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  1. O-Ther added a post in a topic Good lord....   

    This undercuts the credibility Jonathan Jones was building and Joe Person never had with me. The saying about "the company you keep reflects on you" applies to the company you work for, too.
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  2. O-Ther added a post in a topic Panthers won't make Playoffs per CBS   

    Stick to making threads about how it was terrible that we brought in Boykin for a VISIT and Gettleman needs to be fired for it.
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  3. O-Ther added a post in a topic The Huddle Outage Today   

    I'm calling bs on this
    Volume of traffic caused a hamster to tear it's ACL and the "techs" had to run to PetSmart and sign a free agent wheel-spinner
    And I'm sorry, but I'd much rather have a healthy KB and the Huddle crash week 1
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  4. O-Ther added a post in a topic Reality at WR - moving forward   

    Boykin and Byrd just made the final 53 with Funchess, Cotch, Brown, and Bersin
    Edit: Forgot Ginn so 1 of these 7 ain't gonna make it
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  5. O-Ther added a post in a topic Ealy, Love what?   

    Is there ever a sh!tty bad poop thread?
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  6. O-Ther added a post in a topic Not a good practice today   

    I've heard of trap games maybe this is a trap practice? They practiced hard yesterday, might be looking forward to the Fish arriving and mailed it in today
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  7. O-Ther added a post in a topic Luke's Contract Talks are Heating up   

    Lol I like where your heads at so let's run with this like the folks bashing Gettleman for not signing Cam would.
    "I'm scared Luke won't come back cuz da Gettles kickd da Krakin outs and look at da line suckin it at da Bills and da back a da D is all like rookies and old guys WHY He NO SIGN DA REVIS or MCCORTY?!?!?!  It's cuz the big cat just want da $$$$ say bye bye to Luuuuuuuke"
    Where'd those Huddlers go to? They always gave me a chuckle
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  8. O-Ther added a post in a topic JAX Cabanas Open   

    Ok since you're not getting Huddle Pm, send me a new e-mail so I can find it without digging thru a month's worth of 'em.
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  9. O-Ther added a post in a topic Keep Tolbert as a HB?   

    Tolbert's probably staying regardless of his position title. He's great at blitz pick-up, can catch and run, is a valuable option in the red zone, and plays special teams.
    RB#2, RB#3, FB#1, FB#2, whatever. His title isn't important. Having him on the active game-day roster is.
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  10. O-Ther added a post in a topic JAX Cabanas Open   

    Pm'd you

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  11. O-Ther added a post in a topic JAX Cabanas Open   

    That's code for "there's less than a month left on the eat healthy and workout for season kickoff so we can post hot pics of ourselves"
    Put the beers down now and make up for lost time at the tailgate. This is gonna be a long month........
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  12. O-Ther added a post in a topic Sunday Camp Tweets and Such   

    The only reason I don't want to see Big $$ rotate between LDE and RDE is because Dave Newton won't be 100% wrong about what position he plays anymore.
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  13. O-Ther added a post in a topic Why did Bill Polian leave us so quickly?   

    Polian is the reason Bills stands for Boy I Love Losing Superbowls
    He was the Buffalo GM when they went to and lost 4 straight Superbowls from 1990-1993. That is the definition of mixed results, so he jumped at the opportunity for a clean slate with Carolina in 1994.
    3 years in, he could see the writing on the wall because it was his decision to draft that booze-n-coozehound Kerry Collns, so he bailed just like a college coach bails before his school gets hits with sanctions that the coach's cheating brings.
    Polian knew he royally fugged up, and used our 2nd year NFC championship game to weasel his way out of here and into another GM job before the stink from his mis-management and poor drafting got really bad and tarnished his marketability further.
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  14. O-Ther added a post in a topic Olsen not worried about the offense and redzone   

    How many times is this Shula argument gonna come up? Ffs......
    People were not complaining about him in 2013 when we went 12-4
    then the floor falls out with Gross, Wharton, and Hangartner leaving, along with ALL the WRs
    When the dust settles and the 2014 season starts, the O-Line keeps getting injured along with all the RBs, not to mention the QB himself. Just exactly what options did we have to work with? Run Cam and get him hurt worse? Hey, Darrin Reaves should be as good as Stewie running behind Fernando Velasco right? Make Tolbert take his cast off and come in for a series? Or try to force the ball to Benji or Olsen, who our opponents KNOW are our only receiving threats and draw all the coverage? Oh wait, Ted Ginn's wide open in Arizona, we should have thrown it to him!
    The Hurney salary cap blunders caused the 2014 roster purge we had to go thru. It was a huge sh!t sandwich we had to eat last year. We had no money, so we got no free agent honey. Oh wait, the salary cap is just a lie used by Jerry to make more $$$. Amirite? 
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