. At least you made a decision to join. I was drafted at birth 4 months after he completed basic.
    The camo thing was a clip from a conversation my dad and I had once about the new BDUs that were issued. He agreed. And there are a lot of dumb smart guys in that branch of service. One example was when the F-4 pilot was supposed to test the new HUD that was installed. After flight mission de-brief report said it wasn't working. My dad does the diagnostics, everything looks fine. He reads the report again and decides to check the pre-flight checklist. Sure enough, turning on the HUD display isn't on the list. So he communicates that the checklist needs to be updated and writes on the repair log that the problem was fixed by recycling the O-N/O-F-F switch. Next flight that pilot reports his positive opinion about the HUD display. smh
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  11. O-Ther added a post in a topic What do you think is the most improved aspect of Cam Newton's game   

    Yes? What can I do for you? Speak fast, I'm a busy man...
    Seriously, Cam wore that "Cam"o-flauge suit better than the Air Force wears those crappy blue tiger BDUs. Like those Chairborne Rangers would ever need to pick up a rifle and fight anyway, why would you camoflauge yourself against the sky? Riding a UAV into combat? Air Farts. Biggest collection of dumb smart guys I've ever seen in my life.
    Even more seriously, Panthers should do a special "Cam"oflauged #1 game jersey patterned like that suit. Think about it. Picture it in your mind.
    So much YES  
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  12. O-Ther added a post in a topic Ted Ginn Jr. Appreciation Thread   

    A 6 yard TD and a 12 yard TD tells me Ginn has become more than a take the top off the defense type of WR. He's become a red zone weapon.
    Olsen set that up with his 2 TDs last week. Bucs were making sure Olsen was taken away as a red zone target, so we called Ginn's number and it paid off. Twice. Who'd a thunk it?
    BTW, nice block on that Stewie to Dickson to the end zone run. Ginn got a two-fer blocking CB Mike Jenkins into S Bradley McDougald and cleared Dickson's 6 for that slo-mo rumble to the end zone. Proehl takes pride in his WRs being able to block, and looks like Ginn's been paying attention in class.
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  13. O-Ther added a post in a topic Why the Carolina Panthers are Super Bowl contenders (David Newton)   

    David Newton lost all relevancy when he screwed up LDE and RDE for Charles Johnson and saying CJ was moving to RDE to play against the less athletic Right Tackles on the O-Lines.
    Still haven't seen an explanation for that one, Dave.
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  14. O-Ther added a post in a topic Have We Really Beaten Anyone?   

    "I like how original this thread is"
    ---says no one
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  15. O-Ther added a post in a topic Norman on Norman: SI.com   

    JNo_24 has earned the attention, but part of me wonders if he'd get as much publicity if he was under contract for another year or two. Just look at how the media eats out of Smitty' hands now that he's a Raven. Or how journalists could'nt suck off DeAngelo hard enough at the start of this season. Now it's how much Hardy will improve the Dallas defense.
    They're probably hoping the nicer they are to Josh, it will help sway his mind on where to play next year. Too bad for them he's gonna get his fanny franchised tagged and be "forced" to play in such a small market, but I'm sure we'll get plenty of articles about how "unfair" the franchise tag is when that happens. After all, why would any player in their right mind want to play for such a backwater team that the sportswriters have no reason to visit?
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