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  1. David Newton: Rivera will not rest starters

    Fisher is an asshole, selling out his team. Rivera is a class act and us proving to be one of the better coaches in the league.  You can sleep when you're dead, or champion. Which ever comes first.
  2. Being All-Pro

     Now I want some play doh.
  3. Tattoo

  4. Being All-Pro

    So no locker room I take it.
  5. btw The Walking Dead is why we need to keep our guns! sarcasm on....maybe.
  6. I heard Ghost riders in the sky for the first time in years last night. I'd post it but I'm watching the first of the last 2 episodes of TWD
  7. Tattoo

    Yeah, I was joking...
  8. Tattoo

    Where are the multiple Lombardi trophies? Be a real fan!
  9. Being All-Pro

    Never mind me...I'm off and high also not watching the sh!t game...  
  10. Being All-Pro

  11. Being All-Pro

  12. I would gladly wear a The Worst Superbowl Champions, 2015 Carolina Panthers sweater sweatshirt hat tee shirt, whateves I'm easy.
  13. Trump is leading in the polls. Tells you all you need to know about American opinions.
  14. My home town Bojangles reppin'!

    Well, the one I saw last night somewhere between Winston and Charlotte on 85, the manager must be a cowboy fan, cuz theirs said, come and get our football biscuits.
  15. Yeah, still not getting it, like posting this song...