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  1. ladypanther

    Ian Thomas - Easy guy to root for

    Seems like a nice young man. I am definitely hoping he turns out to be a stud TE for us. Will be extra sweet knowing how tough he had it. Have to think he had strong family support to make it to this point.
  2. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/07/16/richard-sherman-mistakes-and-poor-judgment-ruined-really-special-seahawks/
  3. ladypanther

    Sugar coating RBs, CJ lead back

    I have every hope and belief that this season will change your mind.
  4. Better play calling and design would have helped a lot too.
  5. Got to give the offense some credit for that loss too. I believe that issue has been addressed nicely as well.
  6. Norv said in that interview (on Sirius this week), that he wanted to give Cam some higher percentage throws...and he wanted to focus on Cam's strengths and cater to what he does well. Does not sound like he wants to change him...just make a better plan to set him up for success.
  7. ladypanther

    David Tepper Fires Panthers Legal Counsel

    What was, was. This is now."
  8. ladypanther

    Team President

    I think Tepper wants some fresh ideas.
  9. ladypanther

    Hope y'all are ready to win.

    I think this is Hurney's best work as GM...except for the dumb kicker thing at the beginning of last season. Not saying he will stick, but I do think this team is in a good position to make a run in the playoffs. Sounds like Tepper will bring in some people who will help him evaluate things. At least he won't likely be making decisions based on friendships on the team or staff. But he is not going to clean house just for the sake of it either.
  10. ladypanther

    Norv on Sirius NFL Radio tonight...8PM

    No, Polian was referring to the beginnings of the team. He was the GM back then.
  11. ladypanther

    Norv on Sirius NFL Radio tonight...8PM

    I did like how he mentioned that his son Scott was Cam's QB coach the 1st 2 years and has a lot of familiarity of the Chub system. Plus like how he talks about adapting his style of play to what his players do best. I also believe he knows how to do that.
  12. ladypanther

    Norv on Sirius NFL Radio tonight...8PM

    Polian was talking about the Panthers/panther sale when I started listening. Only heard a couple of minutes. One interesting thing he said was that a practice facility was in JR's original plans...and for some reason he later changed his mind. Did not mention a reason. Said Panther current practice facilities woefully inadequate. (As we know)
  13. ladypanther

    Norv on Sirius NFL Radio tonight...8PM

    Time changed....8PM.
  14. ladypanther

    Tepper Presser Takeaways

    lol...was about to make a post asking The important question.....what was served?