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  1. Going to recline for the second half. Drink a rum and coke or two. Hobble off to bed at some point. Really DGAF after that point, lol.
  2. yeah. I know. I'm soft as my bread, lol.
  3. I made my first loaf of bread yesterday and it turned out pretty darn tasty but ugly if I say so myself. Would go perfect w that soup.
  4. Jalapeno poppers made with soyrizo, mole pepper and cheese quesadillas, bean dip and salsa. All home made and all the peppers homegrown. Followed up w a few cheap beers.
  5. Ok I have the biggest insult of all. I bet she is too dumb to be vaxxed against covid.
  6. Look out, catsfan69 is going to show up and call you soft.
  7. Could have sworn I saw him wearing gloves in that vid.
  8. If it's on CBS it is broadcast over the air. If you're even close to a transmitte r you can get a cheap antenna and get the game for free.
  9. Any of these stations with a radio or check and see if they stream over the net. Panthers Radio | Carolina Panthers - Panthers.com
  10. Not sure why but I was reading this as Brenton Berson and about lost my dentures.
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