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  1. fug this franchise. Tepper makes Dan Snyder look like a football genius.
  2. Lol. Is that supposed to be an endorsement or the reason why he should be rejected?
  3. You talking about the 7 year plan/process to build a winning franchise ? lol, haha, and lmfao
  4. This organization is worse than a circus. Its a 25 cent admission carnival.
  5. Is Ami e the bot that kept posting the feel good b.s. From Panthers.com while the team was imploding ? If so then I got nothing.
  6. You better buckle up cause he'll probably use those brass balls on you partner. I don't see them getting used any place else.
  7. It is slowly dawning on me that this team is beyond help, maybe for forever.
  8. LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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