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  1. Damn dude, I was thinking of Proehl when I watched that grab too.
  2. I'm really going to be pissed off if one of our starters gets seriously hurt from this poo.
  3. Why 1 pm on a beautiful summer Saturday ? I won't be watching . Life is too short for this team until they prove otherwise.
  4. The chemicals are in a couple of the largest ground water aquifers in the state as well Sampling shows PFAS, GenX in groundwater wells in New Hanover County; contaminants not detected in drinking water | The Pulse (ncpolicywatch.org)
  5. I dont know who the guy is who caught that pass but he looks like he might need to ice up those hands. That thing had some sauce on it.
  6. Talk to a foot doctor about crocs. They probably love them.
  7. Kind of early for drunk posting isnt it?
  8. pros for early: chance to take a poo in a fresh toilet without neighbors in adjacent stalls. thats enough for me.
  9. I am glad it works for you. I am all in on natural non poisonous products when ever possible. I try to farm as close to organically as I can, keep several honey bee hives, plant for natural pollinator relief, and look out for my land and all its inhabitants - most of all those native to the area. The spray did not work for me, but I live pretty much in the swamplands of se nc. A pretty tough proving ground. YMMV
  10. Pretty sure this is the same concoction my sil brought here back in mid June - and wanted me to try . Did not work on SE NC skeetoes or the yellow deer flies. And it smells to high heaven - actually gave me a headache. chiggers or ticks ? ? no idea but I definately would not trust it over high strength deet or permethrin.
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