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  1. Half of the marriage s in this country and in divorce. Probably more shack ups fail than that. I doubt an age gap in the partners effects those stats much of at all. So why should any one gaf about age difference as long as both parties have reached the age of consent and are satisfied with their arrangements ? Jealousy maybe ?
  2. Chances are you will not have to switch providers. Most are in the program - check yours here Companies Near Me - Lifeline Support - USAC
  3. If you make less than about $99 k a year for single filers and $198k for joint and lost income due to the pandemic, the government will pay about $50 a month of your internet bill directly to your service provider every month for the next few months ( has yet to be determined how long this will last but I am guessing about 6 months) it is pretty easy to apply and get approved but will take about and houur of your time filling out and transmitting various paperwork. It free money if you qualify The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program (getemergencybroadband.org)
  4. Not ashamed to admit that the Olsens statement brought a tear to my eyes. That has to be incredibly difficult.
  5. Im looking foward to seeing this - but not going to the movie theatre to do so.
  6. No worries, Scotty say it's all hype.
  7. I don't believe the lawsuit is unique to NC customers. Pretty sure it is nationwide against BCBS
  8. Older book which I just reread after about 30 years and I was not disappointed. The Cruel Sea by Nicholas Montserrat. Fictitious tale of the battle of the Atlantic written by a Brit who lived it in real life. Well written, lots of action, a small bit of romance for those interested in that. Highly recommended.
  9. Ron is and was a great defensive mind. Great human being as was and is his family by all accounts. I appreciate their help in animal welfare greatly. All that said, it was time for Ron to go in Carolina 3 years prior to his termination and I said it then. Whatever the reason he couldn't get it done here regardless of the talent placed before him. That is all that matters in professional football.
  10. I day fostered 5 kittens for a friend last year - she would drop them off in the am and pick them up when ever she got off work- sometimes it would be late. We bottle fed them, I was the first to get them to eat from one, rubbed their belly and butts to get them to poop/pee - the whole deal) TBH me and my wife got quite attached to them all but knew we couldn't keep them all , not with our other pets - should not have even taken even one but we did. What made it easier was that we helped find great homes for the other 4 and took what we thought would be the least adoptable one (the only male
  11. Don't know about the players but " Ron Rivera's ample chest" remains in my memory.
  12. Every child should experience the joy a pet brings. Unfortunately they always die too young.
  13. You should visit the nerdvana forum and ask this question or ask one of the mods to move it there for you.
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