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  1. Found it after some digging. Brian Decker - Panthers vice president of development article about him here Panthers add Brian Decker, former "GM for Special Forces"
  2. Didn't the Panthers hire some ex military guy just for this reason or was I dreaming? Finding guys that are more than football players?
  3. Punch in your location as key west. Above - Delta-8 THC – Sunmed CBD (getsunmed.com)
  4. Poor DJ " Chicago, where wide receivers go to die " - Muhsin Mohammad
  5. Absolutely. Worst mod on the huddle by far. Ain't even close. Jeremy ought to be embarrassed he let this sort of riff raff have anything to do with huddle decision making.
  6. RIP Mr Richardson. Thank you for bringing us an NFL team to call our own. Condolences to family and your good friends such as Greg Olsen and Smitty.
  7. You have idiots like this in the washington post adding fuel to the dumpster fire every day it seems - never mind that wilks was in over his head as a DC. The story of Frank Reich’s hiring as the new coach of the Carolina Panthers is not about Frank Reich. He’s a fine football coach and a good man. Even though Colts franchise quarterback Andrew Luck retired suddenly before Reich’s second season in Indianapolis, he had a 40-33-1 record there — making the postseason twice — before being fired after a 3-5-1 start last fall. But the story isn’t about Reich or his coaching credentials. It’s about Steve Wilks and his coaching credentials. Wilks is yet another example of a Black coach in the NFL being given very little chance to prove himself — first by the Arizona Cardinals, now by the Panthers. And race is very much a part of this story, whether the NFL and its mostly White fan base admits it. Wilks finally got another “chance” at being an NFL head coach this past season. When Matt Rhule was fired with a 1-4 record and the Panthers in chaos, Wilks was named the interim head coach. At the time, Panthers owner David Tepper said that Wilks would receive serious consideration for the position if he did “an incredible job.” Tepper lied. Wilks did an incredible job. Although Wilks did incredible work — remarkable, amazing, fantastic, you choose the word — he had no chance, zero, to get the job. Even though Wilks technically interviewed twice for the position, it was clear Tepper was going outside. He interviewed just about anyone who had ever coached from the minute the season ended; Wilks interviewed twice, which purportedly made him a “finalist.” Steve Wilks never had a chance with the Carolina Panthers - The Washington Post
  8. And bitchin that you have college debt in the tb. pathetic -
  9. Yeah that impressed me as well. Rivera had more than a bit of that as did Rhule and it was to the detriment of the team more often than not.
  10. I found this blurb from Bill Polian: Before joining the Colts, Reich worked two years as the offensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles, helping them win the Super Bowl in his second season under head coach Doug Pederson. NFL analyst and former Panthers general manager Bill Polian, who brought Reich with him from Buffalo to Carolina in 1995 to help mentor first-round draft pick Kerry Collins and provide quarterback stability, called Reich “as fine of a person as you'll ever meet” and a head coach with “a great football mind.” “I think he will fit in perfectly in Carolina,” Polian said. "This is where he wants to be. He literally knows the building and has been there as a player. He will bond with the players and put together a great staff. There is a still a lot of building to do with this team, but he will work great with (general manager) Scott Fitterer.” Polian added that Reich is low key but detail-oriented. “He's inspirational when he needs to be,” Polian said. “And he's very rationale and honest and straightforward with his players.” Panthers hire Frank Reich over Steve Wilks as head coach (msn.com)
  11. To those of you bitchin - at least it isn't Wilks. And give the guy a chance for god's sake. I bet Patriots fans were pissed when B Kraft originally hired Bellicheat.
  12. What is David Tepper "football background"? A huge pile of money to spend?
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