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  1. I don't see this going well for sir charles
  2. It all goes back to the myth that the economy has to keep growing in order to sustain human life.
  3. I always have thought the government should subsidize folks of a certain age for not having kids. Much less strain on the infrastructure and environment. Still anyone who thinks a $4000 annual payment is going to encourage people to pop out an 18 year long commitment that will cost them more than $4000 per year, is not thinking logically.
  4. It is not just a "little flu". Asymptomatic folks have damage as well as symptomatic folks.
  5. expanding a bit on this shi tty story about even shi ttier people
  6. IMO it is past time to get out of all stocks connected with fossil fuels. More so now that Biden/Harris are will soon be in the white house.
  7. IMO the streaming services started out being a low cost alternative to cable tv and were well worth their modest cost, they no longer seem all that attractive to me. All I pay for is amazon prime content cause I use prime shipping a lot. I also have an ota antenna which I get about 22 hd channels . I do the free samples occasionally when something comes up that I want to watch - re watchingdexter for free for 30 days on showtime.
  8. With varying success depending on the administration I would point out the Nixon administration and the EPA. If you didn't live in that period you probably don't realize how bad it was in some places.
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