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  1. Dab Like No One’s Watching

    So I'm out last night driving listening to Rock 92, official Panther station. This week's commercial, celebrate in the end zone like nobody is watching. First thing I thought is somebody reads the Huddle at Rock 92. 
  2. Who to pull for Sunday

    Without reading...the way I understand it. We want Seattle to lose. Also want Atlanta or Tampa Bay to lose. Want Arizona to lose just because  Notice I said want not need? Why? Cuz fyck'em we don't need st!t.
  3. We need to track these fyckers down and revoke the fan car..I mean PSLs, for selling them to anybody but Panther fans. Especially playoff tickets.
  4. Would NFCC game still be enough for you?!

    Why is this still....fug it. http://
  5. Good for him, but damn dude....God will forgive you.
  6. On Fox sports radio last night, one of the guest hosts, don't know who he was. Said Rivera might win CoY again. 
  7. Is that a ghost on the right side?
  8. Cam to Bama Hater:"I'll slap the S*** out of you"

    Talking with a guy last night, he went through the same old bullish!t...immature, not a leader, celebrates too much..blah.. Surprised he didn't mention the laptop too. He said the defence won the game, and I said yeah, and Cam threw 5 tds last week. We was just spewing what he has heard and really is not watching. But boy he still loves Wilson...
  9. Cam to Bama Hater:"I'll slap the S*** out of you"

    I call BS, it sounded like "I'll slap the sandwich."  
  10. tons of college football players doin the dab today

    I never saw Dabney Coleman do this, not once.
  11. How awesome is it for me? 49ers, my first team, and the Panthers, my last.   Caption for Cam: No, I will not smell your finger,wtf man?
  12. We aren't the only ones that have noticed...

    Sweaterboat Ron   Yeah sorry, going back to sleep.
  13. Who to pull for Sunday

    I'm going to be pulling for Pud, he deserves it.