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  1. So I Made a Meme of My Cat..

    Indeed yes. 
  2. So I Made a Meme of My Cat..

    Had this other pic saved on my phone. Thought of this while watching First Take.   Last one for the night.
  3. So to enjoy the good times of Panther fandom I made a meme of my 1 year old tuxedo cat. His name is Mamba and yes I bought him a Panthers jersey. Thought it was funny and would like to share.
  4. Well look here.. the funny thing about history...

    Give them nothing. Take from them... everything.
  5. Panthers have two opponents this week.

    No one wants to believe the NFL is rigged but there is something going on with the refs and the Cowboys. Here are some specific examples of the refs cheating us against Dallas. 2005- Smith gets ejected because the Ref wanted to be a stubborn jackass and flex his power. The same game, Peppers blocks the game ending field goal and refs still penalize him for a personal foul even though he tipped the ball. 2007- Multiple occasions of the Dallas secondary mugging our WR's on the brink of huge plays and getting no calls. Specifically remember Drew Carter getting laid out on a deep bomb and no call. 2012- Phantom holding call on James Anderson gives the Cowboys a crucial first down on a 3rd or 4th and short play and basically seals the game. The only time they legitimately beat us was in 2009 and at that point Delhomme was crap so whatever.
  6. Revenge Tour Continues in Dallas

    This is a statement game for us, Fug the Cowboys, fug the refs, fug the NFL. It is truly Carolina vs Everybody. Stomp them out.
  7. We beat them in 05 and 07. Refs simply stole the game from us.    We will beat these clowns. Just have to beat the refs too.
  8. On to Dallas and a Turkey dinner

    If the refs call a fair game. Which they have never done when we play Dallas Then we should have nothing to worry about  That said if we go in and play our game we should be able to beat the refs and Dallas at the same time.
  9. Does being undefeated make you more nervous?

    I don't think there's a need to be nervous. This team has experienced devastating losses before I think they've been carrying that with them all year. Thus part of the reason we are undefeated.  Everybody wants to be undefeated and be perfect. Yes I am a little nervous. But each week this team has come up with a way to win. It's time to start believing that this is a great team.
  10. Is star regressing or are injuries to blame?

    I think KK is just that good. Star is damn important and I would guess his foot is a factor. 
  11. Greg Olsen on The Rich Eisen Show

    Best fuging TE in the game. In terms of skill, intelligence, speed, hands, and clutchness, he is the best.    Id take him over Gronk. Greg Olsen always makes the play. It's incredible.
  12. Being undefeated is a strong possibility but the Cowboys won't be easy especially with the refs always in their back pocket. Falcons do present a challenge but we can smash them.