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  1. Yeah the game thread today only went about half o r less of normal. We can expect all sorts of bizarre pronouncements in the coming weeks trying to troll up the numbers.
  2. He's cute all right . In that "bum that just fell off the sh!t wagon" sort of way."
  3. I havent looked at the site yet but good ole drugstore borax mixed with a half and half crisco base works as well - I put borax balls in pet proof areas of my shop and sweep the dead roaches out. Just make sure the roach pills cant be accessed by your pets.
  4. For once some decent T day football. Well since that epic game in 2015.
  5. We had that with RR and we all saw how that worked out. I'd rather have a coach the players might not like all that well, but they respect and who knows how to consistently win. Fug all the feely feely bs - its a business where winning is everything.
  6. Nice bling. the jackets look a bit light for 32 Degrees specially with that wind
  7. Anyone who thinks any animal is non sentient hasn't been around many animals.
  8. One of the greatest and most under rated RR bands of all time
  9. Stockholm Syndrome: What It Is, Symptoms & How to Treat (clevelandclinic.org)
  10. oops, just saw this in another thread They have released S Marquise Blair and QB Jacob Eason from the practice squad.
  11. I would still like to see Eason play a few series just for shitsandgiggles. I mean it couln't get worse than Brian St. Pierre
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